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  1. [quote user="just john "]I never thought that I'd be half in agreement with Morrisey


    or Samuel Johnson (aka Normy), but,  Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel . . .[/quote]

    Sorry, but what a load of narrow-minded drivel that is. The Smiths were a miserable lot when my son listened to them as a teenager in the 80s and nothing much seems to have changed....

    Post edited by a mod to include quote.

  2. [quote user="Clair"] Athletes win the medals, not countries.


    Of course they do, but I bet if you were to ask them they are immensely proud of being asked to represent their country, which after all is where they have grown up, trained and learned to love their sport.

    Not having TV in France I'm watching the action only (no commentary) on an internet site: http://www.eurovisionsports.tv and have just watched a superb women's 400m final. Christine Ohuruogu (an Eastender) got silver after her gold in Beijing and gold and bronze were won by two wonderful American runners. What on earth is wrong with being proud of my countrywoman's achievements. I bet the Americans are proud of theirs!

  3. In the Club Voyage July newsletter, BF announced that they are changing their pricing structure from the autumn to airline-type. I quote:

    New Pricing Structure for Winter and Next Year

    As loyal Club Voyage members we wanted to make sure that you are amongst the first to know that we are re-structuring our pricing for this winter and next year. We have received lots of feedback regarding our price structure and your comments have encouraged us to adopt a new, modern system. This will make it easier for customers to choose fares shown on the website, in much the same way that most airlines illustrate their prices. Previously fares have been based on length of stay, with reductions for stays of 5 or 10 days. The new system is more logical and it will make it easier for you to identify and book lower fares. This is because each sailing will show a fare on the website whereas previously this was not possible with fares based on length of stay.

    Will it make the prices cheaper? For some yes, but not necessarily for every booking. However, the earlier you book the cheaper the crossing is likely to be. You will also still be able to reserve your crossing for just a £25 deposit and we remain one of the few transport companies not to take full payment at the time of booking. We aim to go live with this development in the coming weeks, but these changes will only be presented on the website for sailings from mid-November onwards. Club Voyage members will continue to receive excellent value and the top level of discount will remain unchanged at 30% with onboard benefits continuing without change.

  4. I've just finished the first one (chronologically) and thoroughly enjoyed it. The English title is Have Mercy On Us All (French title: Pars Vite Et Reviens Tard) and I thought the translation flowed extremely well and wasn't in the slightest stilted. I've previously read Wash This Blood Clean From My Hand (Sous Les vents De Neptune) (different translator) and enjoyed this too, though the plot was rather more far-fetched. Haven't dared try them in French yet....[:)]
  5. [quote user="cooperlola"][quote user="BIG MAC"]

    I have mastered 'tuning out'!

    [/quote]I've come to the conclusion that we all manage this in different ways and on different things.  Whilst a kid only has to squeek to send my blood pressure ceiling-wards, a 'Vette at full throttle is like music to me.  I guess noise is like food, what some people find pleasant, others find hateful - I actually know people who like cucumber too.[+o(]. [/quote]

    Whereas I love children, but find the whine of racing-car engines akin to the scraping of a fingernail on a bblackboard....[;-)]

    Don't know what happened to my first attempt to reply. [:$]

  6. [quote user="cooperlola"][quote user="BIG MAC"]

    I have mastered 'tuning out'!

    [/quote]I've come to the conclusion that we all manage this in different ways and on different things.  Whilst a kid only has to squeek to send my blood pressure ceiling-wards, a 'Vette at full throttle is like music to me.  I guess noise is like food, what some people find pleasant, others find hateful - I actually know people who like cucumber too.[+o(]. [/quote]

    Wheras I love children, but find the whine of racing-car engines akin to the scrape of a fingernail on a blackboard. [;-)]

  7. [quote user="Mr Ice-ni"]

    Typical, a sniff of a wallet and it's me, me, me. If I were your father my response would be "FOAD, it's my money I will do with it as I wish - if you don't like it I can always split it 3 ways instead of 4".



    I didn't read John's original post that way at all. As executor he will be responsible for carrying out his father's wishes as expressed in his will. The problem is that what his father has in mind may not work out as he intends, for all the reasons already given. One of his father's wishes is that rent should be paid to the siblings not living in the house. I don't really see that as me, me, me....

  8. As an addendum to what I wrote above, it's just occurred to me to wonder whether your sister would be eligible to receive housing benefit for a house of which she owns a quarter share.  I very much doubt it. If she relies on LHA to pay her rent, then no LHA = no rent for you.
  9. The big obstacle here, John, is that if your sister is on LHA (what used to be called housing benefit) there are very strict rules about whether you can rent from a family member and receive LHA. Normally the property in question has to have been the subject of a regular commercial tenancy in the past before the family member would be permitted to rent it and receive the benefit/

    I'm assuming that the house will be jointly owned by the 4 of you? Even if the authorities permitted your sister to rent from you while in receipt of LHA, the amount she is allowed as a single person is only meant to cover the average cost of renting one-bedroomed accommodation, so the rent received wouldn't be very high.

