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  1. Yeah, I notice that too Ernie. I did smile inwardly thinking that if I had £5K to sit languishing in an account I probably would not be wanting another account anyway [:)] But, I did not think the verification process was any more onerous than what I went through to open my first French bank account - the positive point was that the staff spoke English, this they did, but clearly they did not know what they were talking about. Now I did tell them where to stick their account. I found the the local French Bank to be very helpful, honest and friendly - and opening that account was as easy as falling off a bike.
  2. [quote user="jxedwards"] Sorry does not help you but just highlights the problem to others who may be tempted to close their UK accounts. [/quote] DONT DO IT [:-))][:-))]
  3. This looks promising Gluestick! Thanks [B] They are not 24/7 so will let you all know if .......
  4. [quote user="Gluestick"] What about an online bank? http://www.smile.co.uk/servlet/Satellite?pagename=Smile/Page/smView&c=Page&cid=1023953608805 [/quote] Thanks for the thought Gluestick - but I can now confirm.....one has "to be a UK resident and have a UK address" to open an account with Smile ...I kid you not[+o(]
  5. [quote user="ErnieY"] Not wishing to be nosey but why do you suddenly feel the need for a UK account ? [/quote] [:-))] Nothing sinister or dodgy ... I assure you! It would make a few things easier. When I left the UK I was all for being in France, and everything that that entails. After three years - I wish I had not been so naive! [quote user="ErnieY"] I'm fairly certain others will be watching this thread with interest. [/quote] Why?[:D] [quote user="Benjamin"]I take it you're looking to reopen a current account as opposed to a savings account which you could easily do with an Offshore branch of one of the UK banks. You could try looking on the British Bankers Association website (www.bba.org.uk) or there is a student website (www.ukstudentlife.com) which has a useful section on the type of documentation required to open a UK based account. [/quote] Thanks for this - I shall investigate and report back ...if, as Ernie says, a lot of people will be interested[geek] Yes, its a current account I want. [quote user="Benjamin"] Depending on how long ago you closed your UK bank account it may be possible to reopen it with them without producing any identifying paperwork. That's of course if you didn't tell them where to stick their account when you closed it. [6] [/quote] I was not happy with my bank ... and was only to happy to close the account. No, sadly I did not do it with any melodramatic flourish! Maybe that was a good thing[;-)] I am intrigued with Gluestick's remark. While I do not doubt that there are procedures now required to be followed (re terrorism and money laundering etc), the way in which these tend to be operationalised is idiosyncratic to say the least.
  6. I made the terrible mistake of closing my bank account in the UK shortly after I arrived in France (it seemed the right thing to do at the time). Now, with the wonders of hindsight I wish I had not. Has anyone tried to open a bank account in the Uk from France? I have seen a few discussions/posts about opneing an account with one or other bank account before leaving the UK, and the giving a French address - but nothing about opening one from within France. Thanks [:D]
  7. [:D][:D] Great one! I suppose 'they' thought anyone looking for 'directions' from New York to London must be looking for a laugh. Which does beg the question, Cooperola, how did you find it? [;-)][;-)]
  8. A family arrived on Saturday (around 7 pm) for a week's stay in my gite. I leave 2 rolls in the two holders, and six spare. I thought that would be enough for 3 adults and one young boy. Monday night at 5 pm I get a knock on the door ... Mr comes to tell me they have run out of loo paper, please could I give them some to tide them over until the shops open the next day ... 8 rolls in two days, that has to be a record I thought. But I only said "have you finished all those that I left?" "Yes," came the reply. "You know what its like with two women and a young boy."  I could not even begin to imagine [8-)] About three hours later when I was out watering the garden, they all came out of the barn "shall we tell him?"But they had already decided they would. Mr had recounted my surprise, and they were a bit bemused that I should comment on their consumption of loo paper. Apparently after asking for more loo paper they found the 6 spare rolls! ... oh well I suppose my guests do not break the record then [:(][:(]
  9. Where the **** is Alice .....'s cheque?
  10. [quote user="Russethouse"] Jade Goody in the Navy - now theres a thought ![;-)][;-)] [:$][:$] [/quote] Well, she is the 25th most infalential (I think thats how she said it) person in the world [;-)] But in her defense, she did not know what that meant [:-))]
  11. whose head will roll ... I wonder [Www]
  12. [:$] I hate to admit this, but I also thought you were a man Tresco  .... I am sorry [kiss]
  13. quite right Cooperola ... particularly as it was P who changed the thread from cherries to pips [:)] Edit: But hey, the posters on this thread (delete: is) are scraping the barrel [:D]
  14. The recipe (from some trendy jam/preserve book recently produced) that I have for apricot jam suggest you should crack open the stones and use the 'nut' in the jam - my neighbour calls them apricot almonds and said her mother used to do that, but she could not be bothered because cracking the pip was such an effort. While paging through her gasronomy larousse, I noted their recipe suggested the same. The apricot 'nut' does have an almondy taste ... I have wondered if that is where almonds come from??
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