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  1. Hi folks

    Been away from forum life for a while but wanted to post this for my mum:

    What the f*** were you thinking [:-))][:D][:D]

    No, really, way to go mum (only 2 and a half hours til you touch down in Ulaanbaatar)!!


  2. [quote user="Just Katie"]Didnt that famous chef spend a year or so in this town?[/quote]

    Hi Just Katie - yes, John Burton Race lived near here while he filmed 'French Leave' in the area.  It was before we came here but we've seen one or two of the programmes (only 'cos it's in this area) - couldn't stomach watching too much of him and his family for some strange reason [8-)] [+o(] [:D]


  3. Hi Reg

    I'm so sorry to hear about your poor Platon - I remember he was quite poorly for a while earlier this year and you were very worried then? 

    You'll know when the time is right for the vet to come - I had to make that dreadful decision 2 weeks ago for one of my old boys - Blobby, with skin cancer and feline AIDs, he lost the fight with a massive tumour and was put to sleep peacefully in my arms, with my tears falling on his wee face.  Our vet allowed us to bring him home and we buried him under an olive tree in our garden which was given as a gift after my dad's funeral last year - it's now become 'dad's and Blobby's olive tree'.

    Let Platon go before he starts to suffer, and grieve him in your own time - you'll never be able to replace him, but just think of all the wonderful years he's had with you, and what a lovely life you could give to another needy cat (not necessarily a kitten) in the future.  I still have the odd weepie moment when I think of the many cats who've made my life more enjoyable by sharing their's with me, and it's f***ing hard when the time comes to say goodbye, but there are too many beautiful cats out there who need your loving care. 

    My love to you and Guillaume and Platon and Shadow this weekend.


  4. Hi Dale

    Yep, we live on the outskirts of Castelnaudary (a reasonably-sized working town of around 12,000 folks, with lots of summer visitors) - we've been here for 2½ years now.  I'm 45 and my partner is 49, we've both set up our own businesses here so we keep fairly busy. 

    If you like walking, there are plenty of randonnées in Castel (some organized by the AVF), and in most outlying villages, plus we see lots of cyclistes on the roads - not sure about any clubs but it should be easy to find out. 

    We're within easy reach of lots of places here - Toulouse, Carcassonne, Revel, Castres, Northern Spain - with a a variety of landscapes including beaches, ski-slopes, mountains - we find it's a great place to live.

    PM me if you're visiting the area and would like more information.


  5. [:D][:D] I just want to know who crept into to my bedroom and filmed that - come on, own up whoever it was!  Apart from the baseball bat, I have been on the receiving end of all the rest - gotta be a cat lover, fab!


  6. Hi guys,

    Merci for all the good wishes/e-mails/posts to her blog  [8-|] - we're still waiting for her passport to arrive (in time for her to fly to London tomorrow, then Moscow - Ulaanbaatar on Friday) although we're reliably informed it arrived in Toulouse this morning, so should be here first thing tomorrow - fingers crossed!

    I've just checked the Meteo for Ulanbaatar for the next week . . . it's going to be a high of -2 degrees / low of -11 degrees by Saturday  [blink]  . . . she's heading for the first thermal knickers store she sees when she gets there [:-))]


  7. Well, I wasn't really sure where to post this - I just wanted to let folks know about my mum's big adventure starting this week. 

    A bit of background:  we (me, my partner Willie + my mum) live permanently in France and lost my dad to cancer in June last year.  Mum's really struggled to cope since losing dad and she decided to apply for a short-term posting with the VSO last September.

    This September, she was offered a 6-month posting to Mongolia, starting at the end of October - she's going to be an Education Management Advisor, working in Choi Balsan, where the temperature will vary between -4 and -50 degrees between Nov + April!!

