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  1. [quote user="Gluestick"]You should get together with Mrs Gluey, Sue. Loves to sing, but changes pitch about five times in each bar! [:D] Now sings when vacuuming, cooking, gardening, whatever. However, as an early ballet dancer she has great poise and stance: and very good expressive body language. and loves all music, as do I. Years back we went to a 60th birthday of one of her then directors, Derek; lovely man. Bored, as I tend to be as such gatherings I wandered into the large conservatory and found a large splendid electronic organ. Derek and I chatted: I am something of a musician too, having played rock guitar, sax, drums etc. Dragging out some music, Derek and I started quietly having fun. Gradually, all the other guests (seems they were bored witless too with the meaningless tittle tattle) drifted in. A small Northern lady (known in the office as The Poison Dwarf - oh life can be cruel) also came in and turned out she loved to sing but was also utterly tone deaf! Not dismayed Mrs G and the PD formed an instant duo and started singing popular songs; older stuff from musicals etc; and they both had wondrous body movements and passion and really put their hearts into it and sang their little socks off! The audience were both rolling around with laughter and speechless with admiration......... And gave a long round of applause and shouts of "Encore!" Which makes one think................. [8-)] [/quote] Crikey ,that made me laugh --images of the three of us together forming The Alternative Andrew Sisters tribute band eh ??!!
  2. I would love to be able to SING ! I love all sorts of music be it Blues, Jazz, Rock, Opera and must admit I even find some of the Rap I hear from grandsons ( censored versions I suspect ..) clever and amusing but I can NOT sing in tune to save my life . I do sing quietly to myself around the house but I would love to be able to belt something out full volume IN TUNE !!! Otherwise I think I am a happy dabbler - paint a bit, swim a bit, read a lot, walk, sew, cook too much, DIY when needs must and , now we are back in UK, belong to French conversation group and have started Italian...but I still can't sing !
  3. Helloooo Mint! All is well with us but it has been quite a year...our house sold in a shockingly quick oh-my-god-have-we-slipped-on-a-banana-skin fashion in the summer and we are now in UK in the apartment we had fortunately bought a couple of years ago.. Life is made up of chapters and after 20 years it was, without doubt, the right time for us to turn the page and start another - but we are still somewhat in that adapting and adjusting phase...There are things about being near the family again etc which delight us but at the same time people and things of Anjou that we miss a lot. I feel neither anglaise or francaise , Sooo am I in need of a counsellor or a jolly good bottle of Saumur Champigny ?! We are picking our way through the intricate trivia of becoming UK resident again ,so if anyone wants to know how to make friends with the DVLA and register a car or persuade the GP to make eye contact and listen to your question...I'm your man ! It's all good clean fun and I must say a joy to see so much of our family .. A text from a 20 year old grandson saying 'Move it Gma! meet you in 10 at Corn's, My turn to buy the coffee ' is worth a lot! Turkey stuffing duty calls now. Happy Christmas Mint and everyone else! Sue
  4. What a nice surprise to spot you "rebonjour." Happy Christmas from another rare visitor..
  5. suej

    Tea Room

     Suggest you look at the site for the English run Café Cake at Le Lude.....nice little tea room/café which seems successful, lovely cakes etc and a rather fun Fish Chips and Peas offering on a Friday night.  Maybe you could contact them ??
  6.     Timely reminder Greyman.....so I've just downloaded Forms R43. Worth remembering too that when tax paid on interest earned is being reclaimed if the account is in joint names two separate forms need to be submitted, each declaring/claiming half of the sum in question.
  7.   Have you considered phoning them and talking it over?   Some years ago when it was still called The Property Owners' Club I was very late remembering to renew our membership but when I phoned and apologized and explained that we had been 'loyal members' for a number of years etc etc they were very  understanding and accepted my belated renewal there and then by phone and I was not penalised. Our membership renewal date did remain as originally though , so in fact for that year we had fewer months for our annual fee , if you see what I mean - but it was well worth that for the reductions we were able to have on our crossings in those remaining months. May be worth a try,  sometimes we get so used to doing things on line we forget that a real word with a real person sometimes works better..
  8. Thank you  Sweet, yes and how I appreciated it.   I started to reply last night  and then allowed myself to be interrupted by hunger pangs...went on a 'healthy snack' scrummage and ended up with a cheddar cheese doorstep in my hand and with lashings of chutney too.  How pathetic is that- wish I'd finished my email instead! Will  do today   ....with excuses to Cooperlola and all , (for interrupting I mean- evening binges hardly excusable)
  9. Really lovely to read that news.  Very best wishes to you.
  10. Pancakes and Chandeleur I knew about but Bugnes at Mardi Gras I just hadn't come across, though I do know that twice we have eaten what I took to be beignets at around about this time of year but no explanation was given. I'll talk to the friend who had made. Meanwhile if you do get hold of your friend's recipe please do post it.. It's nice to try something different .
  11. Worse then forgotten bugnes Idun, I don't even know them!! Have just had to look them up! I love any type of  beignet.  I may have to give them a serious try... I'm trying hard to lose weight and for a variety of reasons am eating very "sensibly" at the moment but what is it about a cold frosty day that makes you automatically drool for rich warm comforting goodies!  Thanks for the nudge- I will try to resist as long as pos!
  12. suej

    Carte Vitale

        Yes indeed Sweet , with great pleasure!  
  13. suej

    Carte Vitale

    Thank you Norman.  My husband's appointments and blood tests  have been for only the two ALD conditions, so that is fairly clearcut. The card has been 'mise à jour' now but you may have hit on a possible  reason particularly regarding the lab blood tests there. We thought it had been done at the Pharmacie early on and it was only when he had another hospital appointment that they found it wasn't going through and they put it through the machine thing again to validate it. The doc and his 23 euro fee in cash is perhaps another issue.. I'll keep an eye on all of it , perhaps it'll right itself by next month. Thanks for your quick response. Sue
  14.  yes Idun , I've used frangipane on a cherry tart and it works well- I'm generous with cherries and add a few drops of almond essence and a dessertspoon of kirsch to the frangipane mixture.  I've done the same with apricots too...very yum but not much good for the post-Christmas regime.. but neither are the mouth-watering galettes des rois! then before we've got over those it'll be pancake time again...
  15. Yes Cooperlola, it's good to read that you are making such good progress so quickly.  Bon courage!  Sue   
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