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  1. I do hope someone can tell me they have it wrong.........having accompanied friends to a meeting at the Mairie about a planning application it was explained that a protected species for example the little green frog "rennet" only has its habitat protected if its in the "Zone protected". So the protection for whatever animal that is "protected" is not worth the paper its written on because if its habitat is outside the "protection zone" that habitat can be destroyed. Conclusion would be if you destroyed its usual habitat you will eventually wipe the creature out.Yes?
  2. BiG Mac, sorry I am late with a thank you, only just spotted your reply. Hope to try your idea this next week . I have been putting the job off as all but the engine has to come out to get at it!! Unbelievable!
  3. Kawasaki ER5 3 years old we only bring her out in the summer !! but she wont tick over. (I should have cleaned the fuel out before she was put to sleep) It's looking like the carburators want a blow out. Had a look where to start, you wouldn't believe what will have to come off before I get to them. Would appreciate any thoughts, other than carburators? Thanks.
  4. Thank you Parsnips. A1 page 2 of the complimentaire I had understood was Revenus Agriculture ....for agriculture only this box we are referring to existed before AE came into being. The property was a farm before we bought it and was thinking that it was the reason we were being charged a small agricultural figure . But as we have paid no tax as a result of my stupidity perhaps I let sleeping dogs lie and just put the cross in the correct place this time! And watch what it generates on the Avis!! Also I will study it again and see what correlation the figure has with the cotisation!! Just want to take the opportunity in thanking everyone for all the tax help that has been posted by all. It puts a certain "AInfo" forum to shame, Bless!! ..which I only look at once a blue moon and have a chuckle!!
  5. Please, please help, could some one decipher just what this is about. Originally an accountant did this but then said just carry on similar every year. On form complimentaire.....2nd page Revenus Agricoles Where it says "Si votre forfait n'est pas fixe, cochez la case" he had a cross in the box. What does that cross imply? Only now do I notice a stupid error made by me!! For the last 3 years I had been putting the flippin cross in the 5HO -"Revenus imposables!!!!!!! So what have I been implying here !!! Thank you
  6. Thanks for the replies, phew, I will buy what you recommend!
  7. Help please, has anyone spotted these in a shop. We have tried Auchan, Gamme Vert, Terre de Sud!!Intermarche, Briconaute, Bricomarche. Some of last years solar lights are tired , tested them with a normal re charge and they are all OK but of course the solar panel cant charge anything above the recommended AA 600m Ah 1.2V . I see loads on Amazon etc but would prefer to buy locally...... any idea please. Thank you. MBK
  8. Is there a form you can download, would be grateful if you could supply link, sorry! Or is it just best to phone and ask for one?
  9. ahhhh, so sweet!!!! More please!!
  10. All fantastic but I have just chosen the one for my funeral not unless I hear something better!!............... Somewhere over the rainbow. Ella Fitzgerald http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-7VprPX8kg&feature=related Sorry for link but I use Chrome !
  11. Researched on tinternet and yes, there are suggestions but wondered if anyone had some nice ones they would like to hear. Having made our Wills just recently I realized I forgot to add that bit! "The last farewell" Roger Whittakar I think is my thought but I will never forget having only recently been to a funeral in France and they had "I am what I am" from La Cage aux Folles, there wasnt a dry eye in the church.Mrs MKB
  12. Well, hoping this info might be of help to someone. Took testament in today but we have to re write the testament and return next week!The Notaire says what we have written as regards appointing executors was (I do stress here) for OUR circumstances was incorrect and would only cause possible complications.She explained that if you are like us Communaute Universalle the inheritors become automatically similar to executors , or the person in a testament that inherits. For our circumstances the name "executor" must not be written!An executor proper is named to control a happening if for example children are under age or some one that was severely handicapped and needs to be managed/helped but not a benifactor. Another point of interest she explained at length and said it no longer stood in France & UK and that was should you be in a disaster and all the family perished it is NO LONGER presumed that the youngest was the survivor. So for us who did not want sisters, brothers and cousins to inherit in case of all the Milkeybar kids kicking the bucket all at once we then make a testament for a non family member to inherit . But as she said if we were all in a disaster and Mr Milkeybar died Monday it would (because of Communaute Universalle) become Mrs Milkey bar Kid, but if She died on Wednesday it becomes the little Milkeybars. If the last survivor died then the testament kicks in to stop those other relatives!! Bit of a shock having to write long hand being used to computer!! But again the nice thing was its acceptable in English. She also explained the €150, means the whole thing +testament about us is available to every single Notaire in France and she herself holds a copy. All very modern and official. Very re assuring. The only down side is because should the testament ever come into play as a penalty because we have disinherited blood relatives the inheritor will have to pay 60% tax! But we wont be around to complain!
