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  1. Gluestick wrote,   Quite some years back, a solicitor acquaintance, who is politically active, was instructed by the father of young, demised Stewart Lubbock, who was found drowned in Michael Barrymore's swimming pool, at his flash residence in Hertfordshire. The family were pushing for a proper PM and forensic evaluation, repeatedly denied. Barrymore was outed as a predatory homosexual who held rather unpleasant parties at his then home.       This rather ties up nicely with my comments about Harlow earlier in this thread.  Barrymore's house was indeed in Hertfordshire, in Roydon in fact, which is about 3 miles from Harlow town centre where the nice Mr Barrymore had been doing the nightclubs and bars before the said ‘party’.As I said earlier Murder often happens in Harlow and is just part of life there.   I would disagree that Barrymore’s place was ‘flash’, tacky is more how I would describe it. Sure there was a pool there, but it is rather tightly fitted in the small garden of the property.   It is often said that the English channel is the most dangerous piece of water in the UK, except of course, for the shallow end of Michael Barrymore’s swimming pool.  [:D]
  2. IMHO, a Liberal leftie is different from a Liberal elite.  The former is someone who has never had a proper job, thinks they know what's best for everyone else, and that its good for people from other countries to be allowed to live in theirs, and that anyone who does not like this is a racist. They believe we should all ‘Budge up’ a bit to make room for these, in many cases ‘poor people’ as they have had a hard time in their previous country due to wars, that the terrible west has inflicted on them. They completely ignore the fact that it was their party of choice,  the labour government who started these wars with their lies of WOMD, and who refuse to condemn Tony Blair for his war crimes, and will never, ever say anything bad about him.   And of course if these people who do come to the UK are non white, so much the better, and if they are poor, well, lets take the wealth of the country and give it to them. If they are gay, then even better, they believe that these are the people who we need to fill our country, our houses, hospitals and schools.   They are also happy to have an election in the US fought on the electoral collage rules, mostly because it was widely believed that this would stop the candidate they hated from winning. When that candidate wins by this route, they then claim that it was all unfair, and it should never have been run this way.  It was OK when the black Muslim, Barack Hussein Obama won this way, but totally wrong when Donald Trump prevailed this time around.     The Liberal Elite, are again people who have never done much in the way of work, in this group the top of the tree must be Tony Blair, this a person who changes laws to his advantage. He has money and power, and so is able to bring about real change which is to his benefit, and stuff the majority.  Also names I would add are, Richard Branson, makes his money in the UK, thinks we should be in the EU, but lives in a paradise island on the other side of the world, where if you wish to go will cost a small fortune to enter. There are many more names I could add, please let me know if you wish me to continue.  
  3. No if, they have made him.  [:D]  [:D]  [:D]  [:P]
  4. Rabbie wrote,   The only concrete results I have seen so far is an increase in hate crime - not a win there IMO.         Is this what you have been reading in the LYING MEDIA  ?? If I can borrow a term often used by the ‘Time man of the year’, the president elect, Mr Donald J Trump???   Take the major headlines which were in the news of a poor Polish gentleman who was brutally murdered in Harlow Essex.  This was all due to the ‘Brexit effect’ we were told by the lying media. It was the lead story on the TV for days.   This was a ‘hate crime’ they screamed, Polish police were sent to the UK, high ranking Polish officials visited Harlow, there was a march by anti racists in support of Immigrants in Harlow, what terrible people the leavers were.   Well the guy who committed the ‘murder’ has now been charged, turns out he is just fifteen years of age. He has been charged with manslaughter, no mention of a ‘race hate’ crime, the police stated, there was no evidence of any.   Fighting at late night takeaways is a pastime in Harlow, it has gone on since the town was built, and on occasions people die, people do get murdered in Harlow, its a fact of life. But the ‘lying media’ have really played this one well, and some gullible suckers  believe every single word of this race baiting the media write and say, more fool them!!!!!      
