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    Just to wish you all the best for tomorrow Victor. I know that scans can be very stressful, so just try and get yourself through tomorrow, and then take matters from there. At least you will see the radiologist after your scan, and the pulmonologist on Wednesday, so they can put in place a treatment plan, if that is your wish. All the very best.
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    Gosh Victor so sorry to hear of your situation, nobody can know how they will react when given such news. I can cast my mind back to October 2014 when I was first diagnosed with bowel cancer, my head just started to spin, you think it is only other people who get that sort of thing, but gradually you try to get your head around it. At the moment you are in limbo, easy to say but until being diagnosed try and keep an open mind, I literally just took one day at a time. Lots of lovely people on this forum really helped me through my own situation, and I am sure that the same people will be along to support you. Regarding you options on whether you accept the treatment offered if your fears are confirmed, then that really is only a decision that you can make yourself. When offered my treatment plan I did not hesitate to proceed with what the doctors were proposing, I have a disabled wife to care for, and my first thoughts when diagnosed were, Christ I can't leave her here alone in France, so I went along with everything that they proposed. My own treatment plan was 30 sessions of radiotherapy, accompanied by chemotherapy tablets on the days that I was to have the radiotherapy treatment. I cannot lie that it totally took over my life for nearly 7 weeks, as my treatment fell over the Christmas period, and the hospital seemed to have an obsession with performing maintenance of the radiotherapy machine, so some weeks I only had 2 or 3 sessions. But I got through that part of my treatment, and then moved on to the next phase, being an operation. Before any of my treatment started my wife researched the possibility of taking various supplements to try and help with the diagnosis. Like Thiere I started taking turmeric tablets and also AHCC tablets, although being very expensive I really am convinced that these tablets help my body fight the tumour. AHCC tablets are derived from some sort of mushroom, and used extensively in Japan along side their cancer treatment. I was passing a lot of mucus before any of my treatment started, but 2 weeks prior to starting my radiotherapy treatment I took the AHCC tablets, I stopped passing any mucus before my radiotherapy treatment started, so I am putting it down to the AHCC tablets. I asked my oncologist if it was OK to take the tablets whilst having my radiotherapy treatment, and he said that he did not know, I made the decision to take both the turmeric and AHCC tablets whilst having radiotherapy and I think it helped my own situation. I am certainly not saying that the two supplements combined would have cured the cancer on their own, but I feel together with the conventional treatment it produced a positive result. In my own situation I really feel that the treatment offered and carried out was effective. My tumour was shrunk from 4.5 cms to only 1.5 cms before it was removed in my operation. I would be lying to say that everything is now perfect. My initial operation to remove the tumour was deemed a success, but I had a lot of complications after the first operation, within 3 weeks I had two further emergency operations, and back in January had a massive hernia repair performed. Basically all of my stomach now has a gauss stretched over it, and a gauss over my old stoma site. My bowel has not fully recovered to an acceptable level, and I now carry out a daily enema, which works brilliantly, and I only go to the toilet once a day now. So yes, the treatment can be harsh and a major struggle but it has extended my life, although has left me with problems that I will probably never recover from, but I am still here and able to care for my wife. The choice is yours, and yours alone if you proceed with treatment if any is required, but personally I have no regrets in going through what I have been through, and I am glad that I accepted the treatment. Wishing you all best.
  3. Gosh, I am getting worried now, I agree with everything that Wooly has posted. So long as we keep off politics everything will be fine.[:D]
  4. Well, there are MPs who have more of a conscience than Ms May, and some that have contributed to this thread... http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/jul/06/boris-johnson-to-back-labour-motion-on-eu-migrants
  5. Well it just must be me then, other people seem to think it fine that families could be broken up with spouses being deported if Ms May so demands. I fully understand how negotiations work, but to be using human beings who have legally moved to and lived in any EU country for a set period of time, I find totally despicable. I see that Ms May bottled out of defending her position in the commons today, sending in a junior as per normal to face any criticism, with chants of 'where is Theresa?' It would seem that both Leadsom and Crabb are both guaranteeing EU migrants can stay in the UK, but May obviously thinks there are more votes to be had 'acting tough'. Indeed the Leave campaign stated that all existing EU migrants could stay in the UK in the event of a Brexit. I guess it was just another lie then.
