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    W/B wrote, Accumulated wealth is hardly a criterion for defining success in this life; now, if he were to donate most of it to helping others, that would be a remarkable act, but he is too thick to do that. Why is it always people who have no wealth that think that ???? ,  it is said that ‘life is a 5hit sandwich, the more bread you have the less 5hit you have to eat’.   As for him giving his money away, well, he visited the 9/11 site in NY a couple of weeks back, and in a speech afterwards, ( this is a speech like all his others which is not read off a teleprompter)  he mistakenly said 7/11, boy, every anti trump news channel in the world picked up on that, but how many reported that he also gave $100,000 to the fund that day??
  2. Luckily I was spared the ‘French experience’, you know what that is,  it is where you move to France with what you think is a shed load of money and the bills keep coming and the cash keeps going, till you are happy to return to the UK with FA, and you consider that a result.    We were planning to move there and had found a place in 16, when the French government changed the healthcare rules and we were unable to go. As I have stated before, the best thing that could have happened for us in the the long run, UK property prices keep rising, and if we had brought in France back in 2007, what we would have brought would have dropped like a stone by now in value.   We visit France most years, when Mrs EBN is well enough, a very beautiful country, but could never live there now, its totally spoilt by the French government, and the way it makes all its citizens remain poor. Never noticed that when we thought of moving.  Perhaps this is the ruling elites revenge for the Revolution??   Friend of mine has a holiday home there, and always say, its the worst buy he has ever made financially speaking, but enjoys being there, just as well, because as he says, if he was to sell, the loss would be huge.
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    Rabbie wrote,   As they said on the News Quiz at the weekend hasn't Trump done well for a man who only inherited $800,000,000.   That would show to me that he comes from a successful family if they were able to pass this on to him. I believe his Trump empire is worth in the region of $10 BILLION , so he turned that amount  around well. Compare this to those on the news quiz panel, he has done better then them all put together millions of times over. Funny how some people don't admire a man who has created this wealth and instead try to joke about him, perhaps this takes the eye off their own failures in some way???  [8-)]    
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    Jonzjob wrote, And there were I thinking  that my comment about his hair was a bit of tongue in cheek Just checking.  [Www]
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    Thank you for explaining what a ‘fut’ is John, I had wondered.  [8-)] As you have shown enough interest in the US elections to comment incorrectly on one of the candidates head covering, can I return the favour, by informing you that MR T’s  hair is his own and not a wig, not bad for a man of his age, IMHO, but others may disagree.
  6. W/B wrote,   There are various ways of reducing French inheritance tax on property by leaving them to children in the right way; I have only a vague notion of how it is done but am about to go see my notaire to see what can be sorted. After 70 the conditions are not so generous, but not sure of the details. One interesting thing is that one can give kids a property but retain the usufruit which is not possible under UK inheritance law.   But in the UK, you can leave up to £325K each and £650K per couple to anyone you wish, with no tax to pay. This is  going to increase to £500K and £1,000,000 per couple shortly. No need to spend on seeing a notaire, its so simple anyone can do it, so no added expense for legal fees. No need for the expense of setting up a usufruit, or similar.   And if that's not enough allowance for you, you can give it away, and if you live for seven years after the gift, then no tax. Then there are trusts to hand it on if you wish to set one up.   Its just such a fight with the French government to hang onto what's yours, I was merely advising that it may not be worth all the hassle of moving to France in later life but each to their own and another viewpoint can help, even if you don't decide to follow it. I still fail to see how this is ‘spouting garbage’ , just stating the way it is.
