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  1.     A few weeks ago we found seven abandoned kittens on our way home and took them in - after bottle feeding the younger ones they now need a home  There are two brothers about 8 weeks now, mainly tabby with white under and a female about 10 weeks now, v.purry and friendly, tabby and white. All are adorable, litter trained and good with children and will make wonderful pets.  For pics (without obligation) please email me at [email protected].  I am able to deliver anywhere in the Limousin. 0555 080916 \ 0686 214053
  2. The answer, for those that keep livestock, in making a brick that burns longer is to mix manure with the sawdust make into bricks which dry.  Apparently one of these will burn as long and sometimes longer than an equivalent sized oak log.  Make in the summer when they can be baked dry and use in winter!  Have a look at this website http://www.backwoodshome.com/articles2/hooker87.html
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