    We're really proud of what she's doing, and wanted to let folks know about it - she's set up a blog to record her adventure so, if you're interested in reading about it, you can check it out on http://kayess.velocityblog.com/  [8-|][8-|]

  8. Pads, I've got friends here who ride so will check out where you can go when you're over here.  I haven't ridden a horse since I was a teenager (and many kgs lighter) - maybe one day (the diet (re-)starts tomorrow . . .

    We lost my dad to cancer last summer and mum decided she wanted to do something useful with her life (at 66) so she applied for a short-term placement with the VSO.  A year later, she's been matched up with a project in Mongolia (apparently, the Nov-April temperatures range from -4 to -50 degrees!!!) and goes off there at the end of October (we're making a special trip to the Damart store in Toulouse very soon [:)] )

    OK, so, a drink somewhere next month - you'll be the one with the Sean the Sheep backpack then (or have I mis-guessed here [blink] [:)])

    Lookin' forward to it . . .


  9. Hi Reg, je suis très bien, merci - je vous espère puits de sommeil et ai un bon lundi.


  10. Evening folks - haven't seen this version before but David Byrne's doing a good impression of a psycho killer . . .
  11. Hi Pads

    Soz, I don't have any horses for you to ride out here - Cooperlola's look gorgeous, don't they?

    We've got a wide variety of books here (most of our vizzies bring a selection of their old ones or from charity shops in the UK) - my preference is for authors such as Michael Connelly, Ian Rankin, Karin Slaughter, Tess Gerritson, P J Tracy, Robert Crais, Harlan Coben . . . can you see a theme here?  MOH brought back some cheapie new books/authors from Asda on a recent UK visit and I'm enjoying them too.  However, I'm not always too fussy and will read almost anything - I'm currently browsing through the Lonely Planet Guide to Mongolia and a Mongolian phrasebook (my mum, who lives out here too, is about to go off to Mongolia for 6 months voluntary work . . . she's a heck of a lot braver than I am [8-|] )

    Let me know when you're next out this way - I hope we can arrange to meet up then (let's make it for beer or wine [B] rather than coffee, eh [:D] )


  12. Hey Reg, well done to you too - it's easy when you know how, isn't it . . .[Www]


  13. [quote user="Frenchie"] No it s only me;.. Im trying , but can't do it .. [8-)]sorry, I ll be using the good old way then .. [:(]


    One of my fav by my singer .. xx [/quote]

    Got it now [8-|].  I followed Krusty's advice and it worked for me . . . type in the words you want to be the link, ie, Beautiful Night, then highlight it (with your mouse) - click on the 'create link' button (2nd from right on the toolbar in the Message box) and paste in your YouTube link . . . as I said, it works for me . . . bonne chance[:)]


  14. [quote user="Frenchie"] Beautiful Night[/quote]

    sorry Reg, it's not working for me . . . I've just got the hang of creating links, have I now lost the knack of opening them. . . . [8-)]


  15. Hi Pads, sorry I can't help with the new horror of a manageress [6], or the grumpy folks in your village [6] - could you look at getting your iPod implanted (like cat/dog microchips) so she won't know it's there [:-))] (mind you, how would you recharge it, etc - ok, we can worry about that later [:D]).

    You've got a similar 'theme' in this post to the 'What's missing in your life' post - you're lonely [:(] and it sounds to me like you need a good night out/in with some similar-minded wimmin'  [8-|] - let me know when you're next over in France and could do with one of those (from reading your previous postings, you can't be too far away from me - I'm just outside Castelnaudary?). 

    We've got a huge supply of books (we're avid readers here), a dog, 3 cats (plus all the clientele), a soon-to-be (?) hubby and a mum (the latter two of whom are willing to make themselves scarce anytime I need some a night in/out with mates . . .

