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  1. O dear, this is as bad a case of TDS I have seen. When one reaches a certain age, one needs to keep calm, as its not good to keep getting worked up, heart, blood pressure etc. With another six and a half years still to go of the Trump presidency , I fear for your health. You end up giving off bad karma, no wonder your roses keep dying!! While on the subject of your garden, do you have borders round yours?, or do you allow anything to enter it, and take advantage of all your hard work ;-)
  2. WOW, all these posts on this thread, and only one addresses the original. Thank you Idun, but a tower block is not the same as a refugee camp/centre. Clearly some of you are suffering from TDS (Trump derangement syndrome), well don't worry, only another six and a half years to go, and W/B talking of the wall, here is what the DNC think of it, take it away Barack,,, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQJlmFqUA8w
  3. So, we are all in agreement then, the camp in the 16th is a great idea, and that the same should be done in London. Question is, do we propose Hyde Park, Green park or St Jame's? I think all three personally, as the more diversity the Westminster elite enjoy the better, They must also be allowed to share the joy of Cultural enrichment, the same as the pleasure enjoyed by those living in Luton, Bradford and Rotherham. It was after all, their great idea for cultural inclusion, so its only fair they benefit the same as the rest of the UK.
  4. I was reading in the Times (Friday 4th p34) , about the 16th in Paris, and how this is a high end area, with the likes of Nicolas Sarkozy living there. Seems the mayor wishes to build a shelter for migrants/ immigrants/refugees, in the park. I think this is a wonderful idea. For years these selfless politicians have only allowed the residents of the suburbs and beyond to enjoy this cultural enrichment, which they all embrace so fully, (and very selfless of them too), but I think that they should also be able to benefit from their policy of cultural inclusion also. How cosmopolitan it will be for them, rubbing shoulders with Eritrea and Sudan's finest, when visiting the local stores and cafes. Perhaps we here in the UK should propose similar for the Westminster, Knightsbridge, and Chelsea areas of our capital. As it was our politicians who all welcomed these wonderful enriching people to Europe, they, like their French counterparts, should be allowed also to reap the joy of their multicultural policy's to the full in their daily life.
  5. W/B wrote. Ebn, I should we take it that you are in favour of vigilante action, by the way? Depends how you view it. Bit like the guy in London who was the main news in the UK a couple of weeks back, found someone in his kitchen in the middle of the night, ended up killing him. Really pleasantly surprised the 'old bill' did not nick him. Am I in favour of his actions ?, 110%. I guess as you don't have a long family history to one country, this is why you think there should be open borders.
  6. W/B wrote, groups of illegal immigrants have been slipping into France via one of the lower valley passes between France and Italy Sounds like a good place for a Wall !! :-) You would not leave your door unlocked at night, so anyone could enter illegally, so why should our governments leave the door to our ( in this case your) country open for people to enter illegally??
  7. I don't think you like Mr T wooly, do you? Envy is a terrible thing you know, it can eat folk up. :-)
  8. I heard Pres. Macron utter on his trip to the US, something about 'making France great again'. I thought to myself, good luck with that one, my old son. Then looking back I began to wonder when that might have been, the only real date I could think of was 1066. ;-)
  9. You had a row with any of the locals? Many migrants/refugees/antifa in the area? This is a problem when you have worked hard to own a holiday home, the lazy lower class scum do tend to get jealous.
  10. Mint wrote, Where did I say I favour one response over another? Fortunately for me, I am far enough away from any position of authority and government that I do not need to understand the problem or make critical decisions. You did not say, which is why I asked the question, 'what would you do?'.
  11. So what would you think is the right response then Mint. A, Do nothing, let the Syrian government use chemical weapons on the people of that country and get the war over and done with. B, Let everyone from Syria into Europe as 'refugees' C, Do what Obama did, say you are going to do something, like in 2013, and then look the other way and back track D, Post on forums how everyone else in government is wrong, and your view is correct? Who do you think has the bigger picture, someone in government or someone in front of a PC screen?
  12. Ask KFC what they think of DHL :-) https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/feb/24/people-have-gone-chicken-crazy-what-the-kfc-crisis-means-for-the-brand
  13. I am unsure what you are trying to say here R51. That Mr T used a poem/song credited to an American, and it was not his original creation, is that it?
  14. Interesting post Pommier, I prefer this one personally, On her way to work one morning Down the path along side the lake A tender hearted woman saw a poor half frozen snake His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew "Poor thing, " she cried, "I'll take you in and I'll take care of you" "Take me in tender woman Take me in, for heaven's sake Take me in, tender woman, " sighed the snake She wrapped him up all cozy in a comforter of silk And laid him by her fireside with some honey and some milk She hurried home from work that night and soon as she arrived She found that pretty snake she'd taken to had been revived "Take me in, tender woman Take me in, for heaven's sake Take me in, tender woman, " sighed the snake She clutched him to her bosom, "You're so beautiful, " she cried "But if I hadn't brought you in by now you might have died" She stroked his pretty skin again and kissed and held him tight Instead of saying thanks, the snake gave her a vicious bite "Take me in, tender woman Take me in, for heaven's sake Take me in, tender woman, " sighed the snake "I saved you, " cried the woman "And you've bitten me, but why? You know your bite is poisonous and now I'm going to die" "Oh shut up, silly woman, " said the reptile with a grin "You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in "Take me in, tender woman Take me in, for heaven's sake Take me in, tender woman, " sighed the snake
  15. Gosh, I am surprised that a thread debating what is the best between two different races, has been allowed on this forum. Hod the Mod must be busy and missed it. ;-)
  16. I thought it illustrated how well your new guests are integrating into their community, its so nice to see them keeping up French traditions, I thought you would be pleased Italian elections anyone ?? ;-)
  17. At least its a post :-) Anyway, why is it racist, it merely shows the 'joys' of an all welcoming 'inclusive' society surely ??
