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  1. [quote user="Chipie"][quote user="Paysages de France"]I have nothing further to add....[/quote] I wish that were true, so why don't you shut up about it then!!! I,ve been out all day and you are still bickering and bitching  like school kids, grow up and leave people to run their own lives.  Its all a bit sad really!!!! Jackie [/quote]  There's plenty of other threads - no one's forcing you to read this one.
  2. [quote user="Renaud"]I have very slightly revised my opinion of PdF - no one who has driven to Istanbul and back, listening to Van Morrison;s Astral Weeks all the way, can be all bad. The quote I like best from Van is "Music is spiritual, the music business is not". [/quote]    "All bad" me? Certainly not.   All bad, (or anyway, temporarily bad) to me would be someone listening to Katie Mulea (or some other similar, variety orientated,  airheaded rhyme merchant eg James Blunt)  at the wheel of their 4x4 on their way to their job in the city. (or, in France the Credit Agricole)  
  3. 'Gluestick's' message concludes with  'worrying'  and  the little smily that follows  (these visual aids are apparently for the benifit of people not used to reading and who  need   the meaning of a text explained to them, as Clair, (or maybe it was  Russet House) once explained to me  )  ...........
  4. [quote user="Gluestick"]Expressing all life's experiences by pap musak is like a sort of downmarket Nick Hornby novel! Worrying....................[blink]   I'm only making comments about pop music here because everytime I mention more serious issues they are either removed  immediately or the campaign that I'm involved in is ridiculed (and this right from the start).   For the record (no pun intended): four more giant, illegal advertising signs (20m wide 15m high) have been removed in Montauban these past few days thanks to our efforts. ('Géant Casino' and a massive, ugly sign for  the swimming pool suppliers 'Irrijardin' - you'll probably all be blaming me now because you can't find where to top up on your swim pool chemicals !)   [/quote]
  5. [quote user="Pearly Spencer"]Yeah...but she is crap though[6] regards Pearly [/quote]     Ahhhhhhhh........someone at last who's not been lobotomised!
  6. [quote user="Ford Anglia"][quote user="Ron Avery"][quote user="Gluestick"] Has it occured to you that you are, well, seriously ill? [/quote]   Nope he is in the dark about that,  due to the position of his head[:D] It must be so envigorating to be right ALL the time, I nearly know the feeling[Www] [/quote] Ho ho! [/quote]  Do your musical tastes match your vehicle preference?  Actually, I did once own a Ford Anglia for a few months  and drove it to Istanbul and back, listening to Van Morrison (Astral Weeks) all the way. No major problems apart from losing the exhaust system in Yougoslavia, a country where,  four years later, in 1977,  I became stuck 'with hardly a dinar' just like in the song by Roy Harper 'Nobody's got any money in the summer'.      
  7. [quote user="Gluestick"]Has it occured to you that you are, well, seriously ill?     [/quote]    Has it ever occured to you that you are, well, too serious?
  8. I have nothing further to add....if there are people out there who take this singer seriously - then I seriously suggest they consult a psychiatrist - or, they procure themselves with a quick fix of some decent music.    In France, it's very simple - since 1987, 'Les Inrockuptibles' - the most British biased of the French music/culture weeklies (latterly monthly) has been extolling the virtues of the British music scene........      In answer to Katie Mulea, for instance, this week they propose - The Klaxons, The Arcade Fire, The Arctic Monkeys, Amy Winehouse, Rufus Wainwright, Bat for Lashes, and  yes .........Mika (pas mal du tout)...........
  9. Trout Mask Replica  - Cpt Beefheart  Astral Weeks - Van Morrison  Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison  London Calling - The Clash  Velvet Underground - Velvet Underground  Dummy - Portishead  Really - JJCale   Horses - Patti Smith  Never Mind the Bollocks - The Sex Pistols  Inbetweenies - Ian Dury and the Blockheads   Stop Making Sense - Talking Heads   Loreli - The Cocteau Twins   Screamadelica - Primal Scream   The La's - The La's   The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses    Definetely Maybe - Oasis   A Deserters Song - Mercury Rev   Television - Television    The Black Swan - Bert Jansch    Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars - David Bowie    Low, Heroes, Lodger - David Bowie     The  Soft Machine-  The Soft Machine     Mezzanine  - Massive Attack     Electric Ladyland - Jimi Hendrix     Forever Changes -Love       the ones I still play/ have  re bought..............that  have stood the test of time.......+ a few more and there's always good music being made somewhere.         
  10. The video of the first song mentioned is very kitch -  they must have sold a hell of a lot of camera filters in the 80's.  
  11. Does Barbara Cartland write his  lyrics? Is this a joke?
  12. * Les panneaux publicitaires scellés au sol sont interdits dans les agglomérations de moins de 10 000 habitants ne faisant pas partie d’un ensemble multicommunal de plus de 100 000 habitants........  Have a look in your elected commune -  if you see any and would like to have them removed go to the Paysages de France site. As for the (pretty pathetic) insults........I'll just leave you to it then.............
  13. [quote user="Tony F Dordogne"]Admin, sort this guy for once and for all will you, all he seems to want to do is pick arguments, not to share information other than what happens in PdF world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time to take my own advice and hit the ignore button in my head. [/quote]   'Sharing information' is not the title of this particular chapter - it's 'general discussion'.     A forum is meant to be a place where all opinions can be aired and the fact that all my postings provoke intense discussion (and often dissention) is proof that they are valid interventions.      What a dull world it would be if only majority views were allowed an airing -  this is  why French TV has been traditionally so lacklustre and downright boring.         Tony F of Dordogne (did you used to live in Tunbridge Wells by any chance and sign letters to the Radio Times with 'yours disgusted'?) I imagine you must find French TV right up your street (or windy little, tree lined  lane).........as it's seldom that anything other than the majority view aired.....  
  14.  Whilst the UK was in the hands of the glam rockers ( with Bowie and Marc Bolan in the forefront breaking down the sexual barriers) and The Stones were creating their last great classics in a drug infested mansion on the Côte D'Azur,  France was singing along with Mike Brant (check him out on Daily Motion) a blow waved 'n flared trousered  Israelien crooner, and Clo Clo (Claude Francois).         The divide had never been so wide - on the one hand there was an agitated, après '68, still volubile student movement in France and thousands of hippies on the way to Morocco, India and beyond -  but the average  French  family, despite the 'revolution' of '68 was still scotched to the telly that completely ignored what had just happened.        The liberty of tone of the 'Dim Dam Dom' programme of the sixties was put away and France settled down to a decade of mediocre state controlled television, punctuated with the occasional half hour presidential bulletins.       Then, finally, Canal Plus arrived in '84 and things started very slowly to get better.......but still, French TV (with just a couple of exceptions) is one of the most timid and controlled systems in Europe.                 
  15. [quote user="Dick Smith"]Chez - don't rise to the bait. You would be exploiting no-one, and maybe someone would take pleasure in owning something which means little to you. Maybe even comfort, though I don't see it myself. Ebay the thing and spend the money (which I doubt will be much) on a beer and toast Diana when you drink it! [/quote] Toasting Diana with a beer?  There was a girl's band that used to sing "Whisky makes you frisky and gin makes you sin , brandy makes you randy and rum makes you.............."  but I do believe that Diana preferred champagne.
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