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  1. Yes I think that must be the very smelly chemical substance that was in the water (it was black) that spread over the floor after the burst. In the past we had a radiator seep and again there was that horrible smell in the water . We have had the house for 12 years and never changed the water in the system or added more anti corrosion to it when we have topped up the water in the central heating. Perhaps it needs a total blow through so it empties all yuk out of the radiators and pipes and new anti corrosion and antifreeze put in. Does that sound like the sort of maintenance that should happen? Do u think this sounds a good idea? Always been a believer in "if its not broke dont fix it" but its looking like lack of essential maintenance has caused the problem!!Thank you.
  2. Thank you, very interesting. Since my post the flippin radiator in a room in the North side of the house (summer rooms only) have burst some time today, our own fault possible as we have tried to be economic with the oil fired central heating and only have allowed it to come on for 1hr in a morning in the whole of the house . The kitchen come living room has a fab woodburner which also keeps the bedroom warm upstairs. So false economy has cost us.Never too old to learn!
  3. We still have the upstairs bathrooms with no water (since Monday)......all pipes are lagged but perhaps where there is a Y joint hidden might be where the problem is. Just to reduce the risk of a burst would u agree we have done the correct thing. Simply we have turned the water off ( water stop is in front of where we think its frozen)and opened all taps upstairs so if it expands when it thaws out it will have somewhere to release the pressure. Down stairs water is OK. Thank you.
  4. Strewth, how much wine have you consumed!!
  5. Nice one....found all the pics of mittens ,brrrrr . Looking more for a moufle for the nose . This morning snug as a bug under the covers when I awoke but my nose was absolutely freezing!
  6. Wow, thank you,all. What a brilliant idea to look for the French image that describes a French word you are looking for to translate. Excellent.
  7. Help please, is there a French word meaning a "block and tackle" for lifting a very heavy weight. Thank you. Perhaps its known under a totally different name?
  8. Claire, if you use google without signing in (beacause of google account with having g mail) then am I right in thinking Google cant influence your search criterias. It is only if you are signed in that google can start dictating.

  9. and ....they want information as it says on "the prisoner".

    This Utube video is being linked to gmail powers that be.... a little bit of nostalga!

  10. Norman...at the base of this blog it explains how to opt out of some but not all....... (oop's I use chrome so cant post proper link , just copy and paste link).

    I have 5 gmail accounts business and pleasure so like you I am concerned of the implications.

  11. Please, did anyone get this clarified that it was not "for all".

    Why I ask is that the Connexion paper for January had an article that implied it was for all, or that was how I read it! Thank you.

    Edited: Went into our local tourist board this afternoon who new nothing about the TVA but have said they will ask their boss but I am not too optimistic as they never know anything so more info from anyone would be appreciated.
  12. Thanks for the link . I am a bit hazy re adding to the DVD+RW .

    Can you add to it or is it a case of every time you burn live to it it scrubs the first one off.

    Has anyone actually done this.

  13. Our video player does not copy onto DVD.

    I have successfully converted from analogue camcorder to DVD using a pinacle converter.

    So now using the video player (instead of camcorder) do I plug into yellow video and white audio and proceed as I did before with camcorder?

    Confusion because camcorder used just one plug that says video/audio.

    2nd question please.

    I burned successfully using camcorder live to DVD+RW using the converter.

    There is still space left on the DVD so if I burnt/transferred again would it scrub off whats already there?


    Perhaps I should have saved it directly as a file on the computer and only then transferred it to DVD+W , so I could then repeat the process untill DVD was full Advice would be appreciated, thank you in anticipation.
  14. Impot Tax arrived yesterday, phew and the flippin prelevements sociaux arrived today.

    Ba****** dont yer just luv their timing! Merry Christmas. Well, at least I have stopped panicking!! Payment date 31/01/12 for the year 2010.

  15. Interesting opinions on France24 (sorry, using chrome , no options for link)

  16. Fantastic information. Thank you all especially Parsnips.
  17. Val_2 , thanks for replying, my heart goes out to you.

    May I ask if you know should that the house be of value less than €300,000 (and the step childs share just 60,000) would the step child still have to pay 60% inheritance tax on the property using my scenario of Mrs Blogs.
  18. Certainly a complex subject, thank you very much for all the input.

    It would appear if I have understood correctly as regards the property its a must that one of parsnips suggestions would have to be in place to allow the step-child to inherit a part of the property without the 60% inheritance tax in my above scenario, thats if I have understood correctly .
  19. Could some one please put me right!

    Scenario ... Mr & Mrs Jo Blogs have one child also Mrs Blogs has one child by a previous marriage.

    Mrs Blogs dies and as I understand the law the husband inherits.

    After some time the husband dies.... now the question is, because the child that belonged to Mrs Blogs is not a blood relative of Mr Blogs is she allowed to inherit anything and will the 60% inheritance tax be applied to that child of Mrs Blogs (yet there was a will that said Mrs Blogs child could have a share of the inheritance) .
  20. Good idea, shall do it now on my gmail calender, but that s if I have not forgotten by then I have a g mail calender!!
  21. Please, somebody remind me next year when I expect the same scenario to happen again and that is ......... the tax office said today dont worry you will receive both in either December or at the latest January and if we have impot on revenue to pay that will arrive first before the social charge thingy , if impot is zero then the social charge thingy will arrive first. Ahhh, just like it did the previous year! I asked was this normal.... repy but of course! Strewth! I feel such an idiot for worrying. The chap couldn't have been nicer and there was me loosing sleep.
  22. Strewth , can you believe it .......Still NO Impot sur le revenu bill and No Prelevements Sociaux Bill.

    Going to tax office again tomorrow. Anyone else still without!
  23. Thanks Norman for the re assurance.
  24. Still NO Impot sur le revenu bill and No Prelevements Sociaux Bill.

    Went to pay our Foncier the other day at the treasury, we explained that we went to Impot Sept 16th to explain NO IMPOT but they simply said it will arrive October .

    Man at the treasury checked on the computer and said there was no problem, we asked shall we go back to the Impot , but he just seemed amused and said no dont bother it will come eventually.

    Been to "my personal space" to see what's what and it only shows 2010's, revenue for 2009.

    Is anyone else having these problems.

    We had the same last year!
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