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  1. Well mint can we assume unless you have wi-fi access from your prison cell[:D], that you have managed to avoid the clutches of SFR and IJ? I am wanting to switch from SFR to a new supplier, but not sure I want all the hassle that you have had. Saying that the service from SFR is appalling with the Internet connection disconnecting several times a day now. Add to this their massive price rise then I must bite the bullet and move to somebody else. I am looking at Orange or Bouygues, I guess that lots of people out there will have good and bad opinions of both companies. My neighbour has Bouygues and is very pleased with the service, and we used to have Orange, and I must say that their service was far superior to SFR.
  2. The queen, OTOH, is merely a figurehead and a very expensive model for a stamp. [:D] [:)] [:D]
  3. I really think the tories and May in particular are going to regret using 'the magic money tree' soundbite, the article above posted by Norman blows their whole austerity claim out of the water. The soundbite is now showing up all over the media with usually similar comment being made about it, as in The Guardian article. As I stated before the election soundbites was all that May had apart from personal abuse of Jeremy Corbyn. The old 'strong and stable' soundbite was totally shot to bits with the four day U-turn on the dementia tax[:D]. I am also guessing that the slur they tried to pin on Corbyn with his alleged support of the IRA will now be quietly dropped (just as grammar schools were today). The fact that they have now jumped into bed with terrorist sympathizers will have finished off that soundbite, unless they are going to start peddling good terrorist/bad terrorist soundbites. I am personally glad that the tories have jumped into bed with the DUP as it will hasten their demise, the British public is not going to wear the one and a half billion pounds being bunged to the DUP, whilst they are being told the only way is austerity for the rest of the UK. Roll on the next election, although not too soon I want to see the tories burn the economy a while longer with their reckless Brexit soundbite, 'no deal is better than a bad deal', just buy your popcorn and sit back and watch[:D]
  4. Lucky May, wouldn't mind a cutting from her money tree to see whether it will grow here in the Dordogne.....ha, ha! Me too mint, so long as the money tree with grow in Deux Sevres, a bit cooler than where you are, so perhaps I will need to apply some sort of protection for it over the winter.[:)] Just to remind ourselves what our lying Theresa said in response to the nurse that questioned why she hadn't had a pay rise for 8 years: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUtJEfB9Hi4
  5. It seems that the tory party never ceases to amaze as to how low it will stoop to remain in power. May stood up in front of a Question Time audience telling a nurse who had not had a pay rise in real terms since 2009, 'there is no magic money tree'. Obviously they must have planted one in the back garden of Downing Street to find the reported £1 billion pounds they have paid to bribe the DUP. So whilst the NHS continues to crumble, class sizes expand, the sick and disabled being systematically attacked, the list goes on, the tories manage to find a billion pounds to cling to power. Truly sickening.
  6. The next potential unelected UK tory prime minister is just as caring as May. When asked about cuts to the Fire Service by a Labour councillor, Johnson replied 'get stuffed'. Still I guess once a tory... http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/grenfell-tower-fire-boris-johnson_uk_594267c2e4b0d31854872fed?ir=UK+Politics&utm_hp_ref=uk-politics
  7. The Queen's speech has been cancelled and Queenie is not impressed, it may mean that she has to miss part of Royal Ascot.[+o(] I guess that is the price that she will have to pay as the tories scramble around and enter into a 'Coalition of Chaos' with the planet fryers.
  8. TM was a banker, Richard, for something like 15 years... What a fine upstanding job she used to do then, hope she wasn't instrumental in selling any dodgy mortgage deals that helped to precipitate the financial crisis in 2008. Still WoolyB so long as she is an alcoholic and eats meat then I guess she gets your vote.[geek]
  9. So the only way that Theresa and the tories can cling to power is to form a coalition with the DUP. But surely Theresa that is a 'coalition of chaos', that you sooooo strongly warned us about. Priceless!
  10. There is a very clear choice in this election, vote for heartless May or caring Corbyn. Here is an excerpt from an article in The Guardian from a young person who has been energised by Corbyn to vote... “I had to go to the jobcentre to apply for universal credit. At the next table was a man with disabilities who was in tears. I don’t know why he had his payments cut, but [seeing the officer] in tears too is a sign that something is very wrong. Pretty much sums it up really.
