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  1. Can I have some of what WB is smoking please.[blink] https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/mar/12/brexit-uncertainty-prompts-more-uk-firms-to-prepare-for-job-cuts
  2. PIP living component is exportable, but not the mobility element, you can thank Gordon Brown for that. Carers allowance is exportable. Contributory based ESA is exportable, but not the income based. ESA entitles you to a S1, but if in receipt of work-related ESA it would only last for a year. PIP does NOT entitle you to a S1. As already posted, nobody at this moment in time knows if S1 cover will continue in the event of a no-deal Brexit, but if you are not in receipt of ESA then you will not have one, and will have to pay into PUMA. Best of luck if you decide to make the move, but now sadly with Brexit I think that decision would be a tough one.
  3. Thumbs up Théière. Nice to see that WB is now supporting the 'commies'.[:D]
  4. I have just read an article which states that the ruling not only means a price increase on any goods that do not have at least a 10% mark-up on them, but the end of BOGOFs as well. The supermarket is now only allowed to discount any item by a maximum of 34%, so obviously no more BOGOFs, the best that they can offer would be 3 for 2. When we went shopping yesterday there were no BOGOFs, so mint I assume that the increases came in on 1st February. I really do not know where these politicians are coming from, they certainly do not know how ordinary people live. I see that our Emmanuel has another thread going, with another of his screwball ideas in the making. I feel so disillusioned at the moment with all politicians, that I really feel that I do not want to vote for anybody at the next general election. It seems the same in the UK at the moment, with both May and Corbyn determined to crash out the the EU in the hardest way possible, so both of the main parties seem hell-bent on screwing the ordinary person in the street, and the youngsters in particular. I guess a party may rise out of the ashes sometime in the future, but not really sure where it will come from. Sorry I could not get to mention Nissan in my post.[Www]
  5. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-47089844 I guess the gilets jaunes will not mind paying 8.6% extra for their Camembert and 9.9% extra for their Pastis, amongst other price increases. It is not as if the French are obsessed about their cheese and pastis.[:P] Are there any politicians left with something between their ears? In France we seem to have a totally stupid President and in the UK a totally mad Prime Minister. Surely the law of averages means that there must be one out there somewhere, although I am not holding my breath.
  6. Well, what a strange world we now live in, with everybody giving their expert opinion on whether Corbyn called a prime minister who is hell-bent on making the country poorer in any way that she can, a 'stupid woman', Johnson is cleared of calling all muslim women letter boxes. How very strange indeed. mint, many thanks for your best wishes. I have been sweating it out for three months on some spots that they found on my last scan, but thankfully last week my scan showed that they had not grown, so they have been deemed benign. I hope that you and Mr mint have a far better Christmas that you had last year, as you were going through a rough patch this time last year. Bonne santé. [:D]
  7. Sadly mint you are correct in saying what an absolute shambles, the fact that we are discussing what Corbyn may or may have not said, is obviously being used as a diversionary tactic by the tories, to deflect away from the mess all their infighting is making of Brexit. At the moment we have in power the worst government that I can remember in my lifetime, and the worst opposition party. I feel if Blair had been leader of the Labour party Brexit and May would have been on their respective knees by now. In defence of Corbyn I think that I would have said something far stronger than stupid, if having listened to May trying to make a pathetic pantomime joke, whilst the country is totally going down the pan. Perhaps if Corbyn had said 'stupid letterbox' that might have been more acceptable to the tories.
  8. Sorry mate I'm looking for facts and for verification and all you offer is "it's obvious", it may be to you, but not to lots of others, me included. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/dec/16/brexit-is-a-business-bankrupter-small-firms-brace-for-no-deal No doubt this is project fear as well.
  9. nomoss, I really can't believe that a politician would lie to you... I have found a link that lays out Citizens' Rights and the Withdrawal Agreement, the document is issued by the Scottish government, but it is  the clearest explanation that I could find. If you scroll down to page 16 you will find the text relating to healthcare, exportability of UK benefits and pension provision. https://sp-bpr-en-prod-cdnep.azureedge.net/published/2017/8/25/Brexit--Citizens--Rights-and-the-Withdrawal-Agreement/%20Citizens'%20Rights%20and%20the%20Withdrawal%20Agreement.pdf
  10. Gosh Cathar Tours you took that well, if somebody had asked me on a public forum to prove my nationality, I would have none too politely told them where to go. Still I guess he was just trying to impress his leader, or perhaps he had been watching too much Fox News, you know the only channel that broadcasts the truth. Nice to see that he has apologised for doubting how British you really are.[;-)]
  11. WB, if you highlight and copy the text, and then paste it into a text document, you will be able to read it. The same works for the website link.