  6. It would seem that all EU migrants living in the UK and all British migrants living within the EU have just become 'fair game' for the very nice Ms May. We are all to be bargaining chips in this complete mess called Brexit, no guarantees for any EU migrants already living within the UK, and no guarantees for any British migrants living within the EU. Well thanks a lot Ms May. This really is taking politics to a new low, playing with peoples lives to gain backing from the real right of the tory party to ensure that she becomes the next prime minister, as well as appeasing the truly adorable Mr Murdoch. I really cannot get my head around this crazy and nasty world that we now find ourselves living in. I guess that we will now see another surge in racial abuse and violence in the UK, with the potential new prime minister seemingly condoning discrimination against all EU migrants. Truly scary indeed. At least you could say that she in one politician that has actually spoken the truth, when she said that the tory party is the nasty party.
  7. 'In any case, when the going gets personal, I get going, so, having had enough, I’m outa here.' Just like Boris then.[:D]
  8. Well having to accept freedom of movement is going to upset the UK's prime minister, Mr Murdoch. He has already told Bozo that there will be 'repercussions' if this is to be the case. Very interesting times indeed.
  9. The Sun says: The article claimed the following consequences of the UK leaving the EU: 1. Inflation is likely to rise 2. The cost of an average family holiday will rise 3. Accommodation abroad will cost more 4. Beer prices will go up 5. EU caps on international calls will no longer apply, so it will cost much more to make calls in Europe 6. Unemployment will rise, and wages will fall by up to four percent 7. Mortgage prices will rise 8. Rates of taxation will increase 9. Benefit payments may be slashed Link: http://indy100.independent.co.uk/article/the-sun-has-also-got-around-to-telling-its-readers-what-brexit-will-mean-and-they-are-not-happy--WySvafrAVZ I hope the Sun readers are all going to thank Mr Murdoch for totally lying to them in the poxy right-wing rag called the Sun. It makes for hilarious reading, the comments below the article, add that to the comments in the Daily Mail  article basically saying the same thing, and you get the impression that the natives are not happy. Still you have 'got your country back'. As things stand at the moment the UK now does not have a government, an opposition party, and Bozo and his merry men have disappeared from the face of the earth, as they have admitted they do not have a plan. The pound continues to slump against the dollar, down to somewhere in the region of 1.32 the last time that I looked. Easyjet and Foxtons this morning issued profit warnings, the house builders and banks are continuing their decline. The list goes on and it has only been 4 days since the decision to leave the EU was announced. Well played lads.
  10. Well I am almost enjoying the whole Brexit thing now, and if it wasn't so serious for not only people living in France, and the whole of the UK I would find it totally hilarious. The whole leave argument seems to be unravelling by the minute. Shock horror, Farage has admitted that the 350 million pounds 'savings' from the EU will not be spent on the NHS, and was a mistake to have been plastered across their battle bus. Admittedly he will have no say in the matter but has admitted this major plank of the leave argument was a lie. Gosh I really can't believe a politician would lie to the general public. Immigration, well yes there will still be free movement to the UK from the EU, some MEP called Hannan has admitted, so another porky out in the open. The economy, the leave campaign stated that the day after a vote to leave the EU there would be no fundamental change. Crash the pound hits a 30 year low against the dollar. Estate agents are saying property sales could now fall through. Commercial property deals signed before the referendum had a get out clause inserted, that in the event of a Brexit the contracts could be ripped up. What is that tearing sound that I am hearing. Retailers have stated that food and clothes prices are likely to rise next week, along with petrol. Obviously no fundamental changes there then. We now have a petition running to have a second referendum with over 2 million people signing it. A labour MP is now asking parliament to overturn the referendum vote in parliament. I think the funniest/saddest thing that I have read and watched are people being interviewed who voted to leave now wishing that they had not voted that way, as they didn't realise that it would hamper the economy. Still Gove stated that all 'experts' are related to Hitler or something similar I can't remember now, but then latter had to retract the statement. The line was constantly used throughout the leave campaign the experts don't know what they are talking about. Really lads I think the British public are just realising that the whole leave campaign was a complete pack of lies, unfortunately it has come too late for any sensible thinking person who voted to remain.
