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  1. [quote user="BIG MAC"]Sorry about the mahoosive link! http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://www.shire-uk.com/images/new%2520outside%2520-%2520rh%2520front%2520w.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.shire-uk.com/&usg=__WwKwj29cWGWJxBRcGqdyAz0t654=&h=334&w=502&sz=56&hl=en&start=1&tbnid=_8AIm6jd37CBNM:&tbnh=86&tbnw=130&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dshire%2Bconsulting%26gbv%3D2%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG [/quote] http://tinyurl.com/    works wonders [:)] enter your link (328 characters) it becomes http://tinyurl.com/yj2nooj  (26 characters).
  2. [quote user="suein56"]But the small(er) print says: <<Votre ligne reste active tant qu'une consommation de 15€ par trimestre est constatée.>> For the few of us who really only use a mobile every once in a while then Le Clerc - at 18€ a year cost + calls - is still a winner IMO. Sue [/quote] Sue, you're absolutely right, I have to admit I hadn't noticed that 'minor detail'!!! I also make few mobile calls but would want the line open all the time so I shall be definitely be changing to Le Clerc. Many thanks [:)].
  3. I was planning on changing from SFR to LeClerc mobile until I saw this link on another forum (many thanks Lisleoise [:)]) which looks even better to me: http://www.zeroforfait.fr/
  4. Gemini_man


    [quote user="Lou"]termites are NOT flying insects and travel underground really quite slowly....and will begin their assault on your house via the ground up.[/quote] Sorry, not true - just like ants, once a year some of a termite colony grow wings and go where the wind takes them in order to mate and try and form new colonies. They do also travel underground. "Les termites souterrains rencontrés en France utilisent principalement deux modes de propagation naturelle: l'envol, généralement une fois l'an, d'adultes sexués (aussi appelé essaimage), qui vont quitter leur colonie pour en fonder de nouvelles"Taken from Wikipedia:   http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isoptera Termites are very common in the Dordogne and I've seen local farmers make fires within the stumps of old tree trunks but I'm not sure if that's to destroy an existing colony or to discourage the possibility of a colony moving in. Edit: It's not the queen that leaves, it's the would be new queens. Here's a better link and in English:  http://tinyurl.com/m6tsmc
  5. Thank you for that link Dog. I love dragonflies and will read it and explore the site when I have a little more time [:)]
  6. Walnut is only good for firewood apart from the core of the trunk for a couple of meters high, that's if it's a mature tree.
  7. Late applications with Crous are still valid but payments can be slightly delayed however you are in time anyway. If your daughter is entitled to a bourse it is good for campus accomodation or private. Campus is of course a lot cheaper than private but facilities are communal. Good luck with CAF !!
  8. Bourses are available but are means tested on the parents income. Your first port of call should be here: http://www.cnous.fr/ or here if you prefer in English: http://www.en.cnous.fr/index.php?lg=en then click on Bourses or Grants and do a simulation to see what your daughter would be entitled to. If your daughter is hoping to go to university in the Autumn then she should immediately register for a bourse and or campus logement, which will be subject to confirmation once she has passed her BAC. Your daughter may also be entitled to a monthly payment from CAF again depending on your income and subject to her being independant of her parents. The current payment for a student who doesn't also have a job is 211 euros per month, so long as they are leasing a room/flat/house. In Aquitaine students can also qualify for a 50% reduction on train fares between their university town/city and a station near their parents home but this may not be a national thing. Where do you come from and which university is your daughter hoping to go to? Sorry this only very brief but was written in a hurry as I have to go out!
  9. No charges from BNP for receiving Euros from HSBC in the UK.
  10. Spotted Laurel might be suitable. It's tolerant of sun, partial shade or full shade. Here's a link: http://tinyurl.com/csqzfg I was also going to suggest Fatsia and I see there's a link for that on the same page, at the bottom. Here's a link in French for Spotted Laurel: http://isaisons.free.fr/aucuba.htm
  11. Oi!!! Wot about the asperges?? Seriously Clair, this is the ideal moment to think about creating a small asparagus bed, especially since you say the soil is more sandy than clay. I would say that 10 crowns would be ample for two of you and might even leave some for the freezer (asparagus soup is easy to make, freezes well and is very tasty). It's very simple to make a bed, just add more sand and plenty of compost below the crowns. It's usually said that you shouldn't harvest asparagus for the first two years but my opinion is that you should but don't cut too much, let some go to flower. An asparagus bed is quite easy to maintain (tips available) and continues producing for years. My asparagus bed was created about 15 years ago and I'm currently cutting a good few handfuls every other day - mind you, this is an especially good year possibly due to the late start to Spring and plenty of moisture during the last month or so. Oh, by the way - green asperges is far superior to white in my opinion.  http://www.gardenaction.co.uk/fruit_veg_diary/asparagus-grow.asp So far as other veggies are concerned - having done it, enjoyed it but got fed up with the hassle of watering and weeding and the fact that in high summer it may be too hot for many plants to produce much I've ended up with a simplified version of the original which now consists of: runner beans (seeds available if you would like), tomatoes of course (recommended tasty type available if you would like), lettuce, spring onions, courgettes, cucumbers, haricots vert and a few potatoes for early cropping. For the rest I prefer the local market or LeClerc! My potager motto is: don't be a slave to your garden! [:D]
  12. Hi Paul, I know nothing helpful about bee keeping or apiculture. However, it appears from this link: http://apisite.online.fr/fournibee.htm that there are very few suppliers of queens or colonies in the country but maybe the ones shown could help you, especially the one in dept. 21 who has an e-mail address. Finally, after a lot of searching I think this is the site that you could do with, if your French is up to it? la Ruche du Quercy. It's the site of the association of beekeepers in Lot. They would surely know if there were any local suppliers in Lot but from what I have heard here in the Dordogne colonies are much sought after and quickly snapped up when they are reported. Good luck with your project [:)]. links edited by a mod
  13. Slightly off topic but if anyone is interested in la fête du cochon - here are pics of our village affair: http://tinyurl.com/dfgkdg
  14. [quote user="Dog"]I am beer man.[/quote] that could account for the 'earth tremor' then.
