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  1. Chancer wrote, I now realise that there is something even worse than a bad loser. A bad loser still whining 18 months later. Indeed, but I find their Liberal tears still as sweet after all this time :-)
  2. Richard51 wrote, As suspected - pathetic response Considering the last two threads you started on this forum no-one bothered to answer, (except you yourself), I would have imagined that you would be highly delighted someone had responded. I feel Richard51, you are the type of person who could start an argument in an empty room, and still come off second best :-)
  3. Seems clearly it may take more than a quick dose here. I expect you will be pleased about the AFD in Germany and Austria's elections then?? Happy dayz ahead :-)
  4. Mint wrote, Come, ebaynut, do not take it all personally; it is, I assure you, no more than a bit of childish banter. Just checking ;-) W/B, I think I know what your problem is, you are suffering from Liberalism, that brain eating disease that makes folk think that not offending Muslims is more important than speaking out about their victims. But fear not old chap, help is at hand, a quick dose of Dr Donald's Liberalism Reversal Remedy is available. A few drops and you will soon be heading out to the Mexican border with your trowel and laying bricks faster than you can shout Allahu Akbar!!!!! Question is, what side of the wall will you and your family be once its built???
  5. When one cannot find anything other than resulting to childish personal insults, it means one has nothing further to support their position in a debate. I expect nothing else from W/B, who has a long track record of this, but had expected better from you Mint. Idun, I am sorry if you think I understated the Muslim Pakistani child rapists actions. I will be sure not do that again. I read that whole family's of males would be involved in the rapes of these underage girls. The father, sons, cousins uncles grandfathers would take turns and share the same victims. Guess they call that integrating their whole family into the UK community. As regards Mr T, I have not mentioned him on this thread, other posters have, but I have not, so I cant really see what you are banging on about here?? If you don't like him yet, perhaps this will help change your mind. :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WUVP6l9Das&t=14s
  6. Richard51 wrote, Mr Nut - I have worked out your modus operandi. You are really a left-wing extreme commie who is posing as a racist white extremist and are posting such bile as to turn everybody into lefties. Yeah, that will be it Mr Dick
  7. YCCMB wrote, Do you have some sort of bot or alert set for any mention of the dickwit-in-chief, ebaynut? This high pitched whining noise comes from my computer speakers whenever a loony Liberal starts whinging, guess that must be what alerts me. You know, the sound of a young baby crying. ;-)
  8. Idun wrote, And why bring up the Muslim gangs, recently on the news there have been enough instances of christian church organisations involved, both CofE and catholic. Why not ?? When you titled this post Sexual Harassment, I guessed it would be about the ultimate cases of this, namely the mass rape and grooming of vulnerable underage girls, by large groups of Muslim Pakistani men from many many towns and city's in the UK. You know the Muslim Pakistani men that this government allowed and welcomed to come to this country, that they pay benefits to, find houses for, and then turn a blind eye to, when they rape our girls. But no, Idun would rather talk about privileged people who get the better jobs in life, and shock horror, someone may have put their hand on their knee, or even asked them to buy sex toys, come on, it hardly the same league is it?? As I said in my earlier post, the girls I went to school with would have dealt with any groper with a swift kick, some women today are such wimps.
  9. It is a compliment W/B, believe me, and I thank you for it ;-) Anyway, the good thing about all this coming out now, is the Liberal Elite in Hollywood will be shown up for the true scum most are, I wonder if HRC will be speaking up for them at their trials?
  10. W/B wrote, lessons have been learned, sentences will be dished out. O, so that's OK then, lets just move on shall we. The fact is these young girls that were gang raped by Muslim Pakistani men, whom our government encouraged to come to the UK. The girls they abused were all vulnerable, most were in the care of social services, they had no-one close to turn too, and those they did turn to just looked the other way, as they did not want to be called racist. ( why, I have no idea) but I am glad you are comfortable with this, and can now move on, and not have to talk about this subject. Compere these to the women who are making these claims in the news now, most are bright and well educated, why did they not speak out. why did Angeline Jodie for example not tell her father? I have sure he would have had 'words' with Harvey. If anyone had groped any of the girls at school when I was there, they would not have been able to speak for a hour, such a gutless generation we are becoming for sure.
  11. What a bunch of old hypocrites most of you are. When MPs, film makers or other people of position try to chat up women, its harassment. No-one was held down and raped, it was talk, or at worst a quick touch. Hang them all is more or less the cry that goes up from the liberals on this forum. What about all the under age girls which were RAPED, by Muslim Pakistani grooming gangs in the UK? Oxford, Rotherham, Sheffield, Sunderland, Oldham, the list goes on. Do you complain about them, no, you don't want to talk about it. Just like the BBC and all the other main news outlets. As I say, a bunch of hypocrites!! And please no more story's from 'women of a certain age' trying to make out how they hated all the attention they may have received on perhaps the odd occasion, me thinks thou does sometimes protest too much.
