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  1. Thanks alllanb They have now taken up calling us a couple of times a week saying we cant cancel, or if we give them 25% of the total amount we can forget about it!!! Our solicitor is dealing with it now and my wife has found our closest DDPP and is heading there on Monday to see what they say. I still cannot believe that we got duped like this. Never before and certainly never again. Thanks again.
  2. Greetings all. Has anybody had any dealings with a solar panel company called Rev Solair. They came knocking at our door a couple of months ago and their spiel about the savings we could make completely sucked us in. Even worse, the forms we signed for the company to submit to EDF to see if we could be selected, were actually finance forms for a loan for many thousands of Euros. We are in the process of trying to get out of this finance deal but I would be interested to hear if anyone else has had any dealings with them. Thanks. Andy
  3. No I havent tried yet, the problem only arose yesterday and when i dug out the invoice we had for the last one I was thinking along the same lines as you, that it is just a cutout switch and must be available cheaper than that. My wife phoned waterair today and its not 18 Euros any more, it is 30!!!!! So I ll check electrical suppliers like Farnell tomorrow.
  4. Does anybody know the manufacturer of the Waterair P50-1 pump so I can contact them for a wiring diagram? Or even better does anybody have a wiring diagram available?
  5. Hi all. Does anyone know of a place other than Waterair to order pump thermal cutout switches? We replaced a couple last year and now I am trying to get the pool up and running again after winter it looks like another one has bust. The pump is a P50-1 and the Waterair part number is 0000007931. It only costs 18 Euros (or 140 if they come out to fit it) but if you replace a few it starts to add up, and when you look at the things they must cost cents to manufacture.
  6. Greetings all. Does anybody know of an online shop for aquarium spares. At the moment i get a lot of my stuff from UK and the postage costs a fortune. Thanks Andy
  7. It definitely seems like overheating. I cant find anything on the net about component location in my pump so will have a go today at looking at the electrical innards and making sure all airways are clear.
  8. Did you find your leak Alex. We had exactly the same thing happen to us and on closer examination found the skimmer had a lot of cracks in it, caused because we hadnt drained enough water out over the winter. Big block of ice formed in the skimmer and the damage was done.
  9. Greetings all. We have a Waterair pool which uses a P100-1 filtration pump with a cartridge filter housed in "Le rock". We are running the pump for 8 hours a day but a few days ago the pump started cutting out every 5 to 15 minutes. About a minute or 2 later the pump comes back on and then the cycle repeats. I can hear something clicking each time the pump switches on and off, maybe a thermal trip or something. We have cleaned what we can and changed the cartridge filter but it is still the same. Any ideas ??????
  10. That was explained to us but apparently we are still eligible to apply, as long as we are french taxpayers. We are going to see a company about them next week. will post more as I find out.
  11. Greetings all. Does anybody have any experience of La Loi Girardin as a means of trying to retrieve something from tax payments in years to come. We recently spent some time talking to a guy about the scheme and it seems like a really good idea. But I did a search of this forum and didnt find a single mention. Any opinions good or bad would be welcome. Cheers Andy
  12. Greetings all. In very basic terms if two people are living together paying their individual taxes and they then get married and pay tax on their joint income is the tax likely to be higher, lower or about the same. The reason I ask is my wife and I are in that situation and when we were single our accountant told us that when we marry our tax bill would reduce quite dramatically. So needless to say we were a little bit shocked and miffed when we had last years bill a few weeks ago and our tax on simillar earnings as the year before had almost doubled. Man have I got to do some overtime before November.
  13. Greetings all. I have a camper van and if ever I need to order any bits for it on the net I end up going to UK based web sites which  probably cost more anyway and then there is the postage on top of that. Does anybody know of any web site addresses of any decent  French based camper van accessory shops. Cheers 
  14. Thanks to you both. I ll check them out
  15. Greetings. I live in Alsace and work in Switzerland. I am in the French taxation system but pay a reduced rate as I work cross border and some of my deductions go into the Swiss system. Also because of this I have to take out my own private health insurance. My question is does anyone know of any French (or Swiss) insurance companies that do cross border medical policies (including dental treatment). I would add that my Swiss deductions do cover me for accident insurance in and out of work but not illness. Thanks in advance Andy Allen
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