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  1. Last month I was informed by a French neighbour that a Brico Depot was opening soon in Carcassonne.  I did ask when "soon" was but he just gave me a shrug! 
  2. After 3 return journeys from N England to Languedoc this year we have finally bought a standard blackbird with the intention of leaving it at our French home for use whilst there.  We are planning to ride down through France on this bike in May 08.  Is there much I can do from England in the meantime to speed up the registration process for when the bike does move to France?  I will be in France myself before May if there are preparations I can make there too? Thanks
  3. Hi all, I am wanting to know how much could I expect to pay for an xbox 360 core system in France or Andora, I have tried searching from the UK but am at my witts end trying to get answers, Any information will greatly be appriciated. Thanks in advance Adventure
  4. You are right Panda, that is what I meant. Thanks to all for your answers, just as I thought, that is what a devis is for isn't it!  
  5. I have signed a devis given to me by a artisan that was recommended to me, and  work has begun in my house.  I am happy with the quality of work, although the progress is rather slow. My question is: are there any reasons why the amount the devis is for may change (if no further work is agreed on)?  I understand there may be a small increase, for example, due to a change in the rate of T.V.A. on materials which is unavoidable.  The reason I ask is I have spoken to another local Englishman who used this same artisan.  At the end of his job the amount required added more than a quarter to the original devis.  The Englishman paid the extra, probably for a quiet life, although he claims he couldn't see what it was for.  His aquaintance told him it was "probably for increased labour".  Also what if the artisan takes it upon himself to, say, fit a more expensive bath suite than quoted for.  With no written or verbal contract can I be made to pay?
  6. Thnaks to all for your helpful advice on this forum.  Just need to use common sense really don't I?  But I've certanly gained a few extra tips. Thanks again 
  7. This firm was south-east France
  8. Thanks for that - it would be the Paris option, very helpful.
  9. Hello, Will be making my first journey (by car) from Dunkirk to Quillan - Aude this week.  Am going to take the quickest route and wondered - can anyone make a guess as to how much in total I will be looking at for payage charges? Cheers - Adventure
  10. Hello - Advice please! I have just been reading a site that says it is a group of "English builders and French artians doing renovations and restorations".  We require buildng work done on the facia of our townhouse.  They have said they can do the work and immediately came back with an appointment to discuss this for when we are in France. My subsequent e-mails asking about whether the workmen are insured and if there is a ten year guarantee have been unanswered.  What would you do:  -Keep the appointment and check again then? -Think that as the company exists, things like insurance and the guarantee can't matter to a lot of people, and aren't that important. After all they do say they are cheaper and I could probably save myself some money? or should I follow my instincts and smell a rat and not touch them?   All opinions gratefully accepted Adventure
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