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  1. tell me more wooly- what are u saying , was Britain to blame for splitting Belgian??? I need ammunition as we have just had an invite!!!
  2. He talked about being the only specialist neurosurgeon ...... in Belgian and in France he was off at some point to talk to a training college ... he must be in his early 70's... I am typing everything I can think of what he said but he does not come up in google..... I suppose why I am on this is cos he was getting at English folk doing English things in France yet he was going potty eating Belge cheeze " I wanted to say so whats up with the French cheese!!!
  3. Really , do you think that.... how can I look his name up....I typed his full name in google. He also commented about the golfer that has has a brain tumour removed and said he will not live more than 5 years from the operation!!!!!! if he does it will be a first!!!! he was a bit creepy but confident!
  4. we were introduced to supposedly a famous neurosurgeon from Belgian but his name does not come up n Google - does that mean he is a fraud? Can I say the name ???????? , but must say a very nice couple but also he was at times anti English , sadly I do not know my history . He blamed Britain as being the cause of Belgian being split in half in 1800and something. OOOerrr I could say more but we just smiled...............................
  5. For this post can we leave out the exchange rate -simply " do you find the day to day living in the last 12 months has gone up dramatically in France or not"? Without exception all our visitors this year have said they are shocked how expensive things are in France. Perhaps its because things have gone so cheap in the UK - what do you think?
  6. M and Scooby I am with you both on this, especially your PS!. You will "damage"yourself more with untested chemicals that you use every day in your house - plug in air fresheners, deodorants,face creams, hairspray etc. I use the word untested loosely in trying to emphasise these household items do not go through the extremely lengthy vigorous testing as agricultural chemicals do.Milkey
  7. Even stranger , our friend in the "chase" !! has advised us to get a second hand gun for shooting with on our own premises as we would not need to get any permit also to make life easy he suggested that the catagorie bought as to be the one where you can walk in to de sud and get cartridge no problem but on the other hand he said if its a good bargain he can always pop in and get the cartridge!!
  8. Brilliant-thank you. A reminder if you sign up for free with spotify.com you just paste the name of the tune in and hear it straight away , it does not download and stay on computer -its more a "listening live stream". Milkey
  9. Nice one, but not the one! I am still searching , more ideas from anyone would be most welcome, thank you.
  10. Brilliant Frenchie , thank you . There is one tune particular that their arms get swinging over their heads , I have a feeling it sounds like a Rugby song!! we are in the SW region.Milkey OOps edited, as I have just pasted petit vin blanc in Spotify and its come up as a Toulouse Rugby song Album!!
  11. Please, could someone list some titles of the most popular French songs that folk love to sing to at the fetes. I am hooked on Spotify.com so my idea would be to listen to "whats on your list" after spotify finding it and hopefully learn the words so I dont just mime at the fetes!! Thanks loads- Milkey
  12. Thank you Clare. Scooby, good question. On the other hand all these questions and answers could be of great interest to those folk that are very active wanting to do some part time caring for the older English community as auto entrepreneur- perhaps!
  13. I have received a local advert as regards someone -Quote-:Qualified, caring, English nurse offering part- time home help services, to the retired and handicapped, price on application.End quote. Now, I do know of 2 people that this kind of help would be a blessing to,so could someone tell me will the nurse need to be French approved (with French nursing certificate) if so what is it? Wondering why I have received this - must have looked a bit frayed around the edges last week!
  14. http://www.computeractive.co.uk/computeractive/news/2245853/ancestry-put-execution-records
  15. We spotted him on the TV one night last year talking about what you should know if you are going to live in France . We couldn't watch it as quite simply so much was misinformation - especially as regarding new legislation regarding health, the programme must have been made 12 months before broadcast.
  16. Thank you Norman H. Woolybanana - He gave do's and dont's and errrr pitfalls(perhaps he should have seen this coming) etc in moving to other countries I quote Howell will be well known for his regular appearances at exhibitions and seminars at which he was invariably one of the best respected speakers. He has also been a regular advisor on TV and radio shows in both the UK and Ireland. It is to be hoped that he and his company will not be lost to the overseas property community completely.
  17. I recall having seen him on TV helping people with advice on moving abroad especially France!! Industry: John Howell’s law firm to close International Law Partnership to cease practice following a collapse in income ...read more http://www.opp.org.uk/index.asp
  18. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601102&sid=a8Uh27DFXdm0 Oop's copy paste , I don't know how to make the link live. Perhaps this new ruling will effect a number of people. For 2 years we paid withholding tax then opted for disclosure. I was always surprised even though there is no recipricol agreement with the IOM when we declared on our tax form that we paid withholding tax France gave us a cheque of the said amount then charged us less tax than what we paid as withholding tax -weird.
  19. Those numbers were correct (perhaps its end numbers)also I recall we were discussing self employment and contracting out. I must have written them back to front - sorry.How it was put over to me was that these codes/rates are being wrongly assessed time and time again - as to be only advantageous to the government. Just checked my diary of whilst we were in UK - wrote it all down including numbers ! over excitement , all too much!
  20. Just saddened , OK , rules are made to be broken as MP's have proven, but who is on the side of us little guy's especially if you cant afford a wizzy accountant?
  21. OK, perhaps better known as a code that identifies the rate of tax you end up paying!!!!!! but still no excuse for the funny goings on with the UK Tax office.They can manipulate this code rating as and when they choose that is what is alleged, when it was explained to me. http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/incometax/codes-basics.htm#1
  22. Think of it as a "blessing" that you don't know!!!! You havn't got the T shirt and u havn't been there!!!!
  23. Awwww shucks SD its a "she" that is Oh so wise!!. Filling in forms or filling out forms , "today" everyone seems to want to know everything,I think its quite scary.
  24. Whilst just in the UK we were chatting with an independent tax advisor who warned us not to fill out any e mail enquiry from H.M. Revenue as the bogus enquiries have had even the proffesionals fooled.Also, said we were wise not to fill out French tax on line showing the bank details!! Also a deliberate ploy by the UK Government at the moment (as they are desperate for funds and to show good predictions for funds!) is a revision on your tax number rating, be aware they are revising many rating and deliberately putting them higher eg: Friends rating number was 72 , they had notice to up the number to approx 2000 , knowing full well at a review (that could take 2 years ) it would be reduced back, their accountants were so furious as it was the 10th clients re assessment in one week the they were going to report this to the BBC!!! and ask for a public investigation, guess what, big apology came back and all the 10 people had their rating reduced back to where it was before. The UK government "it is alleged" is so desperate to show good projected figures they are trying anything!
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