    . . . just had a thought - do you only come to France with your OH?  If so, soz, I'll not be of much use to you - unless [I] you both want to come visit?  Then I can dump your OH on mine, and we can take the dogs for a walk, you can advise me on my disaster of a garden then go find a bottle . . . [:-))]


  16. Well, as long as you do it quietly Krusty, the rest of us will probably not notice . . . [:D][:D]

    Here's my favourite dance track (and, [:$] as I discovered at my sister's wedding last month, my favourite Karaoke track . . . [:$])

    and me a Karaoke virgin too . . . [:-))]


  17. Cool, love the cat theme mixing with NCIS (at least the writers of this have got a sense of humour - unlike CSI Miami (can't watch it anymore - Horatio makes me really grumpy, he's such a prat)) . . .

    OK, let's try . . .

    some stray cats


  18. Krusty, I've tried using your 'create link' button, then pasting the web link in but this is what happens . . .


    . . . how do you do it (cue for another song?)


  19. [quote user="FurryKnickers"]What a gorgeous little seal! He has a face similar to a pug! The big sad eyes and the cute little puss with the little whiskers, they are adorable.[/quote]

    FurryKnickers - Cò an caora sin còmhla riut a chunnaic mi an-raoir? [:P]

    Mat - lovin' the 'photos + the glimpses of your life in such a remote place (+ your MySpace stuff too) - keep it coming please? [8-|]


  20. Hi Pads

    I think you're probably looking for the Lac de la Cavayère (or Carcassonne Plage) - I found this which may help you:


    We've not been there yet, so I can't tell you much about it - I've seen the signposts for the cut-off on the road near the 'Cité des Oiseaux'.

    I also found this post in response to an earlier enquiry about picnic areas near Carcassone:

    [quote user="Audois"]Try Carcassonne Plage as it's been named - Lac de la Cavayere, just behind la Cite off the rocade - head for Montlegun and you'll find it.

    Alternatively go up behind the hospital on the rocade and there's a road continuing on, turn left off the road onto a track along the vines, down there is a field overlooking the autoroute with a fantastic view of La Cite[/quote]

    Good luck and I hope you find it next time [:D] 


  21. [quote user="chris pp"]

    ""Their main concern, however, was the large adder which slithered out of the long grass, across the terrace, through the patio doors and under the couch""

    There are no adders in that part of France, and even if there were they wouldn't be large, so looks like a case of mistaken identity and if you dealt with it by destruction it's a great, great shame and certainly nothing to be proud of in my view, so I do sincerely hope that you in fact removed it to a place of safety.



    Sorry Chris, we understood that there are Asp Vipers in the region - friends not far away have them in their garden and they warned us to watch out if we see a snake under 3 feet in length (this one was around 2 - 2.5 feet long) as it was most likely venomous. 

    We've seen plenty of bigger, greener snakes (grass snakes, we thought) around but this is the first time we've seen a smaller, brownish one.  Maybe we panicked on seeing it in the house (yes, I'm sorry to say it was swiftly dispatched) - I didn't mean to give the impression that it was something to be proud of (I'm the one around here who fishes beetles, etc out of the pool all summer) and would never advocate killing something without good reason (or so we thought).  I was only trying to warn Ford Anglia to watch out for snakes in long grass!

    I'd better go read up more thoroughly on reptiles in the Languedoc . . . [8-)]


  22. We've got friends in the UK who visited their place near Carcassonne last week for the first time since April.  Like you, they had cut the grass very short on the day they went back to the UK and, like you, their garden had turned into a jungle by the time they came back.  Their main concern, however, was the large adder which slithered out of the long grass, across the terrace, through the patio doors and under the couch [blink] - luckily, I spotted it and it was swiftly dealt with [+o(]

    We've promised to go and cut the grass for them (in between all these flippin' downpours) before their next visit at the end of the month - I think I'll be wearing my wellies [:D]


  23. Well done - fantastic photographs! I have to say I'd prefer to meet a snake than a spider [+o(] any day but, like you, I can appreciate the wide range of wildlife we meet every day here - I hope you had a long zoom on your camera and weren't as close as it looks [:)]
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