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  1. [quote user="legs_akimbo"]

    Seeing as you ran a business in England then you will be only too familiar with all the tereminology, plaster types, prices, tooling, additives, methods, suppliers, good working practices ( well not that one) so may just throw a couple of teasers your way and see if you realy do have the foggiest idea.



    Thanks for your reply.

    Sorry, but i don't understand, what exactly is tereminology?


  2. Thanks all.

    One final question, just looking at the Passport and I see there are sections called

    IX Clinical examination

    X  Legalisation

    Does anyone know what these are for?

    Does the Pet Passport get stamped at the port to show the comings and goings of your pet?



  3. Thanks for all the help so far x

  4. Yes, our pet has a pet passport. We have actually never used it but the rabies injection was valid for 2 years until the end of this year so that is ok.

    It's really the question about what forms or declarations we need to fill in that we cannot get an answer on. I phoned DEFRA today but remain confused as to the procedure at Eurotunnel Calais in addition to the passport and treatments within the 24/48 hour timeslot, what else do we need / are we asked to do?

    Many thanks

  5. My husband and I are planning to come over to France in a few weeks ( for a few weeks ) to look for a house. We want to bring our dog with us and have looked at the Defra site for information. We are pretty clear on what's required to bring him back in, however I have one last query.

    I understand if your dog is in France for more than three months it becomes French resident. When you get to the ferry port to go back to the UK and check your pet in, how do you prove how long you've been in France?

    Do you need hotel receipts etc or do you just have to sign a declaration to say how long your pet has been in France, or is this something that is not even asked?

    I want to make sure I am fully prepared for anything they might ask me so anyone who knows the exact procedure at check-in would be a great help.

    Many thanks

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