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    CPAM email

    Thanks for that Chancer, I hadn't thought about taking a RIB so that has been added to the pile. Hope your situation is sorted out satisfactorily.
  2. Grecian

    CPAM email

    As you say nomoss it would be nice to know as to why these requests are being made, we have never had anything like this in the last 9 years. I 'piggyback' on my wife's account, as it is her that has the S1, so as Norman had already posted on this thread maybe this is the problem. Wooly it is genuine as the message appeared via the message facility on our compte ameli. Although I did have an e-mail about 2 weeks ago telling me that my income tax had been recalculated and I was due a 158 euro rebate, but the offer only stands for 2 days, so I had to submit my personal details immediately, yeah right. Andy I have gathered everything that you have posted, also taking passports, birth and marriage certificates, like you I only have internet bills for the telephone, we pay the water rate bill monthly and I think that I have read somewhere that it is accepted if you show the bill which states the monthly payments, I may be wrong, but will be taking it anyway. What a lot of hassle.
  3. Grecian

    CPAM email

    I wonder is somebody who has received the message like mogs did could advise as to what CPAM are requesting please. My wife looked at our CPAM account this morning and we have a message: Vos droits à l'Assurance Maladie vont prendre fin prochainement. Merci de fournir avant 10 jours vos justificatifs pour continuer à être remboursé. Veuillez contacter votre caisse d'Assurance Maladie. It is obviously asking for documentation but has not specified as to what is required. We drove into our local CPAM office this afternoon, only to discover that it has been closed down from the 12th September, we must not drive to Cerizay which is about 30 kms from us. We will be going there tomorrow, and it would be nice to know in advance as to what to take with us. We will be going with the full gambit. This has come at a worrying time as I am due to have an operation on Monday, so obviously I would like to have my health cover in place.
  4. For goodness sake ignore the troll, let him live in his hate filled world, if that is what turns him on. I guess history wasn't his strong subject at school.
  5. Gosh mint, have I missed something I never realized that you are on chemo, so sorry to hear that you have to go through all of what is happening to you at the moment. Have you had an operation yet or is this pre-chemo before your operation? You are obviously doing the right things in trying to improve your diet, and you take regular exercise with your walking group, so for the moment you are doing all the right things to help your body. I know that chemo can knock your white blood count, so in trying to boost your immunity is a very sensible thing, obviously your oncologist will be keeping an eye on things. Never really know what to say in a situation like this, difficult for all concerned, but I am sure that you have the determination to get through all of this, and come out the other side. Wishing you all the very best with your treatment, and look forward to having our mint back provoking the forum with your controversial posts.
  6. mint, I will not eat cabbage whatever the colour, much to the annoyance of Mrs G who really likes all things green. My dislike of green leaves only really applies to big green leaves, cabbage, lettuce, spinach etc, the tiny leaves that would be on anything sprouted would be no problem. I like the sound of fenugreek as I can relate this to curries, I would imagine they have a strong flavour. I think you mentioned that you buy your seeds from biocoop, I have found a mixed bag of organic sprouting seeds on Amazon that I think I will start off with. So I have made up my mind and will add a sprouter to my Christmas list, I have made a space in the back of a cupboard where the sprouter will live after I stop using it after about two uses.[:D]
  7. You are quite right nomoss, the offer is for a box plus SIM card. I have recently switched to Bouygues from SFR (spit, spit) and so qualify for the free calls for the first year with Bouygues.
  8. I looked at my diet after being diagnosed 3 years ago, and bought a book on what is recommended to eat. I came to the conclusion sensible eating with a little bit of what you fancy. I have cut my alcohol intake down to less than half what I was drinking before, we still have the odd 'blow out' when we stay the night at the hotel we use regularly. Cut out most processed food, eat fish twice a week[+o(], usually chicken twice a week and the rest of the week whatever is left. Théirè I am interested in the green smoothy you drink daily, I must admit I looked at buying a nutribullet type thingy, but the price put me off, although there are cheaper products that supposedly do the same thing. I won't go anywhere a green leaf I am afraid, and definitely not cabbage, so does the smoothy taste very cabbagey (is that a word?), or do you add something to take the taste away? mint, glad to hear that you are still 'sprouting' and monsieur coli has not got you yet! You have got me wanting a sprouter now even though I am not sure I would like the end result. Must say I am better at pulses and beans more than green leaves.
