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  1. Sorry, I shouldn't, but............ Taken from todays Telegraph (http://tinyurl.com/ywykuf) : "In February, 2002, President George W. Bush famously said: “The problem with the French is that they don’t have a word for entrepreneur”
  2. I'd have thought Crusher was an excellent name for a troll [Www]
  3. [quote user="Russethouse"]I like Compte, its a hard cheese, I love the taste. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comt%C3%A9_(cheese) [/quote] I agree with RH, so long as it's at least 12 month old - young Comté just doesn't have the taste imo.
  4. [quote user="Tony T"]Will this type of cream (Péchalou Crème Douce Epaisse) whip to a thick consistancy for spreading onto triffles ?  Thanks[/quote] Hi Tony, yes it will but the big difficulty is getting it - our LeClerc haven't had any recently so we asked if they could order some more (it's made in the Dordogne and Péchalou is only a small company) - well, it was expected to be delivered the Monday before Christmas but hasn't yet arrived - good job we already put a tub in the freezer just in case [:P]
  5. [quote user="ErnieY"]Anybody know anything about THIS outfit ? Based in UK there shouldn't be any complaints about poor english speakers, but then again [Www] [/quote] if you Google the agents number 0x5x2x1x3x you will arrive at: http://www.xxxxxxx.com/en/france/business/50300/xxxxxxxx also:  The xxxxxxxxxxxxx Company Tel:0x5x2x1x6x also: xxxxxxxxxxxx Ordinateurs -Repairs, Computer Sales, Callouts Home or Business Phone XXXX 0x5x2x1x6x Mobile 0x3x5x0x1x Fax 0x2x1x2x4x Web site www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com email [email protected] Contact details edited by a moderator.
  6. Helen, it really doesn't matter - I usually leave the location blank and it's never been a problem in 16 years :)
  7. Trolls, trolls, trolls, trolls, trolls, trolls, trolls, trolls, .............  [:P]
  8. [quote user="hoverfrog"]weeds that grow from seeds are easy to hoe out. Just run up & down the rows of veg at least once a week - I swear by a "push-me-pull-you" hoe - so easy to use! The difficult ones are the convolvulous, etc, with roots 2' down that just pop up everywhere... those need chemical warfare IMHO![/quote] the worst thing about convolvulous is that only a small amount of it's root needs to survive to start it off again so it's quite easy to make several plants from one just by hoeing or digging - and I agree with hoverfrog that chemical warfare is the way to go with this one. one good way to reduce the growth of weeds is to use straw as a mulch if you have any, grass cuttings will do also so long as it's laid thickly enough - in fact anything that stops the light getting to those damn weed seeds :)
  9. There's a multitude of information about this subject if you search either on this site or on Google (France pool security). You say that you want to make your pool secure and legal - your pool can be legal by the addition of an alarm but if the alarm isn't heard or responded to in time then it may not stop a child drowning, but it would be legal from the authority point of view and probably from the assurance point of view. A security fence to AFNOR norms will be legal and should certainly make your pool secure - so long as the gate is not wedged open as does sometimes happen.
  10. what does your Freebox show when you lose the internet connection?
