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  1. I have been reading about the changes the Government plan for Incapacity Benefit and wonder how will affect those of us in receipt of IB living in France. Both my husband and myself receive IB and read that there is to be a concious effort put into getting people in receipt of IB back to work. Neither of us would be able to work in England let alone France and we rely upon IB and our works' pensions to live. Has anyone any idea how we would be affected, I understand there are hundreds if not thousands of people living outside the UK in receipt of IB so some thought must have gone into how to treat us, surely? Coral  
  2. I feel that we must bring this to a close, for everyones' sakes. However, I will let you know Patrick both in Engalnd and now in France I take a great interest in all the things you mention. I sang in choirs, I write poetry and stories as well as articles for publication. I read anything and everything, I have recently passed a diploma in journalism and am taking a diploma in French. I have many friends in England, France, Iceland, Canada, USA, Australia and the Netherlands. I have a wonderful husband and family who I love dearly. I travel (have wheelchair will travel!) and I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful region of France where I look out of my window onto fields and forests. We have wonderful neighbours who look after us as well as including us in the community we are truly blessed. All these are fullfilling and rewarding and I truly appreciate them. I am not afraid of God, I am just really happy to love Him and have Him walk beside me and be part of my life. Just because someone professes to be a Christain, of any denomination and the choice of denomination is a personal one, does not mean that there is nothing else in their lives. I enjoy a good laugh, eating out, a good bottle of wine, spending an evening in the company of good friends, going to the cinema, theatre, the opera, art galleries whatever. My life is not narrow, I see many things and appreciate them, the sky, the countryside, flowers, rivers, boats, the sea and much more. I live a fullfilled and interesting life and hope to do so for many years to come. Coral 
  3. Yes, I was moderate wasn't I, mainly because I think being flippant about other peoples' beliefs is the height of rudeness. I find solace in my beliefs, I lost my mother suddenly 1st December and have just returned home after spending 6 weeks in England where we had to wait for autopsie and coroners to give us the go ahead for a funeral. We spent weeks looking through paperwork and her things. On top of this we had Christmas to celebrate for our grandchildrens' sakes and New Year to get through. I need something to hold onto and whether you beleive or not is no concern of mine. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and thoughts, and sometimes we jsut need something to hold onto. I am a stroke survivor and have Chronic Fatigue syndrome butwhy not me who has to suffer? Perhaps Patrick has faith in other things, money, possessions, or whatever is up to him but don't knock my rights to believe in what I want to believe in and I am content to be a Methodist, I don't want to change and become a Catholic thank you as we each believe in different things. And to think I only asked a simple question! And I receive a lecture on my beliefs!   Coral 
  4. Thanks for your help but there are none around Dijon it seems. We will try the local Catholic churches, who I am sure are welcoming, but where we will not be able to take communion as we are not Catholics. Patrick, we are learning French, very fast, so your comment was uncalled for, but as yet are not sure we would be able to follow the service. Sometimes, in special cases like attending church, it is good to have your own language until you are proficient enough to cope in a second one. No one speaks English where we live and we do cope, very well I might add. So, if sometimes we want to indulge I don't think it is too much to ask, do you? I don't think I will take up your other options either Patrick, as well meaning as they might well have been. I don't mind admitting I am a Christian even if it does offend. Coral
  5. Does anyone know of Churches in the Dijon area which have services in English? We are tempted to go to the services in the villages around us but are not sure our language skills are sufficent for that. We are Methodists but would be happy to attend services at any churches where English is spoken in or around Dijon. Coral 
  6. I am starting the OU L120, Ouverture: a fresh start in French. I live in Burgundy and wonder if anyone else is studying this course? I also wonder if anyone studying this course or any other is going to the meeting at Hotel Ibis, Paris 29th January? Coral
  7. We live in a tiny commune, 190 people in the whole commune. The mayor is our next door neighbour. Our first encounter was when she came and asked how many of us would be living here, we answered two. How much rubbish will you make? No idea! Our next meeting was two days later when she arrived and took from the back of her car two rubbish bins! One for ordinary rubbish the other for recycling, with the calender of collection dates. Since then she has made sure we join in with as much as possible in the commune. We have only given her one thing, a photgraph of her sons taken at a fete. She was thrilled. We found her difficult to understand at first but her broad Burgundy accent has grown on us and Yvonne is now a good friend as well as our mayor.
  8. I understood that the french cheese banned from being opened in public is "Epoisse" made locally here in burgundy. Incidentally I think it's great   charallais' husband.  