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    Jonzjob wrote, P.S. I really do think that someone with all of the pennies he has that he would be able to afford a wig that fut What makes you think its a wig??  And what does 'fut' mean ?? Your knowledge on this subject really shows through here!!!!  [:D]
  8. As you may have missed it, I said your ‘wealth’, not spare capital, which is different.   Most people have the major part of their wealth in their property, and a smaller amount in funds. ( lets face it, with interest rates at around zero, property is a  better bet anyway, at least in the UK, and you can enjoy it far better than looking at numbers on paper,even  if they are your numbers), so your method would be only of any use to cash rich, asset poor people,of which I cant think of any.   I do believe in your previous post, you said this was best before reaching the age of seventy. That's hardly a good plan, to base the passing on of your family wealth, what happens if you live beyond that age??   In France each child is allowed a mere  100,000  euros before the tax man comes a calling, very soon it will be £1,000,000 in the UK if you are married/ couple etc, before the taxman comes a digging in your pot, and you can leave it to whoever you wish.   I was merely trying to sound a note of caution as Rabbie seemed to indicate he had a move to France planned. and I was trying to point out the possibility of what it may cost for perhaps a few years, also to take into account is the better care in the UK when the time comes and you need it.   I am sure Russethouse  will agree with me here, that there is an excellent care package in place in the UK for those in the later stages of life, Hopefully  not needed for a long time, but its nice to know its there.     Anyway, back to the subject of the thread, the American president,  Obama is yesterdays news, Trump is now the GOP front runner after taking all 57 seats last night. So I guess  next stop Pennsylvania avenue. ‘Our’ Dave will have to do some back tracking now, should be fun to see him have to be nice to Mr T.
  9. W/B wrote,   Get it right, ebaynut, if you must spout garbage, there's a good little chappie; it is quite possible to leave substantial amounts of capital to your kids free of any form of death duties, if you know how. And it is quite legal and above board.       Could you please enlighten me as to what this great plan is ???    
  10. Grecian,   Thank you for the link to the UK newspaper, but it was not necessary, I watched the speech live stream on Wednesday afternoon, as I like to hear what is being said by the great man, and not what highlights all the anti Trump press wish to report. Perhaps you should watch Fox news, to get a feel for what is happening in the states, and you may well revise your option on ‘crooked Hillary’ becoming president.     So, we are all going to be £4K worse off are we?  who said this, George Osborne of course. The chancellor of your biggest hate, the tory party. I read your totally OTT post, when he said he was going to reduce PIP’s payments.   I knew it would never happen, if they  (the torys) could not cut working tax credits, there was NO way the house of lords would have passed a cut on the most vulnerable in society. But no, you fell for it hook line and sinker, Project fear at its best, and you have clearly fell for this one as well!!!!   With regard to lots of workers on zero hours contracts, I guess you don't blame the EU and the huge influx of workers which now flood the UK jobs market for this??  Besides, what rights do the workers have that matter, if their wages are keep low, due the huge number of low skilled workers to the UK??? The take home pay is the only thing that matters, and if that is low, having a few weeks off because the baby is born, is not worth FA.
  11. W/B wrote,   Get it right, ebaynut, if you must spout garbage, there's a good little chappie; it is quite possible to leave substantial amounts of capital to your kids free of any form of death duties, if you know how. And it is quite legal and above board.         I have a feeling what you call a ‘substantial’ amount and what I would call one may well be different!!!!  [:D]   Anyway, go for it big boy, how can you keep this capital quite legally????   And please, if you do reply, leave your post on long enough for me to be able to see it, before you delete your own posts, as you have done in the past.  [Www]
  12. I am sure that Hilary Clinton is hoping that her Republican opponent will be Donald Trump as that would give her the best chance of winning.   Really ????  [:D]  [:D]  [:D]  [:D]  [:D] Meanwhile back on topic. If/when I move to France it would be unreasonable of me to expect to be treated differently than French people as regards healthcare or road charges etc. If I don't like it I don't need to go. It's that simple     How this is back on topic, when the topic is the American president I am unsure??   However, lets have a few guesses here, you state you have been retired for six years on the bottom of each of your posts, that's been there for longer than a year, so I can make a guess as to your age group. Are you REALLY trying to suggest that at your time of life, you would be actually moving to France full time?? May I sound a few words of caution if that is your plan. The only thing cheaper in France is property, the taxes to buy it are sky high compared to the UK, perhaps you are going to rent, good luck if you are. Then when the time comes, and you pass, the government will take a large chunk of your wealth before your chosen recipient gets any. Sure, its a nice country, and you may think that its all worth it. I am sure many before you have, but so many return. Look at how many from this forum only stayed a few years and returned. If I have your age wrong than go for it, but if your 65 plus please reconsider.
