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  1. Strewth, our man at HSBC has no idea why we should have had our account classed as dormant as its a savings account with five figures! and we use another 3 accounts at the same bank. The laugh is on them as they are expecting a back lash as its not only me its happened to!!So check your HSBC account as we could get no access to it once they decided it was dormant! All's well now , its done us a favour as we have moved it to a higher rate bond paying more interest - its quite popular -worth taking a look!
  2. If you are using F1 Hybrid seeds (important to understand the difference)for your pansy's it is unlikely that you will get true plants if any from the seeds that you save after the pansy's are spent. I would certainly go for F1's because they do exactly what its says on the tin!! Very important to keep cool and damp after sowing, try to use modules so their will be no root damage , also if you can use a reasonable size of module tray it means you perhaps can plant straight out onto site as long as you have been feeding them!
  3. Thank you for the info - I think the world has gone ***** mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In theory this means thousands of people with a Savings account like me (a 5 figure sum) that leaves it alone (inactive) will be getting these letters.Just crazy, I might be missing something here as for the reason.
  4. phew, thank you Ron. It now means I can sleep tonight. I thought her reply a bit odd!!!!!!! but well meant, I think! I have checked the account on line , interest went in on the 1st June , but I cant now make transfers. I will talk with our chap at HSBC on Monday and will give the outcome, as pointed by a friend it is a computer error more than likely.Thanks again Ron.
  5. We have an on-line savings account with HSBC- flippin heck- just received a letter to say because its been inactive for 2 years ( making a interest cos we left it alone!) they have frozen it to protect it from fraud , so I need to go into branch with passport or phone a special number . Yes, its great they are helping to protect you but a savings account is simply that you dont touch it if at all possible. What a waste of money - anyone else got one?
  6. Looking at this post on another forum and a number of replies that would imply a big ? mark on whats what. Whilst in the UK we have been speaking with an advisor (financial) who suggested it is quite feasible and within the law to pay a special type of UK insurance (children usually pay it! who will inherit) that covers all within the EU, so that all inheritance taxes that are due are paid across the board by the insurance. When I get report I will post outcome. A piece of advice from our offshore bank said slightly tongue in cheek,- I suppose "an advantage to on-line accounts is if one of you are about to croak transfer all monies to other account, quick!" job sorted!
  7. Special offer free delivery to France on order of £80.00 or more . Good time to rally round! I am on holiday in Cornwall and have just done a mighty shop in M&S for trousers that fit! I am not a French shape so have had to wait for a UK visit. Writing as I watch the sea in Newlyn Harbour - back home on Monday in France . Forgotten now the worry of income tax forms until its due, groanThe Milkey bar kids! off to get our bucket and spades.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Somewhere (perhaps a gite specific website ) I read of the scenario of person wanting to collect gite guests from the airport and or take them for specific tours once ensconced in accommodation, all part of the package when originally booked. The mega regulations were listed hence the search . I will pass the info on .Thanks again.
  9. Regulations for using own car to take gite guests sightseeing, are there any.? Somewhere I have seen info on rules and regs but cant find it now. Any idea please. Oh, its not for me. Thank you
  10. Income threshold to be exempt from paying income tax: For those under the age of 65: €8,270 For those over the age of 65: €9,040 Age allowance for persons over 65 on the 31st December 2008: Net assessable income less than €13,950, abatement: €2,266 Net assessable income between €13,950 and €22,500, abatement: €1,133 10% expense alowance: Pensions-minimum allowance €367, maximum allowance €3,592 Salaries-minimum allowance €413, maximum allowance €13,893 Income tax bands, applicable after applying the quotient familiale 0 to €5,852 = 0% €5,853 to €11,673 = 5.5% €11,674 to €25,926 = 14% €25,927 to €69,505 = 30% €69,506 upwards = 40% I spotted this on the internet - public domain!
  11. Lorna, please can you post what the tax office say to do about the life policy on the tax form. thank you
  12. Summed up perfectly, Parsnips. As a French neighbour chewed the cud with us one day he announced -" remember , you are in France - not Europe!!!!!