  9. I am sure that a question, and answer, has been posted before but I didn't need it then and can't find it now! Is there an equivilent of the English E111 in France? We are completely within the Fdrench system as definitive residents in France and are going back to England for christmas. Do we need a French E111, if there is such a thing? All help gratefuly received. Charallais 
  10. I am sure that a question, and answer, has been posted before but I didn't need it then and can't find it now! Is there an equivilent of the English E111 in France? We are completely within the Fdrench system as definitive residents in France and are going back to England for christmas. Do we need a French E111, if there is such a thing? All help gratefuly received. Charallais 
  11. My husband and I both got printouts of our medical records from our English GP who charged us £10 each. But when we took them to our doctor in France she took a copy and the orginal stays in our possession, so remember where you put them!!! I have to see a cardiologist in a couple of weeks and the doctor has told me to remember to take my case notes with me. I have found that hardly any doctors in our area speak any English. In fact I have found only 1 so far and he was not my doctor he just happened to be in the room when I was treated in hospital and he translated! The new doctor in France knows my medical history of stroke etc but she prefered to read the medical information from England then examine me and come to her own conclusions. Infact she has been the first person to really take any notice of my cholesterol and explain the implications thoroughly. She is making me have 3 monthly tests instead of 9 months to a year in England.
  12. I live in Burgundy, Cote D'Or (21). I help at an after school homework club. Listening to the children read and helping with homework especially English. It is run by a group called MJC Maison Jeunes Culturels, of which most villages and towns in 21 have. It is something I enjoy as in England I had helped in schools and been a Guide Leader.
  13. My husband and I together with another English lady have started FLE classes at 'Greta' in Montbard. We have a class every Tuesday afternoon 1.45 to 3.45. We think we are enjoying it :
  14. We have the 8 CD pack which we play especially in the mornings as we potter around. I also have the language builder which I find a great help. But no one I know pronounces the words like Michel Thomas. I mean who says taaabler for table? It is either me or the fact I am so used to the strong Burgundian accents of my neighbours but it is bizarre pronunciation. My husband reckons it is to emphasise the different words but I am not convinced.
  15. My husband 57 and myself 55 moved permenantly to France in May after owning the house for nearly two years. We are in a small hamlet in the Cote D'Or department of Burgundy and no one speaks English in the vilalge and very few a small amount of English in the nearby town. To be able to visit the doctor, the hospital, dentist, tax office, Mairie or to do anything official you need at least a small amount of French. We took evening classes in England and are now taking classes here. Everyone I have spoken to who is not French feel the same way. dealing with electricians, plumbers, central heating engineers, ordering the oil for the central heating, banks, dealing with a missing packet at the post office all requires French. Make sure you choose the right place for you to live and consider your needs very carefully. My husband and I are happy in our village at present but we realise that in a few years we will want to be nearer a town with facilities as we have nothing but delivery vans visiting this village. Will you be able to drive for very much longer, do you require doctors nearby, hospitals, need to walk to shops etc. all needs careful consideration. Given all that good luck.
  16. I start L120 Ouverture a fresh start in French in February. I decided to start at the begining although I am enroled in classes here in France and no one in our village speaks English. I prefer to go back to basics. Good luck everyone, can we support one another? Coral
  17. Glad you enjoyed the book, both my husband and I did. Unfortunately we can't get the film but I would probably not have been able to watch it with all the footie on the tele Saturday night! Coral
  18. Hi Catherine Glad to see someone is out there. We are 21 Cote D'Or and we love it here. We were tempted by property in your area but for the type of property we wanted it was very expensive compared to what we paid for our house albeit it is tiny, but beautifully formed! Good luck with your project, have faith I am sure you will get there in the end. Charallais 
  19. Where are you all? This forum is very quiet. What are you up to? What can you tell us? Please speak to us! Charallais   
  20. Thank you everyone who helped me with my 'Why France' topic. I can tell you I have successfully finished the course and gained my Honours Diploma in Journalism. In February I start my French diploma with the Open University, I must be mad but like to keep busy! Once again thanks everyone Charallais (21)  
  21. We moved permenantly to France in May, after having the house for 2 years. When we were moving I saw my GP in England and arranged to bring a supply of my medication with me. I had a stroke 3 years ago so am on long term medication. I also arranged with the GP to have my medical notes prepared to bring over. This cost 10. Before we left England we notified the Incapacity Benefit people that we were moving and gave a date when we would be effectively in France from. They arrange to have the Incapacity benefit paid over here. (There are threads about this if it effects you.) Then Medical Benefits arrange for the paperwork for you to take to the local CPAM, if you are in doubt where it is ask at the local pharmacy. These papers will get you your carte vitale necessary for getting into the health system and getting back monies paid out for medication and doctors fees. I pay my doctor 20 euros a visit. As my papers from England show 'invilidity' I am able to get 100% back on my medication as well as the 20 euros. When I saw a doctor here I took along my medication and notes. Although she doesn't speak English she was able with asking questions too to work out what medication I am on. Most medication I have found is the same. I am on Plavix for blood thining, as I cannot take asprin, and it is exactly the same. If not they will find an alternative. The doctors are very good, well mine is anyway. I had to ask about my blue badge as well and she rang the Maison Familiale and said I was coming to get the dosier to fill in and would they help me. They did. Then I had to go back and she had to fill in the rest. It took 45 minutes and she didn't charge me! This I sent off. I had to do it now as it takes 6 months to get it and mine runs out in January! One lady I read about has had to jump through hoops to get one and is still waiting after 18 months! She has a degenerative disease and will never recover, is in a wheelchair provided by CPAM but still cannot get a blue card in case she gets better! So be warned if you need one.