  11. Sadly mint you are spot on with your assessment, whilst you mentioned pensioners don't forget raising the retirement age, that's a nice little earner some 13 billion pounds I think they save for each year that they raise it, they be able to give to their rich mates plenty of tax cuts with that amount banked. The sick and disabled have been hit hard by the totally heartless cuts to their benefits under the tories, and if they retain power then you can be certain that they will be back to take even more off them. From April this year people who have been diagnosed with cancer, have had a heart attack or stroke or any other nasty illness or condition you can think of have had £30 a week taken off them. The tories claimed that it will encourage them back to work quicker, for **** sake when you are battling cancer I can assure that work is the last thing on your mind. Whilst I did not watch last nights debate, sorry Theresa dodging questions from the audience, I see some moron was attacking Corbyn for not wanting to wipe out the other half of the world by not pushing the button. I guess that he will not be worried about any of the above cuts we can look forward to that you listed, so long as Theresa pushes the button. For goodness sake. So basically mint as you have stated its more cuts for the peasants and tax cuts for the likes of MacDonalds and Starbucks, very depressing indeed.
  12. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/ed-miliband-fails-to-look-normal-while-eating-bacon-sandwich-ahead-of-whistle-stop-campaign-tour-9409301.html Used on a daily basis by all the right wing rags, and most 'impartial' television channels.
  13. Thats a very unfair photo Norman, you have never hidden your hatred of conservatives but that is getting personal and stooping low. So bacon sandwiches are OK then?
  14. I see that Corbyn has challenged her to debate him directly this evening on the Question Time debate. We all know that 'strong and...' sorry can't be bothered to finish that soundbite will run away scared again. It will be interesting if she uses the excuse that she is too busy preparing for Brexit, if this is the case I am assuming that she will be sat there with her Brexit strategy, working on it whilst being questioned.[:D]
  15. Excellent post Norman, and the simple answer is he would be torn to shreds by the right-wing press. How very depressing it all is that May can do all the above and not be held to account. I find it both scary and depressing how the tories are allowed to rule like this, I am sure that if there was a balanced press in the UK her government would have been kicked out years ago. She doesn't even have the guts to turn up for a leaders debate, utter contempt for the British electorate. All she is capable of is spewing out verbal abuse against Jeremy Corbyn, in a hope of increasing her majority in the unnecessary election that is now happening. Nice to see that she is using up two months of the two years time limit of the Brexit negotiations putting her party before the country.
  16. Hopefully this video will encourage the youngsters to exercise their right to vote, and bring an end to the treatment that the tories have inflicted upon them. They have been the ones to suffer most under the tories, although I would add in the sick and disabled as well. The video well documents all the lies that the tories have told, how many times was it Ms May you said that there will be no snap election, forgotten have we, 17 actually Ms May. I see that that the BBC have banned it being played on the radio, understandable I guess, but I am guessing that it will not be played on any topical satirical programmes either. If it had been about Corbyn then I am sure it would have made its way into mainstream TV. Still with over a million hits already it is obviously reaching a large audience.
  17. Oh come on Theresa don't be shy now, why won't you appear on tonight's leaders debate, surely it will be a chance for you to show us 'Strong and Stable' you are. Just think you can actually get to abuse Jeremy Corbyn to his face, rather than using your right-wing attack pack, loosely know as journalists. Come on and explain to us how 'no deal is better than a bad deal', especially as to all of us Brits living within Europe, when no deal would definitely mean the end of our S1s. Or maybe how it will benefit the banking community when they lose their passporting rights, or how the car industry will not be able to operate on a 'just in time basis'. Perhaps you could explain to all The Sun readers what a tariff is. I am guessing that our 'Weak and Wobbly' leader will continue to hide behind the sofa and hope that things will turn out alright next Thursday. Jeremy Corbyn is far stronger than you Ms May, with everything that has been thrown at him from all angles, all you can do is call him names, and hurl personal abuse at him. Corbyn just rises above it all, with no name calling back, he is truly the 'Strong and Stable ' person.
  18. If that turns out to be the case lindal then it will be of her own making, and I guess that the British public will punish her accordingly. I can only think that the tories are either stupid or arrogant, or I suspect both, to publish a manifesto that promises to punish their core voters, knowing that the Labour manifesto will be full of voter friendly policies. Whether Labour can deliver on their manifesto remains to be seen, but hey ho telling big lies worked for the Brexiteers and Trump, so good luck Corbyn.