    The reason I know about this is because of all the hoops we had to jump through before one of my siblings was allowed to rent what had been a holiday cottage we owned and receive LHA for it. In our case the property had had 2 lots of commercial tenants after we stopped using it for holiday rentals.

    Other queries spring to mind such as who will be responsible for the upkeep of the property, including insurance, etc?  It can all be a minefield and lead to very bad family feeling, so I do urge you to take authoritative advice about this.  In your shoes I would so much rather sell the house and split the cash between you.

  10. [quote user="Chiefluvvie"]wow - nerves being touched everywhere.....:-) Being in a minority doesn't automatically mean one is wrong. I have my view which I own, you (as in vous) have your view's which you 'share' (aka 'we all think.....'). Behaviour more akin to the playground..... Could just be my English that isn't up to scratch - imagine that? Chiefluvvie[/quote]

    ROFL! [:D] Nothing like being in a majority of one, luvvie. [:D] I also own my views, just as I own my two homes.  The fact that other people have similar views ansd similar homes doesn't mean we share them.

    Anyway, off back to the playground now, before Teacher rings the bell....... [;-)]

  11. [quote user="Chiefluvvie"]....and another nerve touched.....very interesting :-) Yes I do call you pretentious and, no I don't see it....I only have one place I call 'home', - nothing to do with mere bricks and mortar - how crass. My observation, not yours ! Chiefluvvie[/quote]

    Great - that's true for you and I accept it, so why can you not accept that it isn't true for me and plenty of other people? The interesting and really rather elementary thing about people that you appear not to have noticed as yet is that we aren't all alike and we don't all think the same way. Dismissing the sincerely-held opinions of others with derogatory words like pretentious and crass doesn't make you right, you know.

  12. [quote user="Chiefluvvie"] There's a pretentiousness about calling a property 'home' when you only visit during the summer and spend the rest of the year in Kent........surely it's a time-share! Chiefluvvie[/quote]

    Misuse of language here. A time-share is a property which many people own, each for a week or two a year. My French house is owned solely by me and lived in solely by me and my husband and cannot be called a time-share, even if we only spend the summer there. For as long as I'm there with my husband, it's my home and it feels like home. If that's pretentious, then call me pretentious. [:D] The fact that you can't see that for people like me and several other contributors to this thread, home is a moveable situation rather than a pile of bricks and mortar is, it seems to me, your problem, not ours.

  13. Spot on, Cendrillon! [:)] My mother-in-law still talks about us as going on holiday to France every summer, even though she knows from having visisted us several times that we just get on with life in very much the same way as in the UK.  I think of it as picking up my life and putting it down elsewhere for a few months. [:D]
  14. I've just done a bit of googling and I'm afraid that the guidelines given for the EHIC specify that it only covers treatment in state hospitals and they exclude private health care. I agree that this is a minefield, especially in an emergency, but the rules are clear and it looks like they are enforcing them in your case. [:(]

  15. We feel the same as Hoddy.  Although our house is in Normandy and therefore easily accessible, the cost of travel means that we prefer to make one long visit a year, rather than spend a fortune on fares. We therefore spend the summer there (mid-June to mid-September) which is when there is lots going on and we will be sure to see those friends who are second-homers like us as well as our local friends. As we have no central heating, winter there doesn't appeal at all, so we winterise when we leave and open up again in June.
  16. [quote user="sweet 17"][quote user="KathyF"]


     Ask me again when I'm 80! [:D][:D]


    Hey, Kathy, watch what you say!  Are you implying that 80 is old?

    My OH is 81 and he still regularly beats men in their 30s and 40s at table tennis.  People who play table tennis will know what a game of quick reactions it is.

    There are young men in his club trying to get into the league teams who won't play with him because they lessen their chances of being picked to play competitively if they get beaten by an 80 year old.

    I think some people are luckier than others in the rate at which they age. 

    Me, I've had to get used to becoming invisible since my late 50s but I like it when people make the mistake of treating me as though I am doddery because I have ways of getting my own back![:D]


    Perish the thought, Sweet. [:)] I have an 87yr-old mother-in-law who went swimming regularly until a bad fall last autumn and who is planning to get back to it again when the weather improves. It's just that 80 is a bit nearer what might be called old than 65. [;-)]


    You beat me to it, Gardengirl! [:D]  I was 65 last birthday and certainly don't think of myself as old,.nor do I feel old. Physically, having lost a lot of excess weight I feel fitter than I did at 55 and though my memory isn't quite as sharp as it was 10 years ago, it still does what I want it to. Ask me again when I'm 80! [:D][:D]

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