  13. Lindal wrote, Of course you don't know anyone who wishes to remain..it all depends who your friends are! I have the opposite experience, and as the polls are pretty much too close to call, my guess would be that it will be a close result, whatever the outcome is. So, even within a democracy such as the UK, it is possible that 49% of the population will be stuck with a result they didn't choose and don't support. A democracy means you don't always get what you want. What I will say in reaction to your last point is that although many people are not happy with the EU and may vote to leave, very few share your view of right wing utopian extremism. I was not only thinking of my friends when I said that I don't personally know anyone who wishes to stay in the EU. I also mean people I know, but I would not count as friends who live in our village. These range from a postman, to a surgeon. A retired police officer, GP, taxi driver, to the local farmers who have large UKIP banners displayed at election time. Quite a cross section of people. I believe if I had to apply for a job to speak to all these groups, one of the qualifications would be ‘able to communicate at all levels’. I will admit  East Anglia is very much a leave area however.   But yes, there are many who wish to stay in the EU, I have no doubt, and it will be a close thing in the end. If we stay in the EU, well at least we had the chance to vote on the issue which so affects us. And if we do stay in well OK, if its a fair vote then I will be happy to accept this. Without  Nigel Farage this would never have happened, democracy indeed does not mean you always get what you want, but at least you would have had a fair chance to get what you want.   Unfortunately, if we are unable to stop the riff of the world entering the EU by any other means, then wall’s will need to be built. I have no problem with the free movement of people who are European citizens , but they must be people who have earned this right, not any criminal who wishes to relocate, and abuses this privilege of free movement to prey of the very people who made this movement possible. There must also be a cap on the numbers entering also, as the services of any country cant keep up with huge inflows like we in the UK are seeing, and why would they not wish to come, the UK is the best country in the world to live IMHO.   If a French person moves to the UK, they can get free healthcare from us, if a British person moves to France they have to pay. If a French person comes to the UK, then they can use our roads free of tolls ( except a few) but the other way and we have to pay if we use their auto routes. I know they are funded differently, but why should someone from the UK pay twice? This whole EU thing just stinks of always the UK residents having to pay more all the time.   I hope after last nights results in the US, you will now concede that Mr T will be the Republication candidate, He sweep five more states with over a 60% majority, and that's against two other candidates, not one opponent  like ‘crooked Hillary' faces. [:D]  [:D]  
  14. Thank you for your reply Linda, its good to get the perspective from someone who wishes to remain in the EU, as I can honestly say, apart from what I have heard on the TV and read on this forum, I don't know a single person who thinks we should stay in the EU.   "Do the people who wish to stay, think it matters what Barack, thinks. " Well it is important for some of us who maybe don't share your view of the importance of trade with the US (if Britain votes to leave).   Of course trade with the US matters, its just BO’s views that don't, as his time is almost up. "He will be long gone this time next year, and MR T will be in charge of the US. " I know you would like the idea that Mr T will be in charge, but I think that is unlikely. Hillary has already said the same as Obama..and if Trump is the candidate I think she will be president. Your only hope really is if Trump is ditched by the Republicans and there is a more credible candidate to go against Hillary. Mind you I'm not even convinced that Trump would be that interested in doing deals with UK. Why would he?   O’ don't worry Trump will be running against ‘crooked Hillary’, as much as the GOP would like to stop him, and they have spent MILLIONS trying, but cant because the people who vote, want him. He has almost 50% more delegates than his two rivals added together. No doubt you were pleased to see he took over 60% of the vote last week in NY, when the people vote, Trump wins, when its a closed vote among the GOP, then ‘lying Ted’ wins. Trump will beat ‘crooked Hillary’ she is yesterdays news, she don't even know when her husband is lying, or is she just plain stupid????   Be great to see Mr T in the white house, and his wife and daughters, it will be a nice piece of eye candy after the frumps that have been in there of late.   Why would Mr T wish to do deals with the UK you ask, well as a new politician, (he has only been doing it for 10 months, and WOW look at his success) he will be looking for friends around the world, and who is closer to the US than the UK???? "Are you so stupid not to see that its all those people who have done best in terms of power and wealth that want us to stay in the EU, while the workers have seen, at best their wealth stay static over the last ten years. Why do you think think Goldman Sachs is funding the tory campaign to stay in, all the really big businesses want us to stay, and all the bankers and world leaders. The very fact they say we should stay should tell you something." What it tells me is that economically, the UK's interests are best served from within Europe. If you are genuinely concerned about workers rights then the argument to stay in is even stronger, as it is European legislation that has brought in the minimum wage, working time directive, maternity and paternity rights...   