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  1. We went to the local branch of BNP in Bayeux - they have a English speaking bank manager too. Opened the account there and then - took letter of recommendation from our English bank, recent utility bill for our English home, birth and marriage certificates and passports. Our visa card, cheque book and PINs for cashpoint and online banking arrived from head office in Lille within a week when we arrived home.
  2. I am looking for a recommendation for an english speaking  bank ( or bank manager) in Calvados - St lo or Bayeux area as the property we are buying is between the two towns. We will be using the account for mortgage payments, currency transfers etc so would like somewhere we can go in and talk face to face if required. If anyone else is in this area ( Cartigny L'Epinay/ Le Molay Littry ) and would be willing for me to contact please post here. Many Thanks.
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