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  1. L'invitation de voyage - B & B with secure private parking just around the corner. Look it up on trip advisor. Its in a very convenient position (we were able to walk everyway from it) and the owner Fabrice is very welcoming and helpful. Its no 4 star hotel but is very clean and warm.

  2. hi - yes the number of the units stays the same. I will have to try and see if HMRC will stop taking the 20% tax on the notional distributions.


  3. I'm clutching at straws posting this but you never know someone might know the answer! Does anyone know if the  notional interest/ dividends distributions on a Uk managed (accumulation) investment fund are declarable and taxable in France? HMRC tax notional distributions as if they were income even though not received by the investor. I have trawled through countless different combinations of searches on google and even painfully read and translated the relevant article 20 of the impots.fr massive tax manual but can't seem to find an answer to my question as notional distributions aren't referred to only distribution income. (Note I am NOT referring to investment funds with an element of life cover which would be the equivalent of an ass.vie.)

  4. Retroassure do not cover completely all risks for motorbikes. you are not covered if you are in an accident which does not involve collision with anyone else.It is covered if yours is an old car. (Axa was the same - no cover if you are in an accident not involving anyone else.)  
  5. Mascotte looks like a good possibility at a good price.
  6. Does anyone know of an insurance company that will do all risks, agreed value cover for a motorcycle (old '57 triumph) which is registered as a vehicule de collection? I have tried a few insurers (including so say specialist ones like retro, and Baillys) but they do not cover all risks,  in particular they do not cover if you have an accident in which there is no other vehicle involved -eg you are riding along bike slides on a bit of oil and you come off and bike damaged. Would be grateful for any suggestions.     
  7. I second La Plagne - lots of nice long cruising slopes and generally reliable snow.

    Just need to avoid the midlift at the end of the day as it becomes a bit of a bottleneck (but may have changed now as we are talking nearly 9 years ago.)

  8. As the subject title says: just wondered if France offered fixed rate bonds or anything similar?
  9. A lot of the UK savings accounts will stipulate that to take out for example a fixed rate bond  you must be uk resident (presumably fiscally speaking). Therefore the better paying savings vehicles will not be open to you if you are fiscally resident in france. I am sure there are a lot of people who just ignore the small print where it says that you should be uk resident as it is generally in the terms and conditions - but thought I would point it out. Off shore savings rates are poor from my searches on the internet . 
  10. I was very surprised at how high the average net income per family was for our village (and surrounding villages.) But averages are easily skewed by a few high income families, I guess.
  11. Think I'm been ripped off. I've wondered about these UK based companies - whats the experience like in the event of a claim?  
  12. our insurance for second home with Axa has increased from around 340 euros to 560 euros in 6 yrs. 90 sq mts only - 4 rooms (not including bathroom) - Barn (attached and another 90 sq mts) is also covered. Next year if I get my act together in time I will shop around.
  13. Sugarfree - aren't you suppose to be a UK resident to invest in one of Nationwides bonds (irrespective of whether you have an account with them)? Maybe if you  still have a UK address its feasible although not strictly correct to do this. I have been doing loads of research re this in preperation for our move to France and at the moment only Uk resident based bonds look attractive which we will not be eligible for if we become french resident unless we take them out before we move - but then what to do when the bond is paid up in a few years? - The off shore bonds interest rates are rubbish.


  14. Funnily enough I had a bit of a rant about this last night. No renewal notice sent for our house insurance. Normally arrives at out UK home 1 week before the expiry of the insurance - not arrived this year. However discovered that I can find out the amount and pay online with AXA.fr - which I have done so no lapse in cover. (Would insurance company pay out if  you hadn't paid the renewal by the expiry date and something happened to the house in that interim period? I bet they wouldn't.)  
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