  11. Going back to the OP's original question - in the unlikely event of being caught illegally downloading films or music you will at least have 2 warnings in advance. if you are really concerned then you can run Peerguardian2 whenever you are downloading. It's an IP blocker and helps to maintain your privacy and is available free here: http://phoenixlabs.org/pg2/
  12. Hi maude, you can overcome this problem by using Firefox as your browser instead of IE. you can download it for free here: http://www.mozilla-europe.org/en/products/firefox/ transfer your favourites/bookmarks and don't look back :)
  13. Sheesh! and it's not even 1st April - talk about gullibility  [:P]
  14. Hi Punch, my opinion: I'm on my second Fuji digital now (F30) and I absolutely love the picture quality and ease of use. I love taking photos but can't be bothered with settings so I just use AUTO and have always been delighted with the results interior shots and exterior. The same for my daughter, she is on her second Fuji also. However, as repair costs for out of warranty digitals are usually prohibitive I would recommend taking out the Fuji extended warranty for a further 2 years at a cost of some £30 odd depending on the model - peace of mind even if a little expensive. The UK price tends to be quite a lot cheaper then the Euro price but I would buy wherever the price is best - Amazon Uk and Amazon France tend to be good guides. Extended guarantee is available on the Fuji UK site and is taken out after you have taken delivery of the camera and needs a UK address. Repairs or replacements have to be made to a UK address. Heres the link for Fuji Digital:      http://fujifilm.co.uk/consumer/digital        then go "Advanced Compact" or "Fun and Easy" according to your budget. One further comment: beware the real light weight cameras in my opinion - we men need something to get hold of and not just a wafer thin matchbox.  The only other digital I have tried was a Canon and it just didn't feel right for me, too clumpy all together !!! Good luck [:)]
  15. You could always put the house in your daughters name :)
  16. Hi Chris, having skimmed through the net a bit I have to agree with Jonzjob - seems like it depends from commune to commune and especially in towns and villages so if in doubt a call at the mairies is probably the answer. good to see you're back at the tree surgery - maybe you should say what areas you can cover in case anyone needs some work doing [:D]
  17. The museum idea sounds good but I suspect you need to be quick as no doubt quite a few other parents of 4eme children will be thinking along the same route [:)]
  18. Yes according to my experience. It's up to you and your son to try and find some local entreprise that will take him for the duration of the stage. Normally if you are unable to find somewhere then the school will arrange for him to go to La Poste or LeClerc for instance. My daughter spent a week with a home decorating business and my son spent a week with a computer shop - in both cases they, with my help, approached the businesses concerned. While they were on their stage they took photos to supplement their write-up that they had to do for their College. Edit: as this is a regular thing every year most businesses expect the rush of 4eme parents/children looking for a place - so the sooner you ask the more likely he is to get accepted.
  19. If I'm online and want to know the latest UK news I simply go here: http://news.google.co.uk/ The site is constantly updating with news from 4,500 different sources so it doesn't miss much!
  20. We bought ours about 8 years ago from a UK supplier, on the Isle of Wight I think but can't be certain. They were delivered to a UK address and then forwarded. The crops have been fairly good, very sweet grapes but with a rather tough and sometimes bitter skin I think probably due to lack of watering. Our local LeClerc has had South American seedless grapes on sale during the last two years but I haven't seen any so far this year.
  21. I have a feeling that inviting several neighbours around at the same time would do nothing for your integration - the neighbours would all speak French as per normal and you would feel uncomfortable trying to join in, catch up or even understand - you know what it's like with a group chat going on! For me one of the best ways to make progress with the neighbours is to go and see them and ask their help or advice with things - if they want to be more communicative they will be but if not then they probably won't be. Friendships often stem from small encounters. And btw not all Parisians are loud and selfish - some of our friendliest neighbours are from Paris and they do at least have the advantage of having lived outside of the local vicinity!
  22. RichardA, I can't answer the question you asked but interestingly this week I received my demand for payment of the final 20% of this years cotisations (Microbic MSA - entretien parcs, jardins, piscines et maisons). However instead of owing money I have received "rectificatives des cotisations" for 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 each of which has reduced my yearly cotisations by around 10%, consequently I owe nothing more for this year and will even be receiving a rebate. I cannot find any particular reference to which Loi this adjustment refers to so I don't know whether or not I should be cheering Nicolas Sarkozy but it is the first time in umpteen years that I have received a reduction in cotisation payments and that can't be a bad thing [:D]
  23. Good luck for tomorrow Chris - and whatever they chuck at you you will still be one step closer to drawing a line under that chapter of your life and starting the next one - mind you it sounds as though you've already taken it by the scruff of the neck and started it  [:)]
  24. I'm sorry, my mistake - I thought that when you said "Really expensive, small pool refilled last year twice (plastic 9ft diam) we paid over E500 last year for water" that you were inferring that there was a connection between filling your pool twice and your yearly water bill of over 500€. Water in France isn't that expensive - unless you use a lot :)
  25. [quote user="Graye"]Thanks Deimos.  We are actually moving to France after 6 years in Spain so I don't think I will be too troubled with assuming that civilization ends at Portsmouth. I didn't doubt that pine would be available but as we are bringing a trailer from the UK and have the room if we needed to carry anything I just wondered if it would be false economy to buy a large quantity in the UK.  Certainly wood is far more expensive in Spain than in the UK so perhaps it would not have seemed such a strange question on a Spanish forum... [/quote] but this is a French forum, so ???
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