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  1. I have always been of the opinion that the reason we were lied to about the 'common market' all those years ago, was because those who wanted to set up the EU had something on Ted Heath, which he did not want to become public knowledge, we all now know what team he batted for, which was of course against the law in those days, but was the Westminster paedophile ring a fact, which is now only just coming out, so to speak?
  2. Chancer wrote, Hard to find fault in anything he said, that will be hard to swallow for some. Indeed, but then no doubt 'some' suffer from 'liberalism' which as we all know is a mental disorder. ;-)
  3. Seems only one man wishes to talk about it in the EU, and yes, thank God the UK is leaving. :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5kBe4WwXJ4
  4. I must say, I think JRM is exactly the sort of person who should be prime minister. He ticks nearly all the boxes for me, 1/ White English. 2/ Straight. 3/ Married with six nice children, so has a real interest in the future of this country. 4/ Successful business history. Owns his own company 5/ White English. 6/ Educated at the best places in the land. 7/ Rich. 8/ Excellent speaker, and can communicate at all levels. Only thing I don't agree with him on is his position on abortion, but even though its not a popular view, he still stands by it, and does not try to deny it. Unlike Mr Farron, who was made to look a right fool, by not stating his own position on same sex marriage, for fear of losing votes of the lunatic liberals.
  5. ET wrote, they range from scary no-go areas like Brixton in the 80s where stabblings and muggings are an everyday event and literally the police dare not go without their riot gear on, Could you please expand on your comment, what on earth happened in Brixton which was once a very well thought of and affluent area before the late 1940's? Who, pray, are the people who made it such a 'scary no go area' ??
  6. Chancer wrote, That would have to be feminine then Une maladie mentale Very good, but seriously, you should not mock the mentally ill. If they wish to believe that by hacking off parts of their bodies, or sticking bits of plastic on them they can somehow change gender, then good for them. For other people to try to go along with this insanity and encourage them is just plain cruel. On the other hand, it sure does provide great entertainment for the rest of us. ;-)
  7. Mint wrote Remember that the masculine is used when there is a mixture of genders, so males, females, trans, whatever all treated as masculine. But Mint, trans is not a gender, its a mental disorder!! :-)
  8. ALBF wrote, We are looking for an investment property where we live and there is nothing really about. Go back 6 months and there were loads for sale. I guess they have all been sold. But this is in town. I have no idea what it is like in the rural parts. In the suburb of Paris where we have just left, immobilliers were advertising to 'find' properties to sell. It is mad there. French mortgages are very low at the moment. I think the market is quite buoyant but house prices are still very high. Well in fact to high. They still need to come down. But surely if you are saying they are all sold and the agents are having to advertise for more stock, then prices needs to go up, not down. They only need to go down if they do not sell!!
  9. Please sir, it never went my way, I want best out of three of this ONCE in a life time vote. O dear, O dear !!!!!!
  10. Interesting clip, however when it states the 'advances' that the UK have made in the EU, it really should state the UK government has made them. Matters not whether you vote Conservative or Labour, as these are the two parties which always form the government, both support EU membership, or the smaller ones, Liberal democrats, Green, or SNP, they all support the same. The only one party who really pushed against the EU is little UKIP, and thanks to the wonderful Mr Farage, he made Dave call a referendum. Finally the people where given a chance to vote on a subject which controlled their whole lives, and finally a chance to get out of the EU. So, it was not the UK which pushed for these 'advances' claimed in the video clip, it was the UK government, the real people of the UK chose to leave, as all along they hated it, but this was their first and only chance to do something about it. For those who ask 'why did they do it', I can only say, if you need to ask the question, you clearly would not understand the answer. :-)
  11. Well Kris89, I took a look, and I must say I thought you had done a good job with your film.
  12. You have to laugh, when a forum member quite rightly points out the irony of a post berating grammar schools, containing numerous spelling mistakes, Richard51 deems this to be bullying. They however think its funny to call a member of HM government a slug, and pouring salt on them is somehow funny?? Liberalism is clearly a mental disorder. ;-)
  13. They do not have to be full of yobs, one will do it. Or are you just being silly?
  14. I spoke to one of my sons last night, his company quoted for the windows at Grenfell tower at the time of the refurb. They supply Rydon with products, and need to quote for various jobs like this one, even though they knew they would not get the work, as it was to be a price sensitive one. They supply higher quality windows then some of their competitors, but Rydon need several quotes , to show they have secured the most competitive tender when working for public bodies. So, they did not get the contract on this, as the price needed to be kept to a minimum, and rightly so. I would guess ( and hope) it was the same with all the products used on the building. Mint states, 'they only died because they were poor'. When they choose to invite themselves to live in the UK, many without even a pot to their name, where else do you think these people should be given homes. The UK tax payer has to provide a house for them, and then they get the rent paid for by, yes the UK tax payer. Where should they be housed then Mint, country estate and a new Bentley maybe?? Trouble is the UK is like the kind lady who takes in a stray cat, before you know it, the house is over run with them. And who pays every time, the UK tax payer of course! It is a pleasure to see the government in the mess they are in now. :-)
  15. Mint wrote, I told OH that those people died in that tower block because they were poor and had to live in dangerous housing. Well if you could afford to live elsewhere, why on earth would you chose to live there?? What I would like to see is a report into the following, How much was the rent on a flat in Grenfell tower? How many people paid the full rent themselves, and how many received some, or all of the rent paid for by the UK taxpayer? As the UK government likes to ask its people to fill in forms stating their ethnic group, I would like to see one showing the make up of the occupiers of the tower. I wonder how many lived in the UK ten years ago? Yet the mob take to the streets demanding 'their rights' even beating up a guy they mistook for someone responsible in their eyes, but who turned out to be a volunteer helper. Contrast this to the young couple on the Phil and Holly show, they escaped from the seventh floor with their young child. They were taking it all in their stride, and asked for nothing.