  18. W/B wrote, Ebaynut, are you not a landlord yourself? Have you ever had problems with tenants? How do you go about sorting them if you do? Do you have big dogs? I guess I have been lucky with my tenants so far, never had to evict any in over twenty years. But I stick to some rules, always rent to people who are local to the area, if they have kids, so much the better, they want homes, not somewhere to live. Always charge below the going rate, so it makes sense for them to stay then, let them have pets, it makes a home. I vet all the local lettings personally, and where I use an agent because distance makes looking after the property impossible, then get an agent who is in it for the long haul, not some cheap fly by night. I don't know, of course, but the agent Patf is using most likely has no further interest in her property. When she said she wanted her house back, his revenue stream dried up, why waste anymore time on the matter, he will not earn a penny more from that property now. And never let to migrants, they have left their home country to live in yours, they will think nothing of moving on at any time, they think and act differently to English people, and why would you anyway, there are now so many waiting tenants to choose from why invite trouble. And don't get me started on now having to check the prospective tenant has a right to live in the UK, and its now my job to do this, get fined is you don't, as our government just let anyone flood into the country.
  19. Only another 7K to go then. Did your letting agent not advise you to insure against this happening, most do cover this these days, check your house insurance policy, it may be included, if you have already checked, then sorry to point it out, but often people have cover and don't know it. These people are the bottom feeders of life, but the nanny state protects them, there is a lot to be said for the 'Rachman' approach.
  20. Theiere wrote, Oops, that was the biggest mistake, letting to anyone on the social. I would disagree with that statement, the biggest mistake is, as Patf stated, (all immigrants) If these people play the rules correctly, it will cost you about 10K by the time they are gone. They will wait for you to evict them, and on the day the bailiff arrives, the nice council will have a duty to house them. Until that day arrives, providing a home for them is your responsibility. Please don't forget to keep the boiler serviced,property insurance up to date, ( this will increase substantially at renewal due to the situation) smoke and CO2 detectors workings and the Legionella report up to date. This is why unless you are prepared to use a 'donk' to remove them, never, ever, let out property.
  21. I just had to google 'Jacob Rees-Mogg'. LOL ebaynut..... So you want someone who is opposed to abortion....EVEN in rape cases ? And, and, and....does not believe in climate change. That was enough for me. The bloke is a nutter. One cannot agree fully with all of anyone's views. But as he says, those are his views, he will not lie about them to advance his career, and realises they are not the views of the many, and a not popular with voters. Contrast that with say Tim Farron, who when hounded by the press for his views on gay marriage, finally had to admit he was against it and not long after gave up leading the Lib-Dems. Or Mrs May, who has promised immigration in the tens of thousands for the last eight years or more. Liars all. Climate change is a fact of life, if its man made or not, is another matter. But if it is, it could just be down to the millions of people who take needless plane journeys as they cant work near home for some reason who are causes it, but as they are 'highly educated' it cant be them that are causing it, can it?? Jacob also believes we should build more houses in the UK. I don't, when we don't have a housing shortage, it is beyond me. But I am only supporting him as leader of the Conservatives, by the next election it will be a completely different landscape, and we now need someone in charge who see's all the benefits of Brexit, and deliver what the majority of the UK who voted want. Can't the UK just find a Macron type character to become PM. You know, someone normal. Someone likeable. Someone with a brain. Did he not marry his mums friend, if not, his wife is old enough to be his mum, and that's normal?? Yuk!!! Why does the UK always end with oddballs running the country Hollande, ?? Sarkozey ??
  22. Patf wrote, I'm a lifelong Labour voter but I never voted for Blair. I abstained. When he was first elected in the 1990s Please excuse me for being pedantic, but if you did not vote for Blair, then you are not a life long labour voter. I do feel for labour voters, I don't agree with their views on the world, but boy did Blair mislead them and use his position to make a large chunk for himself from it. BTW Betty, its Jacob Rees-Mogg who is set (hopefully) to take the leadership of the Conservative party, Lord William Rees-Mogg, his father, died several years ago. Jacob is a fine English gentleman, and would steer this country on the right path.
  23. Richard51 wrote, EBN Why ask me - judge yourself. Well as you started the thread, I assumed you knew how to spot a racist, I merely requested your considered opinion. NB you have not included JC. I guess from the suggestions given, the most likely is Jeremy Corbyn. The reason he is not in either of my 'lists' is because I know little about him. I am amused how life long Labour voters, always say they dislike Blair, but it was they who voted for him three times, I could see though him, and have always despised him for taking us to war in Iraq, and that was before his WMD lies were known about. If however it was Jesus Christ, then I think his a 'top bloke' who has some great property in his portfolio. NB I do wear reading glasses. Do they have much tape holding them together?
  24. Richard51, I like Churchill, I like Trump, I like Thatcher, I like MLK, I like Hendrix, I like Chuck Berry, I like Sheriff David Clarke, I like Paul o'Grady, I like Julian Clarey, I don't like WHITE SJW's, Globalist Liberal 'Elites', BLM, WLM, Elton John, Sir Nick Clegg, and Theresa May, Does that, in your blurred eyes, make me a Neo Nazi, KKK, homophobic, white racist supremacist I wonder?
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