  22. We have found the health service extremely good here. We are in the Cote D'Or but not far from the Morvan, beautiful area. I had a stroke three years ago and personally I feel so much better over here. I feel I am improving, although I do have bad days, but they are getting fewer and I am recovering quicker, I think. The doctor I use has taken it on herself to monitor me very closely and I see her every six weeks. I had a cholesterol test done last month and I had the results back the next day, through the post! Neither the doctor or the laboratory assistants speak English though, but we manage. As I am on Incapacity Benefit I receive 100% relief with CPAM the health service here and just need to take out a Mutuelle for hospitalization, dental and glasses. If you are on Incapacity Benefit the Inland Revenue will ask you to fill out a form and get it signed by the tax people in France as there is an agreement between France and England about double taxation. If you sign the form it will stop you being taxed in both countries. The only thing is France taxes once a year and you make your declaration for 2004 in Febrary 2005. As England do a rolling taxation when you fill out the French tax form next year and pay what is owed you then have to wait for them to inform England who will then make a refund. We are fortunate we moved here permenantly in May after having the house for 2 yrs. We applied for and got our carte vitale very quickly within weeks although some people seem to wait for ever, just a matter or luck in where you live I think.
  23. My list of books I have for lending set in France. All I would ask is they be returned. Instructions for Visitors Helen Stevenson set in southwest France On rue Tatin Susan Loomis set in and around Louviers French Spirits Jeffrey Greene set in the Puisaye region of Burgundy Almost French Sarah Turnbull set in Paris The Olive Farm Carol Drinkwater The Olive Season Carol Drinkwater both set in Provence French Revolutions Tim moore Seduced by the hype of the tour de France he sets out to cycle the route, a funny story based on his experiences. I also have Nacy Wake by Peter Fitzsimons which is the biography of an Australian woman who marries a Frenchman. When he is killed by the Germans she becomes a resistance fighter in WW2. A lovely true story, sent to me by an Australian friend so I would want that back. e-mail me on [email protected] if you are interested in any of these. Charallais
  24. What Helen said about seeing Charlotte Grey and then going out into the same streets happened to us after we saw Chocolat. We live just 10 minutes from where Chocolat was filmed and I love going to Flavigny just to try and pinpoint where scenes were filmed. I must admit though, I prefered the book to the film but the village is so lovely I liked the film just for that. Charallais
  25. I am nearing the end of my on-line journalism course and would like to write an article about people relocating to France and their reasons for doing so. Are you prepared to tell me briefly why you chose France as your new home? I would just need a christian name, rough age (over 21 or retired) would be fine. Do you ahve family with you, fi you have children how are they coping, or perhaps you have older or elderly parents with you how are they coping with the move. What brought you to move, retirement, work, love? What do you make of the experience, is a positive move, or a move you can't go back on although you hate it? What about neighbours, good or bad? If there are any non English people reading this I would be particularly interested to hear from you. Leave a message in my in box or e-mail me at [email protected] After this I intend to start my French degree with the OU so I will need a lot of help on this site! By the way I am over 50, moved here permenantly this year after having the house for 2 years and I am retired, through a stroke. I love it here and have good neighbours who spoil us. Thanking you in advance for your help. Charallais
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