  9. No mint it states on the Bouygues website 0€/mois pendant 12 mois,  puis 7.99€/mois, it also says the same on the receipt that I printed off after taking up the offer.
  10. ...they WhatsApp, Snapchat or surf mostly .. Come on Sue speak English please,[:D] yes are quite right, plain old mobile phone calls are probably not cool now, just as I was trying to catch up with the 21st century.[:D] Yes Théière a good deal indeed, if people would stop cutting me open, thus enforcing hospital stays, I will switch over to the Free deal in 12 months time, as the Bouygues deal will be 7.99€ a month after the 12 months initial period. Many thanks for your kind wishes.
  11. Hopefully the saga is now coming to an end, I have signed up with Bouygues and purchased a sim-free phone. mint, many thanks for flagging up the Bouygues offer, I must admit I misread the offer thinking it would be 7.99€ a month, instead of the free for a year deal for existing customers. It was quite difficult to find in the 'already a customer section', but I tracked it down and finally managed to sign up for the deal for a year. I really cannot believe they are giving unlimited calls to French landlines and mobiles for a year, but after both myself and my wife reading the offer, that is in fact the case. The sim card should be here by the 2nd November supposedly, my operation is set for the 20th November so hopefully I will be up and running and proficient with my new phone. Thanks to you all for all of your help.
  12. Thanks to you both for your vote of confidence.[:D] I have just returned from a visit to Darty to purchase a new phone, thinking that the phone would come with a new number, as my pre-paid UK phone did, so that I could key the number into the Bouygues site. We had a very nice young lad serve us, who was very proficient in English and happy to speak to us in English. Unfortunately there was little choice of phones at the real cheap end I was seeking and we ended up with a Wiko for 17.99€. After he had rung up the purchase I asked him if the phone came with a new number, to which he replied, no. I thought oh bum, I went on to explain to him that the Bouygues site required an existing mobile number even if I did not want to keep the existing number that I do not have. He informed us, as you so rightly pointed out above Chancer it is only required so that they can inform me of the progress of the order. I must have looked a little disheartened at this point, as the assistant gave me his mobile number and told me to enter it on the Bouygues website. I have since done this and Bouygues accepted the phone number of the assistant at Darty.[:D] Thanks to you both for your replies.
  13. Well I have decided to go down the Bouygues route which seems a very good deal, basically free unlimited calls for a year. That's not the problem whilst filling in the online form it is asking me if I want to keep my existing mobile phone number, as I do not have a French mobile, I clicked on the 'non' button. But trying to move onto the next screen it is asking for a mobile number.[8-)] Here comes the dumb question, where does your mobile phone number come from, is it supplied with the telephone that you purchase, or is it to do with the sim card? I assumed it would be the sim card, but as Bouygues are asking for a mobile number, presumably it comes with the phone.
  14. Great info Chancer and nomoss, many thanks for taking the trouble of posting your detailed replies. mint, I looked at the offer on the link that you kindly provided, it does say free sim card and unlimited calls for 12 months, then 7.99€ a year after that. But it is advertising the offer as without commitment. I was ready to go down the Free route, but I must investigate further this option and try and confirm there will be no obligation after 12 months. Norman so glad to hear that your problems are not too serious, 'only' average problems.