  12. So very glad to hear that you are hopefully over the worst of it now mint, can't say I have tried chronic bronchitis, so I will take your word for it. I had to look up tantot, so thanks for the new word.[:D] I have just had the 3 years all clear after my last scan in March, and I am now on 6 monthly scans, so I do not need to panic again until September. Still sludging it, although now I use a green powder that my wife bought for me instead of the frozen spinach, it still comes out the same disgusting colour. But I guess now into May and still going on the old smoothies is some sort of an achievement. I still have not got my sprouting machine going yet, maybe I can make that my 2019 new years resolution. Can't get much further off topic than this post.[:D] Still glad things are picking up for you.
  13. mint, if I have got it right I think it is a income tax credit worked out on the social charges you paid last year, the only allowance you get against these pesky social charges. How you know if it is correct I have no idea I am afraid. I guess it must be a percentage calculation. Hope that you are going on alright.
  14. Sorry that I have not replied to your post pomme, but I have been away for the weekend. So we haven't got to worry until next year for the flat tax changes, I do wish these politicians would stop changing things every year. If this  helps I have found an explanation in English, although whenever you read stuff regarding tax changes I am not sure that it is easy in any language. https://www.french-property.com/news/tax_france/saving_interest_dividends_2018/ I think that if your marginal rate is 14% then there is no advantage to apply the flat tax. You would end up saving 1.2% in income tax, but lose the 40% allowance on the declared dividends. I assume that the flat tax will still carry the 0% band for the first 9800 euros, if not then it is a real non-starter. Next problem is how to inform the tax office that you wish to opt out, I think that I will finish the tax form first, and hit the button, and then maybe email them to enquire as to how you opt out.
  15. Blimey pomme you have gone and muddied the waters even more now! I was aware of the flat rate 30% coming in, but I thought that it started on this years income, next years form, could well be wrong about that so quite happy to be corrected. I was not aware of the other option that you mention, I would think that would be beneficial for my situation if this is true. Maybe there is somebody out there who actually know what is going on.[:D]
  16. Thanks for info John. Last year was the first time that I declared online, and was able to print out a projection of CSG and tax from the figures that I declared. As stated before I used the 17.7% last year, so I am not sure as to why this year it has brought up that message. Maybe the authorities have flagged me up as being a shady character, and one to watch.[Www] There still seems to  be conflicting opinions as to whether to use the 17.7% again this year, me personally I am going to use it, as parsnips posted last year it is the tax that the dividend has borne, not what the individual has paid. pomme, I have never paid any UK tax on any dividend that I have declared in France all the time that I have lived here. I know the rules have changed in the UK, so to be honest I am totally confused.
  17. Not sure if anybody else has come across this. After all the discussion last year regarding as to whether to use the 17.7% tax credit or not, as printed on the 2047, I decided to use it last year and had no problems with my tax bill. All figures were accepted. This year I decided to apply the 17.7% tax credit figure again, and when I get to the end of my 2042 form, and hit the button to  project the income tax and social charge bill I bring up the message: Compte tenu du caractère particulier de certains des éléments télédéclarés, le calcul de votre impôt sur le revenu ne peut pas être affiché immédiatement. Néanmoins, tous les éléments télédéclarés ont bien été pris en compte. Le montant de votre impôt sur le revenu vous sera communiqué avec votre Avis d'impôt. If I then go back over the 2047 and change the 17.7% to 0%, post the changes to the 2042 and project the income tax and social charge bill, it gives me a figure for the two sums as per normal. Has anybody else had the same message appear if claiming the 17.7% tax credit figure?