  11. What a mess. I fear we are only just beginning to see a collapse in the UK economy. A earlier poster said that the footsie was only down 2.6%, well in finished the day down 3.15%. I would assume that investors think that the multinational companies within the footsie will benefit from a weaker pound so it held up relatively well. But if you look at the FTSE 250 which mainly comprises of domestic companies, i.e. those that derive their profits from the UK it was down 7.1%. In both the footisie and 250 the house builders and property companies finished the day down in the region of 20-25%, as well as the banks and insurers who have exposure to corporate bonds etc. This has got to have serious consequences for the UK economy as basically the whole economy is built on rising property prices. Osborn was even giving away tax payers money trying to prop up the property market. Throw in a possible downgrade to the UKs AAA rating, which will make borrowing a whole lot more expensive, and as the UK has a massive deficit funded by foreign money the whole things could come crashing down quite dramatically. Oh almost forgot the pound crashing to a 30 year low against the dollar, and against all other world currencies. All scary stuff indeed.
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    And I also have many friends in the US, they all have guns, If I lived in the US, I would have a hand gun also. There are so many crazy people there, that protection of my family and myself would be the #1 aim. Its better to have a gun and not need it, then need one and not have it. Ah that explains Trump's popularity then.[:D]
  13. Thanks for the reply sue, I think this year I am going to stick to the paper version, I have two accounts that I declare that I am not even sure if they are still open in the UK, there certainly is no money in them if they are. That will be fun phoning the two building societies involved saying that I am not sure if I have an account with you, but if I have I want to close it.[:-))]
  14. Having now looked at a 3916 form online, not via the declaration section in our online account, but a PDF version to download or print. Kong said to fill in sections 1 and 4 if declaring online, the 3916 form that I have looked at asks for the address of the bank/building society the account is held with, and the date of opening the account. Can I expect the 3916 form to be the same that I would have to fill in if declaring online? I have no idea when I opened some of the accounts, as it was before we left the UK some seven and a half years ago.
  15. Thanks for that Kong, I guess it makes sense that the 3916 form is online, along with all the other tax forms. I have not used the 3916 when declaring up to now, I just list the bank accounts on a plain piece of paper. They have accepted this method every year for the last seven years.
  16. Well DD, it would seem like there is not much more that you can do at the moment then. At least you know that they have received your claim, and as Wooly says it just seems like a case of sitting back and waiting, and waiting and waiting...[:D]
  17. I wonder if anybody could answer a few questions as regards to declaring our tax return online this year please. It would seem that after next year we won't have much choice in the matter, so I might as well be brave and declare online this year for the first time. When filling in the online forms can you save your work before hitting the send button? I think the subject of how to inform the tax office of being in receipt of an S1 has been covered in another thread. If I understand it correctly there is a comments box to inform the tax office of any information you may wish to convey, is this correct please? What happens to the form I have handed in every year with all our UK bank accounts on? Do I have to scan the form and send it as an attachment? Or just ignore it, and if they want a copy they will ask me for it? Thanks in advance for any information provided.
  18. Hello Daft Doctor, not sure if I rattled any cages, but like yourself I had not heard anything, in my case it has only been 5 months since I lodged my claim. Unlike some on here, who seemed to have received an acknowledgement that their claim had been received, I have not received anything. So last week I e-mailed my local tax office, who replied back within about 2 hours, telling me that my dossier had been forwarded to their office in Niort, and I should hear something in the following weeks. So if you have not enquired at your local tax office it may be worth sending them an e-mail, and see what response that you receive.
  19. Boy oh boy, not sure where to start really. So we mustn't listen to the most powerful man in the world in Obama, but instead listen to a 'working class hero' ex-stockbroker and hedge fund manager, who on the face of it would appear to have a drink problem, based on the fact that most photographs taken of him he is brandishing a pint. Not only that he wants to fill all the UK pubs and restaurants with smoke again, very forward looking Nige. Or we could take note of 'Bumbling Boris' who judging by his remarks about Obama still thinks that Britannia rules the waves. With no real credible alternative on offer as to which country the UK should emulate if the vote is to leave. Is it Norway, Canada or just stick a pin in the atlas and see what that brings up. Then supposedly 'President Trump' will come to the UK's rescue and fast forward the UK a trade deal. I think old Trumpy with be too busy nuking North Korea, building his wall between the US and Mexico, and starting a trade war with China, to worry about the UK. Don't believe me ebaynut, then just read a quote from his speech on foreign policy he made yesterday: “We will spend what we need to rebuild our military. Our military dominance must be unquestioned,” he said. “We are also going to have to change our trade, immigration and economic policies to make our economy strong again – and to put Americans first again.” It was a speech that sounded many of the themes Mr Trump has practised on the trail - his excoriation of the foreign policy record of President Barack Obama and of Hillary Clinton, his first Secretary of State, his disdain for the Iran nuclear deal and for some of America’s free trade deals - but also offered glimpses of moderation, for example on relations with the Muslim world. Link: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-elections/donald-trump-isis-foreign-policy-speech-us-election-2016-a7004371.html So you are prepared to pay four grand a year to be 'liberated' are you, well I am sure that there are lots of workers on zero hours contracts in the UK with four grand to spare, as there life must be absolutely brilliant not knowing if they will have any employment from one day to the next, so four grand to them will be nothing. I think that Jeremy Corbyn has made one of the most informative speeches on the whole EU debate, in stating that there will be a 'bonfire of workers rights', if the UK votes to leave the EU. Do you really think that the current government will be looking after the workers, if there is no EU directives to protect them? I wish you the best of luck if you think workers rights will improve outside the EU. So yes I would rather listen to what Obama has to say, and also Clinton, as she will most probably be the next US president, as opposed to a rag-bag bunch self-motivated individuals.