  5. Perhaps you should have entitled this thread ‘California Dreaming’   Anyway, I was browsing the World Wide Web thingy and found this, and you immediately, for some reason, sprung to mind.  [8-|]        
  6. Linda 1000 wrote,   Ebaynut, what I can't understand about you is why you frequent a forum for people who live or would like to live or have a connection with France?     That is because you are a new user of this Forum, and I have no time or desire to enlighten you further as to why I joined this forum and still visit it from time to time .   But let us say, that it is ones moral duty, to not let lefty liberals, get away with spouting their perverse view of the ‘benefits’ of   multiculturalism, globalism, and  diversity unchallenged.   If you don't like other views to your own being posted, I would humbly suggest you just send messages to your friends in private, and not post on an open forum for MOTP’s where people may have differing experience's and views of the world to your good self.    As I have stated in the past, at least I do purchase an Argent publication, thereby helping to finance this forum, in some small way, do you??????
  7. Cathar Tours wrote,   What to do with my masters, well leave the UK that's for sure.   Please don't let us keep you, Goodbye!!!!!!!!   [:D]  [:D]     Won't be going to US that's for sure.   I am sure they will be devastated by that news.
  8. I always think it such a shame, that the people who clearly know how the world should be run are too busy either driving cabs, posting on Forums or writing books on the Vendee wars. [Www]
  9. First British politician to meet Mr T since the Election.  Enjoy. "First they laugh at you, Then they ignore you, Then they tell lies about you, Then you WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
  10. Perhaps you should get yourself a copy of this book to read.  [:D] .
  11. Here you go girlies, enjoy  This.
  12. Lindal wrote,   How do you think he is going to 'make America great again'. That is what he promised..Do you think those that voted for him will have better lives in 4 years time?     If you care to click this link, it will show you his first 100 day pledge to the American people of what is going to happen. It shows how he will make Mexico pay for the wall. It is only a short link, so it wont take up too much time reading it. I really cant see anything in there that is not what I would wish for if I lived the other side of the pond. Come to think of it, I cant see much in there we don't need this side.   As for the liberal lefties, who say that as Mrs C won the popular vote, and  state that ‘ But the biased, screwed up system gave a false result’ it should be noted that the news commentators at the beginning of the night, stated that the US electoral college system meant it was extremely difficult for Mr T to win and that he only has a narrow path to victory, turns out it was as wide as the I 10  highway.   As for Hillary winning the popular vote and the systems false result, well the difference in the popular vote ( which counts for nothing) was 337586 more to Hillary, out of a total of approx.. 120 MILLION.   In the last UK election UKIP won 4 MILLION votes, but ended up with one MP, I guess that is more unfair then the US system then. Did not hear anyone on here saying that was  ‘screwed up’ the rules of the election were clear, and I fully accepted the results, that is democracy. Problem is the Liberal left only like democracy  if they win, which these days happily they don't often do.
  13. Well, as you may imagine I am over the moon, but as I have stated for a year or more, Mr T would win this, I am not in the least surprised by the result.  But to win with such a large majority in the Electoral  college vote was far beyond what I could have wished for.   Considering the Republicans also have control of the Senate and upper house, he can pretty much do as he wants.   For those who believe he wont deliver, you are the same people who laughed at his attempt to be the POTUS,  he really has a reputation as a guy who does not get things done doesn't he ??   Happy days to come..  [:D]  [:D]  [:D]
  14. Post deleted because of inappropriate and Offensive language
  15. Funny old world, the huge tailbacks at Dover caused by the French tightening security in the wake of the latest attacks, do they really think that any terrorists are traveling  from the UK to Frame?   If ISLAMIC STATE get their guys into the UK, then the attacks will be in the UK, they will not travel back to France, they have already passed through there.  Besides, there are already enough of them in France that they can now hold the whole country in fear. And the answer to clearing the tailbacks  after making people wait in their vehicles all that time, why, wave them through of course with little or no checks, you could not make it up. Still its election year in LBF next year, time for a change at the top me thinks, MLP anyone???   On the bright side, I wont have to drive a couple of thousand miles later this year.  Mrs EBN and myself were going to have ten days around 24 this year, never been in that area, and was looking forward to a visit there. Unfortunately, flying with Mrs EBN disability's is now too difficult, so we were going to drive over, but I think the Dover fiasco is the final nail in the coffin for the trip, so that's ten nights empty beds with no income for the hotel owners, tolls not being paid, food not paid for, the crossing etc. the list goes on.   As tourism is one of the main incomes of France, I fear it is going to take a hammering from now on as I wont be the only one not visiting now for the foreseeable future. When you add up the cost of France for a holiday, it is expensive compared to many places, but its huge draw was the peace and beauty of the country, but when you throw terrorism into the equation, you can count me out. We have now booked up to visit Turnberry on the west coast of Scotland, for a few rounds, well we must support those who support us.  
