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  1. Erm, well, my Firefox bookmarks has 12 folders and then a ton of stuff  en vrac afterwards - I don't like chucking things away you see so I keep them just in case [:$]
  2. [quote user="Anton Redman"][quote user="Gemini_man"]post deleted due to having had second thoughts!! [:)] [/quote] With a sobriquet like that is it supprising ? [/quote] [:D] [:D] [:D]   [8-)]
  3. [quote user="Me0wp00"]we've been with free for over a year and have never had any calls charged which we weren't expecting. Calls to mobiles in the uk are chargeable, also some of the 0870 numbers are and *special* numbers in france too. Are you using the phone plugged into the back of the router ONLY ?? because if you have another phone plugged in to the normal phone sockets and are using those then you get charged a phonecall.  Free customer service should only be phoned if vital, the charges are not cheap and you wait for ages to get through to the correct people. hth Pippa [/quote] Hi Pippa, I do have a phone connected to an FT socket but it's only for incoming calls all outgoings are made on the phone which is connected to the Freebox. If I do eventually contact Free customer service it will be via the online Assistance Tchat, I haven't used it yet but assume it will be similar to AOL's where an advisor flits between several online conversations - conjures up a lovely image for me of a harrassed person sat on a chair with wheels scooting up and down a line of monitors [:D] and thanks Sue - I'll make a UK call this weekend and see what registers on my current month invoice afterwards. I have to say though that the Free online facture set-up is excellent, it actually shows everything you might need to know - apart from why I'm being charged for UK calls that is!
  4. The datacentre which hosts the servers for the SAYNOTO0870.COM website is currently experiencing some technicial issues. Engineers are working on the problem, and we hope the issues will be resolved shortly. As soon as they have fixed their problems, the website will be accessible again. Apologies for the inconvenience, Daniel SAYNOTO0870.COM reading through this forum the site seems to have technical problems quite frequently but it appears to be highly thought of despite that: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?s=6db6cac12a3110b7b00a71bb3511ce6c&t=196836&page=12
  5. post deleted due to having had second thoughts!! [:)]
  6. i already had a good search around there but i'd already done everything required apart from: "nous vous invitons à valider les nouvelles CGV" - i don't remember doing this but my understanding was that choosing my Free phone number validated the CGV - maybe i was wrong either way i validated it earlier this evening just in case! thanks all for the ideas - looks like i need to have a session online with Free customer service :)
  7. Gemini_man


    Hornets are not agressive unless you attack them so don't - best thing is just steer clear of them but don't panic - they're not that dangerous unless you have a nest there in which case you would need professional help. Are you sure they're hornets - like wasps but 2 or 3 times the size? I only say that because some people confuse large black bees for hornets just because they're big!!!
  8. [quote user="Sunday Driver"]There is no dispensation for passing the red light in the circumstances you mention.  Red means stop.  [/quote] Absolutely - what SD says is the truth, the plain truth and nothing but the truth. However, reality says that if you can see the other light and there are no cars approaching and if you are sure there are no side roads entering the controlled area then you may as well do what most French drivers would do and go through the red light - I certainly would do and have done [:$] but it would be at your own risk of course so be sure! As for the guy with the construction machine pulling out in front of you well he's going to do that if he needs or wants to regardless of what colour the light is - he certainly can't see - and as for someone shrieking abuse at you because you were held up by the construction machine just smile sweetly or raise one finger to him preferably the middle one [6] Just my opinion [:D]
  9. 2km isn't really that close to be honest - I expect many of us have a few gitanes withing a few kilometers truth be known however, 2 questions which may be relevant: how large is the site - 2 or 3 caravans or more? how isolated is your barn and would you be living there permanently?