  19. If the latest poll is to be believed then things have just got very interesting indeed, with the tory lead cut back to just five points. If this turns out to be the actual result, the projection is that May will have her majority cut to just two! I guess with a majority of two the EU will be quaking in their boots when Madame May breezes into town. I know that it is only one poll, but the general trend has been a narrowing of the lead between Labour and the tories. I am not sure what Ms 'Weak and Wobbly' can do about the current situation, when she opens her mouth all that comes out are soundbites, U-turns and a personal attack on Jeremy Corbyn, and I could say telling lies about the eventual Brexit outcome. Whereas at least Corbyn is trying to give people some sort of vision and hope with his policies, although I guess if you earn over £80k you would not be voting for him. I suspect that the campaign will now turn a whole lot nastier from the tories side, with our Lynton blowing his dog whistles as loud as he can. I see that Davis pulled out of a speech today, obviously with the publication of the latest poll, Lynton has some serious thinking to do.
  20. Thanks Kong, I think I have everything clear now, I never had this problem when declaring on paper, I guess that's technology for you.
  21. Thanks for your reply pomme, much appreciated. I agree that it would be better to fill in the 2047 first, but when I logged into my account for the first time, only the 2042 was showing, it wasn't until I hatched the 8UU box for the foreign bank accounts that the 2047 showed up on the side. When I first moved to France I used an accountant for the first three years, until I discovered he was useless, and for the last 5 six years I have completed the form myself, up until this year on paper. To be honest I just followed what he done when filling in the boxes, so I have always put my interest figure in what was until this year box 222. It was my own mistake that I must have entered the same figure in the lower of the 2TR boxes, and then went back and filled in from 233 afterwards, thus as you mentioned the figures were added together, and was producing double the actual interest payment. I have taken your advice and amended the percentage figure to 0.01%, I see that it does not change any of the calculations. I was aware that the figures from the 2047 has to be carried over to the 2TR box on the 2042. I have manually entered all figures from the 2047 to the 2042 form. Maybe next year if I am not in jail, the whole process will be a lot easier.[:D] Once again many thanks.
  22. Well I can answer my own query as to why my interest is being doubled up, but this has now thrown up another question. Basically on the 2047 I have entered the interest twice, once in the aforementioned boxes starting at 233, and then further down the form in another 2TR box, with the side heading of 'Intérêts et autres produits de placement à revenu fixe'. Looking back at last years form I entered my interest starting at box 222, but basically the same set of boxes that this year start at 233. I tried entering the interest in just the second 2TR box only, but the form would not let me proceed without entering something in 233. So I am guessing that using the 233, 240 and 244 boxes are the way to go. Can somebody explain to me why there are 2, 2TR boxes on the same form.[:-))]
  23. I know that it is a bit late in the day, but I have until 6th June to hit the button. This is my first year of declaring online, and whilst if things go smoothly I can see the advantage of declaring online, although the 3916 has been a bit of a pain. I have a problem with the interest boxes, I have declared the actual amount in box 233, then in box 234 it is asking for a percentage rate, for which I entered 0%. The form then automatically posts the final figure at the end of the 233 boxes, also in box 240 and box 242 the 2TR box. This all seems fine to me but then at the end of the 2047 form it brings up an automatic table of all the foreign income that I am declaring, the only problem is that for the interest amount under Montant it is showing double the amount of interest that I have declared. I have not used the report facility and have entered the correct amount of interest in the 2TR box on the 2042, so all tax and social charges will be calculated on the correct amount. Am I making a mistake or missing something on the 2047 form, as I cannot get the reporting box to show the correct amount of interest that I am trying to declare. Any assistance would be most appreciated.
  24. Quite right mint, life goes on I am afraid and whatever we think about what happened in Manchester, the consequences of who wins the general election will be with everybody for the next five years, or maybe three months, or 18 months or 3 years 2 days if May wins, (sorry that was very cheap). All main political parties have stopped campaigning today, sorry another cheap shot coming here, I hope that there is a journalist out there somewhere counting how many times our great leader uses 'strong and stable' today, and tries in some way blame Jeremy Corbyn for what took place in Manchester.
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