  15. Well lots more info to digest. nomoss, I must admit I had not thought of that option, but as I mentioned the UK phone is about 12 years old, and has a very small screen, so I would like to upgrade to a more modern model, but still keep it as a basic phone, but thanks for the idea. mint, I have looked at the Bouygues site and the only package that I can find is for unlimited free calls, but after the initial offer I would have to pay 7.99€ a month rental, like your OH I would find it hard to use the phone enough to justify 7.99€ a month. Apologies if I have missed the offer that you looked at. Many thanks for you kind wishes for my upcoming hospital stay. Norman, can you confirm that the Free offer you subscribe to, which I am looking at, the calls after the first 2 hours are charged at 0.05€ a minute, that is certainly is how I read it on their website. Also what happens once you cross the 2  hour limit, is the account automatically charged for the extra calls? Or must the account be credited with extra money manually? Regarding the hospital stay, it is not linked to the old C thankfully, my scan last week was completely clear, so two and a half years to go to be 'cured'. I have to go in for a major stomach hernia repair, I must admit that I thought that the surgeon at Bordeaux had carried this out 18 months ago, but it seems that he only repaired the belly button hernia. Unfortunately back in July I had to attend the Urgences department with a blockage, which resulted in a 11 day stay at Thouars hospital, which is where I will be having the hernia repair carried out. It is only about 40 kms from home. How about you Norman, I see that you mentioned three hospital stays is reply to the mobile phone discussion in hospital rooms. I really hope you are going on alright, as I have said before your really have been through an awful lot.
  16. Well that is all a lot clearer[:-))], many thanks for all your swift replies. ANO, thanks for the link, looking at their website it seems that the calls are charged at 20 cents a minute, which seems a little expensive, although a lot cheaper than some of the established telephone companies in France. If I have understood the Free website correctly I would get 2 hours worth of free calls a month, then calls are charged at 5 cents a minute. Although I do not necessarily want a contract mobile phone agreement, as I stated before it can be cancelled at any time. Pommier you are correct in stating that Free offer phones as well as SIM cards, their cheapest is an Alcatel at 29 euros, which looks pretty much what I am looking for. Pretty basic but it does have a built in camera. Regarding the use of mobile phones in hospitals, as Norman stated they do not seem to mind, I have now stayed in three different hospitals in the last 3 years, and all of them allowed the use of mobiles. When I was in hospital back in July I hired the phone in the room, so my wife could phone me for free on our landline. Unfortunately in November I need to be at the hospital at 7am for an operation the same morning, so I am guessing that I would not be able to organize the phone in my room before my operation. I think that I will be bedridden for a while after my operation, so the need for a mobile is important. Once again many thanks for all your replies.
  17. Could somebody help a mobile phone dinosaur please. I need to purchase a mobile phone, primarily for a hospital stay that I have coming up in November, and then to keep as an emergency phone in the car. At the moment I have a 12 year old UK pay-as-you-go Virgin phone, calls are charged at 38p  a minute. I have no interest and no real idea how mobile phones work. I have done some research and have found a Free offer of 2 euros a months without a contract, which gives 2 hours a month free calls, which seems a good offer and pretty much what I am looking for. This then brings me as to what phone to purchase, if I have understood things correctly should I be looking for a SIM-free unlocked phone so that I can plug in my Free SIM card? I am assuming that Free will send me a SIM card. This may sound like a very silly question but can I purchase a SIM-free unlocked phone from UK Amazon and plug in my Free SIM card? Also I see that SIM cards come in different sizes, do all phones accept all sizes? Told you I was a dinosaur. Any feedback would be most appreciated.
  18. Did you mange to sleep last night mint, or did you spend all night howling?[:D] As Idun has pointed out gardening by the moon seems to be a big thing in France, so there could be something in it. I have tried planting seeds when the moon is doing a double somersault or whatever, not sure it has made any difference to anything that I have planted though.
  19. Thank you mint for all your efforts, but sadly when I sent off an e-mail to the address provided the mail just bounced back to me undelivered. This then stirred the British bulldog in me, I picked up the telephone ready to do battle with SFR, sadly I could not get past the menus, I was trying to find the 'autres demandes' option, but fell down badly at the first hurdle.[:(] Mrs Grecian then took control, gracefully navigating the menus and unleashed both barrels at the unsuspecting monsieur at the other end of the telephone. Supposedly SFR will now send me the pre-paid label in the post, we shall have to wait and see.