  15. Hi BB, A little food for thought: if your son were to do his Uni studies in France then depending on your income he could be able to obtain a bourse from Crous which would cover his accomodation costs, he would also be able to obtain benefit from CAF of currently 106 euros per month to help with his living costs. As far as I am aware there would be no University fees to be paid. However if he needed it, as a student and following a new decree in September 2008, he would be able to obtain a deferred bank loan, in his own right, at currently 4.2% from BNP - other banks may be different. The purpose of the loan is irrelevant and for up to 21,000 euros no caution is needed from the parents. Above that figure parents have to sign a caution. The deference is a maximum of 5 years before the start of repayment and then 3 possibly 4 years for completion of repayment. This is based on what BNP have told my daughter who is starting a Masters degree at a Business School in September.
  16. Plenty of Brits in UK registered cars around Ribérac this last week and plenty more driving hire cars also but it's mostly owners - that's going by observation in town, at the supermarkets and amongst my clients. As for holiday makers - haven't seen many of them about (UK ones that is) and owners say bookings for the summer are not good.
  17. [quote user="billy10"]Hi forum, I have a perfect area of about 6 metres by 20 metres which would make a lovely veg garden , however the only concern I have is that it is also the drain field for my fosse septic, My question is can I plant crops such as carrots, peas, sweetcorn, broad beans,runner beans spinach etc etc , or will it not be a good idea to plant these crops where grey water is draining which in essence is a diluted human sewage, has anyone ant ideas on this ???????   Regards Billy10    dept 36 Indre   [/quote] Yes, I guarantee that you will have the most enormous carrots above all else. All the other veggies will do phenomenally well also. I have had direct experience of this. In Asia it is a recognised way of growing a good supply of vegetables. If you research a little you will find plenty of information online concerning this. As for is it a good idea, from the health point of view I cannot comment other than to say my family and I survived 2 years of crops grown in this way.
  18. Not harmful, they spend most of their lives copulating it seems [:P]
  19. Very noisy here but not really roaring. The clouds are rushing past the moon and its 12°, quite pleasant really. It looks like La Rochelle and inland from there are having the worst this time so far, good luck up there. Time for bed I think, hope everyone is OK. Bonne nuit. Bah, just to prove me wrong, while I was writing that the wind has picked up and I just heard tiles crash off the barn roof. Damn! [:@] 00.40
  20. Nothing much moving. Having been looking at Benjamins web site the eye of the storm has been stationary over Lands End for the last three hours. So, until it moves nothing much is going to change.
  21. [quote user="Martinwatkins"]I'm finding the site below of great value,  for Britain as well as France http://www.xcweather.co.uk/?Loc=FR Well worth taking a few minutes to get to know how to use all the options. I do wish everyone luck,  I absolutely hate strong winds and the damage they can cause  (remembering the destruction round us after the 1999 tempete,  although we were relatively unscathed). Bon courage. [/quote] Ooh yes, nice map, have added that to my favourites and will explore the options, thanks Martin and Benjamin [:)] Talking of the tempete of 1999, that started with a deep depression that tracked along the channel and North of France, just like this one is going to do, causing enormous damage then 24 hours later out of nowhere a second depression, even deeper, developed off the West coast - oddly enough it was given the name Martin! The second depression devastated large parts of West, South West and South France. I have reason to remember it well as my subsequent insurance claim paid for a second car, a fridge freezer, a computer upgrade and some new tiles. So, I shall be watching closely for any developments off the West coast tomorrow [;-)]
  22. [quote user="NormanH"]If you click on the link I gave before Méteo   you will see that there is now an orange alert in the North West and West [/quote] Yes, Meteo France updated this morning. The Met Office are forecasting the depression to be a low of 973 mb which is considerably higher than the recent storm in the South West which was 960 mb so hopefully this one will not be too destructive. It will be a noisy night though, that's for sure. Now where did I put those candles? [:$]
  23. Unfortunately the Met Office site is only updated once a day at 7.30 am which is pretty useless for forecasting purposes so will have to wait until the morning to see what their prediction is. Meanwhile Meteo France have updated their site several times and are now predicting strong winds in the West, North and Centre throughout Tuesday but are only talking about gusts of max 110 kmh consequently no vigilance orange or rouge. I'd still put away anything that could be blown about, just in case!
  24. [quote user="Lisleoise"]On Méteoconsult (click for link): "violente tempête" [/quote] Maybe you're logged into the site Lisleoise? I think non registered visitors see this "Vous n'avez pas navigué sur notre site depuis plus d'un quart d'heure. Pour votre sécurité, nous vous avons déconnecté." But clicking on Sommaire does bring up the page with the Viloente tempete details.
  25. [quote user="Judie"]I'm afraid your link doesn't work.[/quote] Judie, Lisleoise's link times out viewing sessions but if you click on Sommaire on the left of the page it will take you to a weather map with a section on the right marked "VIOLENTE TEMPETE à partir de lundi soir"which you can click on for more info.
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