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  1. does anyone know of anyone who specialises in sports massage in angouleme or very near. if you do could you please send a PM with contact details  . thanks
  2. hi there is a restaurant at Baignes st radegonde charente. it was opened a couple of years ago and closed suddenly late last year.. its a nice position overlooking the main square and was the only one in the town.
  3. hi  if you don't mind a little drive  there is  AVF at angouleme. first contact point is at the tourist information angouleme tuesday mornings.  It is an association to welcome all new inhabitants to the area.  all european nationalities. french conversation clases are available as well as social events right through the year. you get out of it what you put into it. just ignore bugbear and sunday driver by the way i thought they were rather rude using your posting like that  best of luck  with your french  ..
  4. clovis  location zi de fontaine  16440 roullet st estephe  0545671015   fougons de12 a 50 m/2   ther you go
  5. bordeaux airport is south of the city why not look at the landes if that is an important factor. fouras in the summer is hell on earth with the traffic, as is most of that coast.  the locals are lovely though anyone speaking bad french always fetchs a smile, as long as you are,t french  that is 
  6. flies are a fact of life in the country in the southwest of france in the summer. i don,t know about other areas. its just a matter of putting up with them outside and buying fly screens for the windows. or carry a flyswat with you permanently
  7. someone is advertising one on anglinfo .its down in the charente though
  8. sandt

    Dental Implants

    my partner is in the proess of having an implant the cost for the implant side is 900 eors and the crown to go on top will be about 500 euros, of which  approx 50% will be reimbursed.
  9. look at these   first is satalite download http://www.europeonline.com/ second is compressed feed http://www.onspeed.com/en/index.php?A=GoogleBT&kw=broadband+satellite
  10. hi  try this website the company is hudson reed. they are english but they have a french section of the site use this much cheaper than the english section and pay in euros. very efficient delivery. i am in the process of finishing a wet room using fitments available from them . we had a wet room in england and were very pleased with it. hope this helps   http://fr.hudsonreed.com/?splash=frsplash_douches.htm&wt.srch=1
  11. why not just send a bill. days inns in america have a notice in the rooms offering the towels for sale with a price list .also stating that if any are missing a presumption of sale is made and credit cards are billed.
  12. i'm just hoping my worst nightmare doesn't happen. france beating england. won't help my trip to england after the cup especially in a french registered car .
  13. what sort of general catergory are the books  crime-thrillers, novels ,male or female fiction, science fiction?  we have been doing the same thing and have an eclectic mix.  crime-thrillers, female fiction and science fiction and general thrillers. the idea of swopping a box appeals.  
  14. enjoy speed ferries !! rocky weather on the big boats means a big dipper ride on the cat.
  15. same thing happened to me on the weight as well  i don,t know which drire office you have to use but i used the charente. and there they wanted the weighbrdge tickets . as long as the wiegts are shown in kg i am sure an english weighbridge will do . i quoted the official weights  but the tickets were insisted on. if you are using a different office it may be different depends on whom you talk to i,ve found 
  16. can,t help with the first one but for the second one find your local weigh bridge " Bascule"  usually the local seed merchants i asked my local garage  and they were a great help  they should also be able to help with the other problem as well.  hope this helps some.
  17. there is absolutely no problem with haveing a rest on your journey. just bear in mind your security and possibly come off the autoroute .  the aires are generally safe but a lot of people come and go. i have been here several yaers and have a motorhome i have parked up it that by the road and in my car  many times no problems
  18. you can,t change the english address unless to another adress in UK.read up on the dvla website it gives all relevant information.i think you will find the only time you will find that you have to change the license to a french one is if you commit a serious traffic offence . i have been stopped and checked by the gendarmes in a french registerd car and the only comment on the license was positive in that it had a picture on it. they were well aware i am resident as  i told them . you can of course change it if you want to
  19. was it written in french or english. if the latter i am sure its just the kindly french authorities making sure english artisans fully understand the relevant legislation. if in french no boubt a make work gesture for there office. why worry !
  20. there is no perhaps about safety trousers. just seen the guy i had to take to hospital. he had a kickback and spent severals days in hospital and now has a nasty scare on his lower leg  .he was lucky .boots goggles and gloves. no safety trousers!!
  21. the street round the corner is ave col de gaulle lcl is there  numero indigo 0820824102  fax0033545974346  .there are also several other agences in angouleme but this is the only one next to place des halles  does this help.
  22.  hi i can appreciate your quandry i used olympus for many years before selling all my kit some years ago. but olympus is a bit thin on the ground in france  at least where i live it is. but if you have lenses already you at least only have to buy the body.  your lenses can be used but the focal length will be higher.  apart from that no problem. i use a canon now which for me is greatly improved on their film slr cameras in handling and fell 
  23. hi can,t recomend as i have my own  motorhome but here are some phone numbers motorhome rent  centrale reservations   0033805800600 web www.motorhome.fr hertz    0033388691717 carabita  0033556380311 destinea   0033556348712  or  0033556680404 i can,t say if any english is spoken  at any of these offices. by the way ask for a camping car as motorhome  is often taken to mean  a mobile home .    
  24. i hope you are keeping the french company completely separate from the english company. If you are opening a susidery of the english company and you decide to close it down in the future  the british company can be pursued for any outstanding costs  remember Marks & spencer in france
  25. just to make things clearer. southern charente is  department 16 . The area i am most interested is angouleme or south  . so if anyone has hard informationin the form of name and telephone number please email me direct
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