  10. no it's not that - even for a call of 2mins 35secs I have a charge of 0.078€ or 28mins 01secs  0.841€ or 30mins 45secs 0.923€
  11. I've been using VoIP with Free since February and have just got around to checking my monthly invoices online - up until February this year each month was the standard 29,99€ - thereafter they are: 43,43€, 52,63€ and 63,31€ - now most of the increase is made up of calls to mobiles, fair enough I knew I would have to pay for them at what appear to be reasonable rates but the rest is made up of charges for calls to the UK but nowhere can I find any reference to international call charges other than: "Une fois ces points vérifiés, le service de téléphonie est accessible depuis le téléphone relié à votre Freebox. Vous pouvez désormais téléphoner depuis cette ligne de façon illimitée et gratuite vers les fixes de 49 destinations et bénéficier des nombreux services associés." Now does that mean free as in at no charge or am I missing something? Looking at the facture détaillée theres a charge against every UK phone call and it increases according to the length of the call so it can't be a connection charge unless it's repeated every so many seconds - anyone any ideas before I do battle with Free customer service? Récapitulatif de votre facture Intitulé     Cout en €uro TTC ADSL Free Haut Debit du mois de Mars 2007    29.99 Telephonie Freebox du mois de Février 2007                                                                               Nb appels         Durée Appels Internationaux                                                    7    04:32:52    8.18 Appels Nationaux                                                          1    00:00:41    0.00 Mobile                                                                         11    00:18:54    4.99 Numero speciaux                                                           2    00:04:44    0.27 Total communications xxxxxxxxxx (Facture détaillée)    21    04:57:11    13.44 ADSL Free Haut Debit du mois de Avril 2007    29.99 Telephonie Freebox du mois de Mars 2007     Appels Internationaux    6    03:24:43    6.14 Appels Nationaux    9    00:19:19    0.00 Mobile                          27    01:10:50    16.50 Total communications xxxxxxxxxx (Facture détaillée)    42    04:54:52    22.64 ADSL Free Haut Debit du mois de Mai 2007    29.99 Telephonie Freebox du mois de Avril 2007     Appels Internationaux    14    05:12:19    9.37 Appels Nationaux    4    00:15:24    0.00 Mobile                          32    02:16:09    23.44 Numero speciaux    2    00:11:50    0.51 Total communications xxxxxxxxxx (Facture détaillée)    52    07:55:42    33.32
  12. [quote user="Immokalee"] there is a small gypsy site not far from the barn. I am informed that this should not be an issue.[/quote] would this by any chance be the estate agent who informed you? or the seller? you don't say where in France the barn is but be aware that a site can swell overnight when there is work in the area or even during holiday time and if you are not resident all year round would you consider your property to be safe? I'm not anti gitanes but I would not be happy living near an encampment - and of course the other thing to consider is when you wanted to sell the house on, how would it impact on the sale prospect?
  13. angel - first step: decide how you are going to make a living and be sure it's a viable proposition. the rest is plain sailing by comparison :)
  14. they're in my garden damn things - I'll send you some !!!
  15. the left one got it wrong of course [:P]
  16. [quote user="Clair"]The number of rioters or indeed the number of riots is irrelevant. The mere fact that Royal alluded to the certainty of riots should Sarkosy be elected was pretty low from a person with presidential ambitions. [/quote] i agree, a serious mistake imo - maybe a sign of desperation on her part?
  17. I think the link should be:  http://www.la-feerie.com/ link made live by a moderator
  18. Exactly Clair, but who's going to train the elephants?
  19. agreed, massive turnout of voters is all I keep reading in the online papers and it does suprise me - or maybe it shouldn't....... I'm getting the distinct impression that many people are not totally happy with either candidate and I'm also getting the feeling that a large number of people are voting for Royal not because they want her for president but simply because they really don't want Sarkozy - so I may well be wrong about the lower turnout - we will see - personally I don't believe everything I read in the media! Interestingly, my daughter this evening has told me that a number of her friends have voted but not chosen either candidate - so even students are not certain in their own minds. As a matter of interest does anyone know if with electronic voting you are able to vote but for neither candidate? Personally if I could have voted I would have chosen .... erm, well, on the one hand Sarkosy and on the other hand Royal but I can think of good reasons to vote for either of them but I can also think of good reasons to vote for neither of them - typical Gemini I would say [:$]
  20. "Can anyone help please? Somewhere near Cognac I think there is a church built into a (man hewn?) cave which I want very much to go and see. Could some kind soul please give me the location." You wouldn't be thinking of Aubeterre-sur-Dronne would you? It's a lot further South than Cognac but it does have a famous church built into the cliff side - you can find details here:  http://aubeterresurdronne.free.fr/2/pages_francais/principale2.htm
  21. I predict that Sarkozy will win by a handsome majority and that the percentage turnout will drop dramatically from the first round - my reasoning being that as the bogeyman Le Pen is no longer in the running a large percentage of voters won't feel the need to vote and additionally a large number of voters just cannot choose between the two candidates so will not bother to vote but I could be wrong - anyone agree? or not??
  22. also worth checking that the spark plug hasn't come loose - it does happen.
  23. Do yourself and your wallet a favour - dump the water, refill - it's not very expensive - balance the ph then add chlore lente as normal - do that at the beginning of each season, it will save you a lot of trouble and expense :)
  24. Hi, depending on how long you have had your pool it may be that the water has become chlorine locked which can happen if you do not change a percentage of the old water each year and keep adding chemicals personally I would recommend that each year you dispose of between 40% and 50% of the water then carry out a chlore choc treatment, top up, balance the ph and you should then have sparkling water - sounds drastic? maybe, but imo it's the best way to keep the quality of your water :)
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