The only thing I am concerned  about here is workers wages, the other things that you mention are gimmicks and just an added burden for the employer, the only reason people go to work is to make money for themselves and family, and this has been kept low because of the influx of cheap labour from the EU. "Now I will concede that we don't know what trade deals will be done after Brexit, and what affect it will have on jobs, but for me its not important, in fact I don't care ." Well at least that is honest.. many people however do care about their prospects and jobs and don't want uncertainty   That may be the case for some, but immigration and sovereignty outweighs this, in my view. "The things that matter in the referendum are border control and sovereignty. " Border control with regard to EU citizens is not a given, even if there is a BREXIT. (The Uk already has the powers to control who it lets in and out with regard to the rest of the world). Free trade deals with Europe (which Brexit campaigners say they want) will almost certainly be dependent on agreeing to free movement. Even the so called 'Albanian model' suggested by Mr Gove, has no free movement not because Albania wants that but because the EU has refused them. The idea that the UK could leave the EU and join the Balkan states seems a backward step to me.   No, if we vote out, we wont be giving up the right to stop who we don't want in the UK for some trade deal, we survived six years of war in the UK for our independence, I am sure we can go without trading with the EU for a while. I will miss the French wine, but hey, sacrifices have to be made I guess. Beside, we don't need all those Mercedes cars coming over, far better cars are made here in the UK, Germany will be begging us to take them, and will agree to our terms, show some faith!!!! "We have an open border to over 500, 000, 000, people who can come here when ever they want and we cant stop them. ." This works two ways.. some of the 'we' you refer to are 'us', living and working in France who have made the most of free movement.   And those with jobs or something to offer will still be able to move around, its the riff which we will be able to stop from coming. "And personally, I like to be able to vote for who makes the laws I have to live by, and if I don't like them have the chance to vote them out, this cant be done if we remain in the EU" What a lot of tosh.. you can vote in the EU elections just like everyone else... and no, you cannot decide on the ultimate leader but neither can you decide on the UK prime minister. You vote for your local MP.. who most likely represents the party that you prefer, but unless you are a party member you have no say in who leads that party. Similar system in Europe, you vote for your representative, who may or may not be able to influence things at a European level in the way that you wish. Out of the two systems I'd say neither of them are than democratic but the EU is no worse than the national system.   I am surprised by this reply, I thought you knew more than this. let me explain further,   Indeed we do vote for our MEP’s, you may recall that in the last election for them, UKIP won outright, so most MEP’s will have a pro UK agenda, however they are a small group in the EU parliament, so have a very small voice, it just takes a few other countries to vote a law in the UK MEP’s don't want, and we have to accept it. That is not a sovereign country deciding who makes the laws, that is the rest of the EU telling the UK what to do.  Of course as we ( the UK) are a rich country compared to most of the EU, they will want to take from us and give it to themselves. Gosh we in the UK will end up as poor as a French peasant if they get their way. Great news in Austria last night, seems cement may be the way to invest, so many walls to build.  [:D]
  15. How unsurprising that the forum members who wish for the UK to remain in the EU would think what Barack Obama say means anything of worth.  Do the people who wish to stay, who I believe are now known as Remainians, think it matters what Barack  or BO for short, thinks.  He is part of the global ‘elite’ who wish to destroy sovereign country's and build a world super state.   He is such a poor president who has served his own people poorly,  even young African American unemployment is running at 55%, and he embraces the TPP, which only makes work opportunity's less, if he wont help this group, then who will he help?   BO will be long gone this time next year, and MR T will be in charge of the US.  IS will have been carpet bombed and those that are left will be water boarded.  There is a man who gets things done for sure, I am sure he would get a deal done with an old friend like the UK in record time.    Are you so stupid not to see that its all those people who have done best in terms of power and wealth that want us to stay in the EU, while the workers have seen, at best their wealth stay static over the last ten years. Why do you think think Goldman Sachs is funding the tory campaign to stay in, all the really big businesses want us to stay, and all the bankers and world leaders. The very fact they say we should stay should tell you something.   Now I will concede that we don't know what trade deals will be done after Brexit, and what affect it will have on jobs, but for me its not important, in fact I don't care . George Osborne say by 2030 it will cost each of us about 4K if we leave, fine suits me, where do I pay???   The things that matter in the referendum are border control and sovereignty.   We have an open border to over 500, 000, 000, people who can come here when ever they want and we cant stop them. No wonder our schools are overcrowded and the choice of school for many parents are a thing of the past.   And personally, I like to be able to vote for who makes the laws I have to live by, and if I don't like them have the chance to vote them out, this cant be done if we remain in the EU,   Why TF, would anyone want a future like this for the UK ?????????  [8-)]  