  13. Just answering my own question as I have done more research and found a very informative thread by parsnips on another forum and the answer is Yes you can appoint an executor. Thanks again Parsnips. For us to lodge our Wills through the Notaire for the 2 , it will be a total cost of €150.00
  14. OOp's a thought! Would it be usual to name the inheritor as the executor. So that they can keep track of whats going on?
  15. Sorry Pasnips, I confuse everybody!!! I will pm you rather than confuse and unsettle others. My apologies.
  16. Final visit tomorrow with the will in English, hand written, no problems there except with one word "predeceased". I have stated that.... I Milkeybar kid wish that my wishes (blah blah blah) be acted upon only if both Mr MBK and little MBK have predeceased me in death. Notaire checked it over by email but is concerned by the word predeceased, as we only want the inheritor to have all if we are all dead.Please can u advise where I am going wrong!
  17. Phew, thank you. But for those that are retired and insist on wanting a carte de sejour (their choice) then they would have to pay €140.00 I presume.
  18. Compulsory ?, see the €140 for retired ..... any idea please. this is from the Gov website http://www.service-public.fr/actualites/001938.html?xtor=EPR-140 To renew residence permits: the new fee rates Posted on 02/16/2011 A decree published in the Official Gazette Friday, February 11, 2011 sets the new amounts owed by foreigners in France to renew their permits. For issuing a residence permit for renewal of a previous residence, the fee shall be: 30 euros for the temporary residence permit " student "valid for 1 year 55 euros for temporary residence cards " student "applies more than 1 year" probationary "and" private and family life "issued to holders of annuities work injury or occupational disease, 85 euros with other temporary residence permits valid for 1 year 110 euros for temporary residence permits valid for more than 1 year (not concerning students) and with a residence permit " skills and talents " 140 euros for the resident card, permanent resident card and residence card " retired ". The decree also specifies the rate of taxes in case of a duplicate is delivered to a residence, or in case of failure to submit such a title for its renewal, or in case of renewal of such title while the application was made after the expiry of its validity.
  19. phew, not me! Does anyone know the outcome of that thread regarding losing all rights to E121/S1 (in receipt through old pension) after having gone on AE after holding said S1? I think the thread started with a query for someone who has S1, then took up AE even though they were retired then the query was do they get EHIC from UK or France, the consensus was that it should come from France as they had given up all rights to UK, but its the last bit that was a surprise as it was thought you could never go back to have S1. I think! What did French healthissues reply????
  20. Anyone having probs with getting on to Total France forum . I have been watching a thriller unfold about losing the right to E121/S1 after having registered for AE. Logged on to see "Frenchhealthissues" reply and error 101 comes up saying the site might have moved or just down....then again is it me!
  21. I hope someone might tell me otherwise! but I have noticed on a private post box (within boundaries of owners garden) the sign "Video Surveillance," I thought great idea it could just put off the opportunist, even though we might not have a camera. Having noticed the signs for sale in abundance in a Bricomarche elsewhere I went off to our local shop and was told the reason they did not have them was because you have to have permission in writing from the Prefecture to have a Surveillance camera. Has anyone else heard this.
  22. Errrr!!! I googled AG5 and its an alkaline magnesium watch battery!! I am slow at the best of times but is this a reference to .... the Notaire would not have the time or inclination to go looking to find all relatives that might benefit from the estate. Perhaps I have missed the plot!
  23. Great info Parsnips , thank you and Mikep. I am sure other people are finding this of interest looking at the amount of hits so ... here goes last question I promise but cant help being curious. In this example. No regime, wife has one child previous marriage, husband has one child previous marriage, they also have one child that was produced between them. They have NOT changed to a French regime so in what parts would the estate be divided if the wife popped her clogs!
  24. Quote-Re: Debra.....So, in a nutshell the revision is it saying that if you have NOT opted for a regime (I think no regime means you default to Napoleonic, correct me if I am wrong) then the spouse inherits all, as does if under a French regime. Yes, I have understood. I was just trying to get the full picture as by nature I am curious and find the whole subject fascinating. So, does anyone know if you have neither regime it is therefore called Napoleonic . Thanks again
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