  16. Richard51 wrote, wb and ebaynut, words cant express how much I loath the bile coming from the likes of yourselves. Perhaps if you were born a Syrian, Yemenite, Palestinian etc you would think differently. Remember that whilst you might well be OK at the moment, things do sometimes occur that are life changing and can happen to anybody. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder. :-)
  17. Mint wrote, Ebaynut, if you are trying to imply that I somehow support the killing of youngsters who were out enjoying themselves at a pop concert, then you are truly nuts. Having re-read my post, I fail to see how anyone could come to the conclusion that I was implying you supported the killings. Your capacity for spinning what I wrote would suggest that a career at CNN would be possible, had you not retired . IMO, nothing wrong with "pointless subjects"..........one person's pointless is another's "essential to know"Smile [:)] Indeed, I must perhaps remember this forum caters for people of 'all levels' Of course, the fire, as you say, is an accident. But doesn't the word "accident" itself implies that it was preventable? All accidents are preventable, a genuine accident is not malicious, a scum bag murdering Muslim with a bomb at a pop concert for kids is malicious, avoidable and preventable. And you know, there ARE times when words are unnecessary........the Manchester atrocity was too much to take in as, in that case, the killing was deliberate, carefully planned and executed. In the face of such evil, what is there meaningful to say? All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do (and say) nothing!!!!! Do take all the pot shots you want, I am perfectly strong enough to take them in my strideSmile [:)] I am sure you are. ;-) On your plan to redistribute wealth, I would point out, such a scheme already exists in the UK, and anyone can benefit from it. However it involves one getting off ones fat lazy ar5e, and going to earn it, instead of demanding the government provide everything for you.
  18. I notice Mint, that you have plenty to say on this tragic fire, which almost certainly was an ACCIDENT. No-one planned the death of those people deliberately. Since you mention 'you can take the flack', how come you posted 'that you had no words' on another thread when a scum bag, murdering Muslim, blows up 22 young people at a pop concert in Manchester, but have plenty to say about this, and copious other pointless subjects ?? I would suggest that this one fits in nicely with your lunatic liberal view of the world, and the other totally destroys any argument you have for it.
  19. DraytonBoy, Are you a politician?? First you make a completely ridicules statement, 'NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR THE BLAME GAME'. and then when I ask you a straight forward question, instead of answering that question to try to justify your position, you just ask me a further question in return to try to deflect from giving a reply. Go on, tell us, when is the right time?????
  20. Well, I am glad you liked the concert Lindal, good news, thanks to your 'liberal tolerance', you will, no doubt, be able to sit back and enjoy many more of them in the near future.
  21. DraytonBoy wrote, Now is not the time for the 'blame game'. If after four people get mowed down and die on Westminster bridge, twenty two young people are blown to pieces at a pop concert in Manchester, and seven people get ran over and stabbed to death on London bridge while enjoying a night out, and this is just in the UK in the past two months, please enlighten us as to when you think is the correct time.
  22. With the UK having enjoyed another episode of 'Cultural enrichment' this weekend, I have the following questions, 1/ Does this mean we will have to endure yet another pop concert?? 2/ Will the lighting of candles become the No 1 cause of global warming?? 3/ Did anyone follow my advice of last year and invest in cement and candles??
  23. Lindal wrote, You see you even have a different view of the past EBN. My parents were also involved in the war, but they were always very clear that they weren't fighting Germany and ordinary Germans, but the Na zis and fascism. As it was not widely known what the Na zis were up to for some time regarding their treatment of Jewish people, It seems like ‘alternative facts’ you are putting forward. My parents, and indeed all my family were very clear that they were fighting to stop the UK being invaded by the Germans. If it involved helping to liberate France, and European country’s on the way, then that was a plus, but it was not the reason they fought. Stopping the invasion of their home was their priority, and protecting their families were what mattered to them. One of my uncles (who I am very proud of) was involved in part of the planning and taking part on the D day landings. Finally, last year he was awarded a medal from France for this efforts. His story is told in Max Hastings book ‘Overlord’ along with many others. I'm glad you are being honest and removing Scotland, Wales and NI from your Eutopia. You should also remove London from your list. I think you will find Wales also voted to leave. And it is not only ‘my list’ I would like to see London removed from!! On a personal level I don't live in the UK anymore thank God and pretty soon I won't have any more money there so it has nothing to do with whether I like it or not as it won't affect me. I do feel sorry though for the majority who did not vote to become the 51st State. As to Trumpton, even the most ardent of leave voters that I know do not associate themselves with Trump's madness. The whole issue of state visit may not be relevant if he is impeached by then, Mr T to be impeached?? I think you have been watching too many looney left programs, but I guess you need something to cling too.
  24. Lindal wrote, What a strange world you seem to live in EBN..so different to that of the rest of us. The place is called England, you may have heard of it possibly? Its the country thankfully, where the majority of the people voted to take back control of its borders, to regain its sovereignty, and to return to being an independent country which makes its own rules and laws ,decides who can enter,and not have to bow down to the German run EU. I know you may not like it, but that’s what is going to happen, no doubt it will cost us all in the UK some money, but that is a very small price to pay compared to what my parents generation sacrificed to be free from German rule.
  25. W/B wrote, Yes, ebn, I have reported you, either once or twice, can't remember, though am not sure if posts were pulled as a result. WOW!!!!! You clearly have integrated well into French life.
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