  16. I don't know, you go away for a few days, and when you come back, you find that the mods have deleted all the ‘other fella’s’ posts on this thread that you were debating. I  have not a clue what he posted to make them do that, but cripes, one suspects it must have been OTT. Quite right too, we don't want his nasty racist, comments on here. [;-)]
  17. Norman wrote, I believe that in the UK men and women have to use separate toilets in public places  since English men cannot be trusted to behave decently in the sort of unisex ones found throughout France.. That's a brave subject for a French resident to raise for sure. The reason that we have separate WC’s in the UK is because we can afford them. It may also surprise you to know, that the thought of hearing a woman in the next cubical does not do it for me, it may you, but not most normal people, so we have separate ones for each gender here in the UK.  We also have hand basin's, so we can wash after we use the WC and soap, ( does not get stolen here either)  I know this may seem strange to you not living in the UK, but its what we do ‘over here’.   IF you can find a public WC in LBF, it will either be a hole in the ground, or lived in by some down and out. The WC’s in places such as supermarkets always lack the basics, such as paper, soap and a seat!!!!!  The later are usually stolen by people outraged that such luxury should exist.   If you want a half acceptable one in France, then McDonalds is the best option, you know, an American company, and at least it will be open.   The Public WC’s are never signed, as to their location, but never mind the smell will tell you where they are. No wonder that French people are often seen pi55ing at the side of the road, they never even bother going behind a hedge, and well the men are just as bad. Only France would increase house taxes if you fit a new WC in your home, a nation that never flushes, as it may add to their water bill, and would rather save it for one flush a week.[:)]
  18.       No doubt you know it all about this subject, as you do of everything else, and no, I never go to Belgian, or would ever want to again. But I would like to suggest this, Europe has seen nothing yet in the way of ISIS attacks, I am thinking of opening a candle shop in every major city, and I am sure that would be a winner, for some reason all these tree hugging hippy ‘peace man’ types who sit around staring into space with their flower heaps need to wake up, the weak will not inherit the earth, they will only get what the strong allow them to have.   The only thing I would agree with you on is the Police in that city, they are over age, over weight, and poorly turned out. No wonder ISIS can operate so freely there.   Compere this to the UK and US police forces.   And talking of the US,  remember,  who is going to pay for the wall,  THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!! [:D]  [:D]  [:D]
  19. I see today, on MSN news, that a train service in Germany has introduced carriages for the use of woman and children only. This is due directly to the sexual assaults being carried out by ‘migrants’ to the country. No wonder many are unhappy by this, but hey girls of this forum who welcome multiculturalism, here could be your last chance for some ‘action’. [geek]
  20. Now there is a surprise, I see my posts which offer an alternative view to those of the mods and most of the ‘girls club’ on this forum get deleted.   I also see that another thread which was started on the subject of the Belgium attacks within five minutes of this one,  has had a heady number of views, a total of 56 as I type, with no added posts.   This thread, to which I replied and put an alternate view on the reason why this happened has had 660 views plus and 13 replies.   I will leave you to draw your own conclusions as to why this post has had so much attention and the other hardly any !!  [8-|]  
  21. On her way to work one morning Down the path along side the lake A tender hearted woman saw a poor half frozen snake His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew “Oh well,” she cried, “I’ll take you in and I’ll take care of you” “Take me in oh tender woman Take me in, for heaven’s sake Take me in oh tender woman, ” sighed the snake She wrapped him up all cozy in a curvature of silk And then laid him by the fireside with some honey and some milk Now she hurried home from work that night as soon as she arrived She found that pretty snake she’d taking in had been revived “Take me in, oh tender woman Take me in, for heaven’s sake Take me in oh tender woman, ” sighed the snake   Now she clutched him to her bosom, “You’re so beautiful,” she cried “But if I hadn’t brought you in by now you might have died” Now she stroked his pretty skin and then she kissed and held him tight But instead of saying thanks, that snake gave her a vicious bite “Take me in, oh tender woman Take me in, for heaven’s sake Take me in oh tender woman, ” sighed the snake “I saved you,” cried that woman “And you’ve bit me even, why? You know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die” “Oh shut up, silly woman,” said the reptile with a grin “You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in