  12. Linda1000 wrote, Try telling that to people who are born with a mixture of male and female sexual organs. The cyclist Robert Millar returned to commentating this year as Phillipa York and very knowledgeable she was too. I accept that there are people who are born with birth defects but we are not discussing them, we are talking about Iduns friend 'Bertie' 'Bertie' it would appear is a man, had children, so clearly he is a man, now he wants to be a woman, and be known as 'Susie' and wear woman's clothes. 'Susie' is just a fella in a frock, you cant change gender, 'Susie' is mentally ill, but if they wish to appear as a woman, well that is their choice, but please do not go along with the idea that they have changed and are now in fact a woman. Trouble is the government is now placing other boxes to tick then male/female and is going along with these lunatics, please don't join in, they need help not pandering to. And as for this 'Phillipa' you mention, they may know a lot about cycling, but they too are clearly mentally ill if they think they are now a woman, and so are you if you go along with it.
  13. Idun wrote, And do your views include gay people too, just wondering if you believe they are mentally ill too? No, if they prefer members of their own sex that is their choice. Gay people are not mentally ill, its their choice. However there are only two genders male and Female, anything else is insane. Post edited by moderator.
  14. Idun wrote, We know someone , let's call him Bertie, married with kids. Years later a divorce, and then we bump into him, he is in a wig and dress and to call her Susie.... Never has had the full op just hormones, but now has a girlfriend, so is that a gay relationship? 'Bertie', is clearly mentally ill, you are either male or female, do not go along with his insanity or humour him, if he wants to be called 'Susie' then fine, but there is no need for you to assist in his mental delusion. In fact its cruel to do so.
  15. W/B wrote, Surely this is an unpardonable intrusion into a patient's privacy, even if the LGBT community say it is being done to ensure they are not being discriminated against. Why do you feel so strongly about this big boy ? not got anything to hide have you ;-)
  16. That was the EX prime minister who said Mexico would not pay. Bit like when Blair say something it matters not, they are yesterdays men. Ah the popular vote, which does not count for anything when its the Electoral college that matters. If it was the popular vote which decided the outcome, he would have campaigned differently. No complaints from you that UKIP got 4,000,000 votes in the 2015 election and only one MP? More votes than the SNP, Lib Dems and Greens put together. Popular vote did not count then and did not count in the US. Ah the Russian connection, please update me on the progress there after all this time, as the CNN reporter said, 'its all a nothing burger'
  17. Dont worry, Mr T will soon have the Democrats on side and funding will be approved, if not all the Daca kids will be kicked out. So, you don't think he will build the wall, and Mexico wont pay?? You said last year he would not even become the GOP candidate, remind me how that went again?? :-)
  18. Cathar Tours wrote, But then Trump does not deliver anyway, no wall, Clinton not in prison and the list goes on. O' dear, best you not watch this sixty second news report from the BBC then, :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQJoOuHE24o
  19. Mint, No point asking W/B, he hates the UK, so of course would wish us to remain in the EU, so we fund all the loony plans they have to waste our money. I do however Mint, find no disagreement with the things you state you want from the Brexit deal, the only one thing I would add to them would be that if persons both in the UK and Europe commit a serious crime where they have moved to, they can be deported back to their home country. And your thread is now a 'goer' congrats :-)
  20. And may I point out to you that Muslim is not a race, so how can you edit my post for racist comment when race was not mentioned?
  21. Only a racist W/B, what about Alt right and neo Naz1, that is what liberals call others when they run out of argument. As regards your little hint about falling foul of this forum, are you going to hit the report button again?? Close down anyone who disagrees with your viewpoint, is the only way forward for you I guess.
  22. Mint wrote, I could accept it, just, if we get a decent "deal" but that is becoming increasingly unlikely. I was wondering what you considered a 'decent deal'?
  23. No, Antifa are left wing thugs, who hate white people, even though many are white themselves. They themselves are the racists. They want to stop free speech, and hate the capitalist system, because they are life's losers, who never work themselves, so never have anything. They do provide many hours of fun, watching them get hit by the police on you tube, for this I thank them.
  24. Richard51 wrote, Ebay nut, you are clearly a racist. No, I cant be a racist. When I was watching a video of an Antifa riot in the US, and an African American police officer started hitting a white Antifa member, I cheered on the African American gentleman, and was pleased to see him hitting the white leftist. So clearly I am not racist. ;-)
  25. Mint, You really must come to terms with the fact that the UK is leaving the EU, hopefully there will be no deal, and we revert to WTO rules. The important thing is for the UK to control its borders, take back any power from the courts and be able to make our own laws. We need a clean Brexit. Besides, if you don't accept it, you may find yourself not being able to sleep at nights !!!
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