  16. But surely this is just part of the EU’s ‘cultural enrichment’ programme?
  17. Rabbie wrote,   I have had several requests about the excessive use of capital letters in posts. This is seen as the equivalent of shouting and makes things harder to read for some people. Bearing this in mind Could you please consider changing your signature to Normal case.   Sure, all done now, hopefully people will find the new one easier to read. [;-)]
  18. Mint wrote, Do you think she could persuade him to have his hair cut and to buy bigger suits with trousers that cover his ankles?   I doubt Mrs May could,  but perhaps David Cameron's mother can give some advice, it seems to have worked for Mr Corbyn,  David said he looked ‘absolutely splendid’ in parliament on Wednesday, after following it.
  19. C/T wrote,   I don't think people over 45 should have been allowed to vote. Leaving the EU will hardly effect them at all except their house may lose a bit of it's value. The people it will effect is us under 30's. Yet again we are made to pay for the baby boomers. Many of my old school and work friends back in the UK are seriously considering their options and nearly half are looking to emigrate because of the UK leaving the EU. If, and nobody knows at the moment, there are others like my friends who are considering leaving it will strip the UK of it's young and brightest leaving an old decaying society behind that will be going nowher     Well if those of us over 45 should not be allowed to vote, then I guess we should not be allowed to pay taxes, as it seems unfair if we cant decide who spends them, that we should be made to contibute.  It would also follow that as we cant vote to decide who can make ours laws which we live by, then perhaps we should not have to obey any laws?   May I wish your friends the best of luck in their new country of choice, I somehow doubt if they are friends of yours ‘brightest’ would be a good word to describe them.
  20. Rabbie wrote, Despite promising myself I would not rise to the bait I cannot prevent myself from replying. One of the most irritating things in the referendum campaign was the Leave side trying to claim they had a monopoly of patriotism and claiming that to stay in was an insult to our dead servicemen. There was a very moving letter in the Telegraph from a Battle of Britain veteran who said that he was voting to remain because of the contribution he felt the EU had made to European peace so there are two sides to every argument. Many of us who voted to remain did so because we felt it was in the best interests of the UK as a whole. Just because we have different views on what is best does not mean that either of us is unpatriotic. I have had several requests about the excessive use of capital letters in posts. This is seen as the equivalent of shouting and makes things harder to read for some people. Bearing this in mind Could you please consider changing your signature to Normal case. No Rabbie, you have misread what I have stated. I am not saying that all people that voted remain hate the UK and are not as patriotic as a leaver, what I am saying is those ( and in this circumstance, I mean posters on this forum) who post how they hate the UK and what a small backward country it is, with white van man etc are ALL people who have voted to remain.   I am in no way questioning your patriotism as you voted to leave, and believe you have a right to be wrong.   With regard your request to change my signature to normal case, I will consider this, but please be careful what you ask for here, the next one may upset you more. I am staggered that you have had ‘several requests’ about it, clearly people have nothing better to do with their time. [8-)]
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