  20. Gosh idun, now look what you have done, within 12 hours of you sticking pins in IDS on a public forum, the man has resigned! Obviously you are not a lady to be messed with. [:D]
  21. So we have members of this forum trying to censor what threads may be or not be posted on these boards now, hmm... As the title of this particular section is 'Other Topics', and the sentence below states NON-France related discussion, (the forums use of capital letters, not mine) I feel fully justified in posting my thread, and fully stand by what I have posted. Just for the record, I have to look after my disabled wife full-time, and when I see out of touch politicians spouting what is absolute, lets be polite, rubbish in what they say that by cutting disabled and vulnerable peoples benefits they are in fact helping this group of people, it really makes me very angry indeed. My wife has taken this latest assault personally and she just cannot see how any decent human being could possibly want to penalize the most vulnerable in society. But unfortunately this is what this government is doing, and as it happens to be a conservative government that is proposing to bring in these cuts, then it is a conservative government that I am attacking. If members of this forum feel I am spouting 'verbal diarrhea' or to be attacking one particular political party that happens in this case to be the party that is running the country, then I will say to them, tough, if you don't like the subject of this thread, then very respectively please refrain from reading it and posting on it.
  22. ...Said Cameron last year before the election. Really Dave... http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/budget-cut-personal-independence-payments-7568427 Yesterday saw the nasty party in full flow, proposing to take away 4 billion pounds from people who cannot wash themselves or need help to use the toilet. Whilst giving the rich the same amount of money raised, a tax cut in the form of raising the tax threshold by £3000. This will mean people like prima donna premership footballers will enjoy a tax cut, whilst some poor devils in real need who cannot wash or toilet themselves will be kicked in the teeth big time. This follows on from the cut to ESA by £30 a week, to be taken away from people who are battling cancer, who have had a heart attack or stroke, and any other terrible disease or illness you care to mentioned. The ideology behind taking £30 a week off this group of people is that it will encourage them to return to work quicker. Try telling that to some poor bas**** who has just suffering a massive heart attack! I have read on other threads on this forum, people who live permanently in France are considering voting to leave the EU. If you feel you want to trust your future welfare to two totally off-the-scale right-wing nut cases in the form of Osbourne and Duncan-Smith, then the very best of luck with that. If the UK votes to the the EU then you can probably say goodbye to your S1, and look forward to Duncan-Smith freezing your state pension. That is if you are lucky enough to be in receipt of it. Under the tories the UK is now the country of work til you drop, if you drop then tough luck don't expect any help from the state. Oh and by the way please keep paying in your national insurance contributions, we want to put your retirement age up to 75, so all your national insurance contributions will come in very nicely for future tax cuts for all our mates at the top.
  23. Which bit of the 'A House of Commons Library note published in November 2014', did not not understand Mr Banana? Nothing to do with John McDonnell.
  24. Of course it is not the tories fault, nothing ever is... A House of Commons Library note published in November 2014 found that spending on flood defences during the last Labour government – between 1997 and 2010 – increased by three quarters in real terms. It however said central government spending from 2010 onwards had been cut by around 20 per cent compared to the previous spending period. Link: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/john-mcdonnell-says-cutting-foreign-aid-to-pay-for-flood-defences-would-make-matters-worse-in-the-a6789086.html
  25. Well done Dave, unfortunately this is one cut by your ideology driven government that your cannot cover up with spin. I am surprised the nasty rightwing tabloids haven't blamed Jeremy Corbyn for the floods by now, they have tried pinning everything else on the poor bloke.
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