  13. No before you ask, I have nothing to hide(but feel very uncomfortable with my personal , sensitive details sent in this manner attached to a tax form) but can I play devils advocate - indulge please!. As regards disclosing details of bank accounts on tax form for anyone to see - does it not break the European data protection law. Yes the tax office have a right to request in person this information one to one .I am sure in the small print I have agreed as we all will have done with the banks that details are not given to a third person. My other thoughts “a fine of 1,500 for each account for not stating bank account info” – in my other life!! I had an interest in European directives (don’t ask) but somewhere in my mind I recall a directive that states before a fine (for eg: not sending documents of bank accounts, only added to form in 2007 ) can be imposed it would have to be proven that the said request for information was in that persons mother tongue – there were 5 languages that such a document (eg; Income tax) had to be available in I know one of them was English, German, Spanish – so my conclusion is - I am sure they can not fine you for not declaring these highly sensitive details. Reason is simple, because they are not in English . Ron, don’t shout please. Hubby said I was extremely brave to write this, I am driving him nuts!.
  14. Yikes, its not me that says any of the copied quote- I copied it off other persons post . I am just wanting to know if people agreed with his slant on it (sorry, pomhorn it was your info)
  15. I see this was stated and queried on another forum, Does anyone agree please , the "OR" is where I am looking for clarification as is I think its left not only me confused . I have always ticked the box UU and named the accounts when showing interest on IV B. Just as our accountant did 2 years ago, cant afford him now! Apologies pomhorn. Form 2042k , back page .Paragraph 8 Quote- -if you have accounts in other countries, put a cross in field UU Or: -fill form 3096 or give the details of all your banks accounts outside France on a separate sheet : Bank Name Address of Bank , Address of Heading of account , Type of Account, no numbers or add a loose page with the same indications.
  16. Phew, thank you for the reply. The pension is not in the columns, just unearned income repeated in all the 3 columns, then different % taken out of each total. Panic for today is over .
  17. Don't shout, sorry to ask but looking at 2006 and 2007 Contribution Sociale bills that we have paid, should we be seeing a totally blank column under CRDS ( is that the column related to being exempt if you have E121?)as we have E121 or will they just impose the 0.5% on un earned income . Oh my gawd I will be glad when its June 1st , it will be too late to care! I did look at old posts but got confused, again.
  18. Crikey, that means in effect they are getting 2 sums of money towards your health. One that is paid by UK and the other through cotisation. It does not seem right, or have I missed the plot.
  19. Errrrr, if you dont want to suffer anguish could you not do as SD did and submit an on-line request via the main Impots 'contact us' webpage asking them to confirm what the allowable average exchange rate is for 2008 revenus étrangers.As said in post 09/05/09
  20. Curious to know if you have an E121 and register as Autoentrepreneur , do you give up the E121 that was aquired through reaching retirement getting UK state pension, or would you keep E121 and not pay the extra cotisation part that goes toward your French health?
  21. Exactly or if gross then its declared on French Tax form and no need of FD watsit ! but my reply was in context to Rons statement which was weird - maybe Ron you were just making a joke when you said Quote-:" every £ you have received in France taken out of the hole in the wall and not through money transfers, which are to be spot checked, is to be declared as 1.25€." Thanks cooperlola, I have worked it out using the method of finding the history already - done another workings with the rate 1.04 , and we would be at a disadvantage to follow the historic rate of the day , it is to our advantage to use the rate that the majority of income Tax offices are recommending.
  22. Thank you. I have been searching for that all week, will give it a go and keep all fingers crossed that I get the 1.04 rate like the majority. Its always possible I totally confused the women in the tax office what with charades and diagrams of arrows going from sterling to euro's , perhaps I am clutching at straws .
  23. Your statement Ron -: every £ you have received in France taken out of the hole in the wall and not through money transfers, which are to be spot checked, is to be declared as 1.25€. I dont mean to be picky Ron , but monies received in France through hole in the wall or be it transferred is not automatically presumed by the authorities as taxable income. We know of many people once having received state pension, they top up funds in France with capital (the capital having already created interest in UK that they declare/taxed as un earned income in France , so they wont be paying twice !! ). So lets say Jo Blogs sends a money transfer of €12,000 taken from capital to buy a car - he certainly is not taxed on that as its generated from capital. Your statement surely is far too sweeping! I agree with some things you say Ron but not this.Sorry. Or maybe it was just a joke and I didn't see the funny in it.
  24. I wont give up just yet, I have persuaded another person who speaks better French than moi to call in to the tax office next week, also a French person who speaks good English to phone and ask next week, so I will report back. It seems very odd I have researched and found that the rate 1.102933 is the average given for December 2008- perhaps this is a clue or not. Sorry, if it has made confusion.
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