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  1. FAO: TreizeVents & 5-Element & Jc Hi, Thank you so much for your replies to my enquiry and your pm's, We have been facing an uphill struggle to get good information. My husband is dealing with all the confusing stuff in relation to the implications of the financial minefield, pensions/wills/inheritance/taxes/banking etc. But I really wanted to try and get a clearer understanding (!!!!) of our healthcare. We have been looking into moving to France for sometime now, but have met with the usual unforeseen life-interrupting delays, particularly associated with our aging parents, however we seem to have got on top of everything now, and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we finally feel that it is now happening.....at last! Our 'French' I have to admit is not great, although we manage when needed, but we are under no illusion that this must be improved, and have opted to get some intensive courses under our belt. One of our sons, who is 26, is coming with us, and his language is considerably better than ours, but we can't rely on him to nursemaid us. At this stage, we think we will probably be within 80 kilometres of either Limoges/La Rochelle/Poitiers/Tours, but if any of these don't have a transplant specialist unit, then we will have to discount that option. My hospital have been, what I can only describe, as 'dis-interested' in offering any advice regarding our move, and frankly look quite aghast at the prospect of our plans, but we feel assured that the French healthcare system, as a whole is superior to our own NHS, particularly in relation to transplants/research. Initially we think we shall probably remain as UK citizens, until settled, and then join the French citizen system. We have the EU health card, and believe that the E106 will cover us for the interim, although we could be wrong here. One of the next things we have to do is contact Newcastle (On our list of things to do!) to see what is going to be most practicable, but we are trying to get as much information beforehand as possible. My husband is in good health, and will require full cover/insurance. One of the things that is confusing me, is that due to my conditions, I understand that I will be entitled to 100% healthcare cover for 'these' conditions, but am I right in assuming that I would also need medical insurance to cover me for the other 30% of costs for 'other' ailments? (would I have trouble getting insurance for myself?) And, how can you determine which other new ailments are caused by your pre-existing conditions, as obviously being on immunosuppressants make you more vulnerable? i.e: I developed diabetes through Rapamycin, and not the usual diabetes-caused-kidney failure syndrome, and I also have high blood pressure (surprise/surprise), and high cholesterol, both caused by my medications. Also, I have an 'enormous' inscizzional hernia on the graft site, which my doctors are extremely reluctant to repair, and this has other implications on my mobility. I am rather hoping that eventually my French doctors may be a bit more approachable regarding this. Also, I presume (perhaps naively) that I will be able to get the same meds that I am currently on without too many problems. I was previously on Cyclosporin/Rapamycin, the latter causing the diabetes/high cholesterol and the hernia, but am now on Tacrolimus. In addition, I have Rosuvastatin for the cholesterol, but understand that this is a relatively new drug, and am not sure if it is available in France (also Ezitimibe)? Also, is rosiglitazone (diabetes) also available? Would I get these via my GP on a repeat prescription, as I do now, or directly from the hospital? My diabetes is currently supervised by my district nurse, although my nephrology consultant is most likely to adjust my meds, would the same by applicable in France? Also, where would you go for your routine tests, I presume the hospital, not the GP? And on a rather pessimistic note, when on dialysis, I was co-erced, (you could even say bullied, for which I eventually thanked them enormously) to go onto CAPD from Haemodialysis, is CAPD encouraged, or is Haemo the preferred option in France? The FNAIR has been mentioned a couple of times, and sounds interesting - where do I get hold of the back issues, and where can I join? I suspect you rather wish you hadn't replied now, and I fully understand as I have swamped you with questions (I would proably be well advised to stop here, although I can assure you, there are lots more), but any information, on any aspect would be very much appreciated. Thanks again to everyone PS: 5-Element - I originally asked the same question before on another forum, but got no replies. When I posted a similar question sometime later, we suffered a bereavement, and it got lost in the moment. We did get a reply, but wasn't emailed, (I had forgotton to register a change in our email address, so hadn't followed it up, but have since found it (after much searching).Was it you who replied? I shall certainly look into the suggestions. PS: TreizeVents - Thanks for the links, I can't get a connection to the first one, and am struggling to get an understandable translation on the other, but will persevere, thanks again. PS: Jc - They don't seem at all interested in trying to help or advise, they appear bemused & bewildered, and are questioning my sanity (perhaps they know something I don't!)
  2. Hi, We desperately hope someone can help us with this, it's been a nightmare trying to find good information and advice. I am an 8 year renal transplant patient, with type 2 diabetes, currently in good health, and am looking to move to France later this year. We have been actively looking in the Limousin, Poitou Charente, Centre, and northern Aquitaine regions. What I really need to know is where are the hospitals that best serve these health conditions within these regions, as obviously this will have an impact on where is most practicable to relocate. I imagine that like the UK, there are specialist hospitals for transplanted patients and their ongoing treatment/tests, and it would obviously be beneficial to be able to move to a location that is within reasonable travelling distance to the healthcare that I would require. Also, being realistic, where are the dialysis centres, for when/if I need them. We would be enormously obliged for any advice available, or links that could help us. Thanks again, Julia
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