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  1. Message for Linda Proctor, Could not reply directly to your email. The details can be found at: http://poolstore.co.uk/product/bright-ideas/stick-on-tile-band Hope this finds you.
  2. We purchased a self adhesive freeze from a company in UK with great results. It can be ordered in quite a few designs - we chose a mosaic effect to hide any stains that may occur. It is 9 inches deep and comes in various packs and additional 2 foot lengths. We installed it before the beginning of this season and are delighted with the results. Although our guests are still using sun tan lotion and staining the freeze, it is not noticeable because of the mosaic design. It cost under £200 to do a 10 X 5 metre pool and was relatively easy to do . Only draw back, they do not deliver to France. PM us for details. We have no association with this company but are gite owners with the same problem as many others.
  3. Thanks for all the advice, it has made us feel a whole lot better and we are going to stick to our guns. Here's to a happy and clean season from here on!
  4. Guests left one of our gites on Saturday and are now disputing the £40 we have charged them for the addtional hours it took to clean their gite. This is only the 3rd time in 3 years that we have found it necessary to do this. The guests are threatening to post adverse and untrue comments about us on Trip Advisor if we do not return their security deposit in full. Any advice will be gratefully received.
  5. We've heard of people being fined for not having separate tv licences for their gites.  Does anyone have any clear information on whether your own house licence covers all televisions or just those for your personal use?
  6. We recently registered and opened as a CDH.  We have just received a letter from sacem asking us to register and pay for electronic entertainment provided to our guests.  Having checked the forums there does not seem to be up to date info on whether people are paying this or not. Any advice???
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