  20. Thanks for the link mint, I had already looked in there and for the life of me could not find an email address, if you keep clicking and going further down the menus it just brings up the 1023 number to ring, no email address. If you could find the email address that you used it would be much appreciated. After reading everything that I could find on the website for cancelling the contract, if I have read things correctly, it states that we should have received a letter with our return slip enclosed, to date we have not received anything. It also states that if we have not received our cancellation etiquette, click a link that takes you back to the 'Etiquette retour équipment' button to click that does not work.[:-))]
  21. Thanks for the reply mint, is there any chance that you could post the email address that you used please, I have looked all over their site and I just could not find an email address on their site. Like you I have a phone phobia, although mine is not so much a phobia, more the fact that I cannot really understand what they are saying to me.[:D] My wife if far better at understanding what they are saying, but unfortunately she does not do hassle very well, so email would be the best route to go down. One day I will be a free man.[:D]
  22. I have to report that at the moment we are still in the clutches of SFR, we have our new Bouygues Bbox up and running and are paying for both SFR and Bouygues unfortunately. We lost both telephone and internet connection for five days, whilst Bouygues were changing over the line from SFR. The question that I have to ask now is how do we get our return label from SFR? I have read on their website that SFR should comply with our cancellation instruction within 10 days, and that we must return their equipment within 20 days. It says that they will supply a pre-paid return label, but it doesn't say how we will receive the label. My account is still accessible and in my space personal there is a button to click on 'Etiquette retour équipment', when I click on this button a message tells me that there is a error, and I cannot access instructions. Whether this is a ploy by SFR to try and charge us for the equipment because we will not have returned it within the 20 days I do not know. So bottom line is how do I receive the pre-paid return sticker and address as to where to send their equipment. We are now on day 9 since they received our cancellation instruction, so the clock is ticking.
  23. We received our new passports today, which took 2 weeks to arrive. This time could have been reduced due to the fact that our old passports arrived back in the UK within two days of leaving France, but Royal Mail then sat on them for 5 days before delivering them to the passport office. Mind you DHL then left our new passports in our postbox, as obviously we were out when they came to deliver them. Seeing as we had to pay £20 each for recorded delivery, I am not happy that they were just dumped in our postbox. Nice to see the OP has told us how he/she has got on.[;-)]
  24. Wish me luck mint, I have signed up with Bouygues, mainly on price really, not sure that is the best way to select an ISP, but as mentioned previously my neighbour is very pleased with the service he receives from them. My new Bbox arrived today, but at the moment my line has not been sorted, so I cannot activate my account. In the cancellation letter that I am sending to SFR I am refusing to pay the 45 euros cancellation fee, as they have changed my contract yet again just recently. They increased my bill by another 5 euros a month adding some more TV channels that I did not ask for, and do not wish to pay for, so as they have broken my contract again, I am within my rights to cancel within the stated 4 month period. I guess they will not see it that way, and I suppose in due course I will receive a letter from IJ. I will just refer them to you mint, as you are obviously the lady to sort out SFR and IJ.[:D]
  25. Hello mazandcol not sure if you are still having problems renewing your UK passports, but if it is any help I applied for ours online yesterday. You have obviously got to the point of uploading your photos for their software to check, and say that you have had your photos rejected. I uploaded  two photos yesterday and my first photo for myself was rejected, but the second one I uploaded was accepted, the photo for my wife was accepted first time. Regarding the head and shoulders bit, I supplied both photos with head and shoulders showing, when your photo is accepted the website displays the photo that was uploaded, cropped automatically to just showing your head which will be used on your new passport. So maybe worrying about the French photo booths showing too much head would not be an issue. Even after the software accepts the photos there are further questions on the form that asks you to say if you are smiling or frowning and you must answer yes or no, and it further stipulates that the photos will be checked by a real person, and still may be rejected. By this time if you have managed to jump through all those hoops, the print off you receive says your new passport will be issued roughly 4 weeks after they receive your old passport. So I guess for maybe at least a month you will not be able to leave France.
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