  22. Lindal 1000 wrote, Good analysis on the BBC by Frank Gardener. Even better one on the 'French forum'  by ebaynut.
  23. Lindal wrote,   The refugee issue is a distraction to the main issue here though. I am more interested in how leaving the EU would affect us economically and what those who are for 'out' are in favour of? Ie what would I be voting for.   No, the refugee issue is the main topic for most people, maybe not you, but most in the UK who have to put up with the influx. You say you need to know the economics' of it all so you know how to vote. I feel sure you already know how you will vote.   Lindal wrote,   J suspect the reality is that within the 'out' lobby there is actually no consensus and in reality it would mean years of wrangling about what 'out' means while the economy disappears down the toilet. Please someone correct me if I am wrong here and point me to a source of information that outlines what 'out' would look like (and not just what you hope it would look like).   As Lindal, you are well aware, no concrete plans exist as to the way forward after the BRexit regarding the fine details, but its a fact, that the EU will need to trade with the UK, and that wont stop. As we buy more from them, then they do from us, I think we are in a pretty good bargaining position. Especially if you have the right people doing the deals for the UK.   Show some backbone and trust in the UK, don't fall for Dave's lies, I see now they have lied to us about the number of EU migrants entering the UK, as many more have applied for a N.I. number then the government told us had entered.   MY ( dear mods please note, this is MY belief, I have not read it elsewhere, or can I provide any links to this opinion[Www]) belief is that the reason the UK have not had to take large numbers of ‘migrants’ is because both the EU and Dave know full well that if we were taking large numbers now, then there would be a BRexit for sure, so he has struck a deal with the EU, not to make us take many before the referendum, but if the UK votes to stay in the EU. then they know there is nothing we can do to stop the EU making us take large numbers. You may quote the Schengen agreement, but they will find away around this.
  24. Rabbie wrote,   As one of the countries who by their actions have helped to destabilise the Middle East and Libya we have a responsibility to help resolve this.     I don't understand the WE part, please dont include me in this. I never wanted Iraq invaded back in 2003, I have always been against it. You might argue the British people voted the government into power and therefore we have some duty to the ‘refugees’. But it matters not if you vote labour or conservative, when both parties have the same agenda. Vote labour, they tell lies about WMD and bomb,  vote conservative, they carry on the bombing and expand it for no real reason.   Google Tony Blair's house’s  to see what this ‘Labour leader, man of the working people’ gained from his action, not bad for someone who has not done too much in the way of work.   So if you think that we in the UK should help the ‘ refugees’ perhaps Tony should let some have some rooms in one of his gafs.   Or Chequers court is not over inhabited, perhaps some space could be found there to help. But no, it wont be either of these places which will be changed forever by a foreign culture, and their inhabitants inconvenienced by all the extra people at the doctors, or school, or having to wait even longer for a home of their own, it will be the poorer working class people from up north who will have to endure all this.
  25. Rabbie wrote,   The danger with racism is that it can lead to these horrific crimes. Look what happened in *** Germany. Just because some people from a particular country or race commit a horendous crime does not justify anyone in condemning all people from that country or race.        But if that is the case, then why were all hand guns in the UK taken from all lawfully registered enthusiasts and collects by the government ( and a poor compensation payment given, I heard enough people whinging about the amount they received) after just one mad man goes into a school in Dunblane. The actions of one man meant a whole nation of firearms holders were condemned.   One pit bull type dogs attacks a child, and suddenly a whole breed is condemned and the dangerous dog’s act is brought in.   But 200 plus Pakistani men rape young white girls in Rotherham, and no-one wants to talk about it. A large cover up, as its not PC to talk about it. Then of course the same thing happened in Rochdale and Oxford, other places are also involved. But hey lets welcome these nice people to the UK, they need our help and support, but never ever, mention the hundreds or thousands of underage rape victims that they preyed on. Easier just to change channel and pretend these things never happen!!!
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