  18. I have just watched the video interview with Albert Thompson, the poor man that is being refused treatment on the NHS for his prostate cancer, it has truly sickened me. As he states in the video he has been working and paying his taxes since 1974 in the UK, yet under May's Britain because he does not have a passport, he could well die of the awful disease due to lack of treatment. This man could well be dying and all the tories are concerned with is trying to shift the blame away from themselves, truly disgusting. For God's sake May for once in your life show some compassion, why has this poor man had to go to the press to try and get the treatment that may save his life? Sadly I think that May must run everything past Lord Snooty and his Brexit buddies to see if it is acceptable, although in this instance I cannot for the life of me think that anybody would refuse the Windrush people their rights, just because they are immigrants. But hey it's the tory party that we are talking about. For anybody interested, here is the link: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/apr/19/civil-servants-union-boss-dave-penman-hits-back-at-rudd-windrush-blame
  19. My nasty mind says that this is a set up to embarrass the PM. My money is on the former Home Secretary.[:D]
  20. Careful mint, you know who on here will be accusing you of being a Communist, or at the very least a leftie. Just accept it is fine for any country to bomb another without parliamentary consent, because they are soooooo concerned about the people of Syria. I look forward to Ms May welcoming all the new refugees that will now surely arrive into Britain with open arms.
  21. Oh shucks Cajal I must apologize for posting in the Other Topics section which states, NON-France related discussion. Place for members to catch-up. Once again humble apologizes. Yes Macron is at it as well, France usually sticks its nose in other countries business, regardless who is President, just like the UK. Our taxes will be helping to pay for the French bombs that will be dropped, not sure old Maccy is closing down any hospital beds though to pay for them.
  22. ...But not the NHS it would seem. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/apr/13/revealed-82-ghost-wards-1400-empty-beds-nhs-england Nice to see the government has its priorities right, go bomb the *%!$ out of Syria, whilst leaving hospital beds closed. Still The Daily Mail readers will looking forward to another war in which the UK is involved, beats the reality of Brexit I guess. It will also gain some brownie points for Theresa from Donny, perhaps they will get to hold hands again, who knows? A sorry state of affairs when bombs take preference over health, but the British public voted for this government, so I guess they have got what they deserve.
  23. Thank you all for posting the various links trying to sort out my dongle problem, much appreciated. This is going to sound a silly question, but will the Google and Roku dongles enable me to connect to the Internet and surf as I do on my PC, as well as providing streaming sites? Sue we have a Darty close to us, so if I decide on the Chromecast I will be able to pop in and buy it. Must say I am not a fan of Google and do not use their browser or search engine, due to their tracking policy, I use DuckDuckGo for my search engine as they supposedly do not track you. Théière can't seem to track down a Roku in France at anything like a reasonable price, Amazon UK have one for £29 but for Prime customers only, must say that is getting very annoying with Amazon now, as obviously living in France you cannot have a UK Prime account. Well I have learnt a lot about up until about a week ago I knew nothing about. It looks as though I will probably have to go for the Chromecast or a no name alternative, but as Lehaut pointed out there is not much between the price, so best to stick to a named product.
  24. Thanks for all your replies, I think I am a little clearer, but not really sure. My Sony Bravia TV has a model number of KDL-55HX75x, which I assumed was a smart TV, but not really sure now. I logged on to the Sony esupport website and tapped in my model number, it states on there that a LAN adapter is required. It also states that YouTube is not supported anymore on my TV, as Pomme suggested some apps are no longer available in his/her post. The weird thing was about 3 years ago my wife missed an episode of Gardeners World, so I connected my then neuf box from SFR (spit, spit) and either found the episode that she wanted on YouTube or the BBC iplayer when it was still legal to access in France, I really cannot remember how I found the episode. I have decided to go down the route of casting, hope that is the right word, and project from my PC, as basically this seems my only option. I keyed in on Amazon, Google Chromecast dongle, but couldn't really find the specific dongle, lots of various ones to chose from but nothing specifically saying Google Chromecast. I found a Google Chromecast cable but not the specific dongle. Once again many thanks for the trouble you have all taken in answering my query.
  25. I am trying to bring myself into the 21st century and access this new fangle streaming TV. After trying for about a week to connect my Bbox to my smart Sony TV, I was beginning to think that my smart TV is a bit thick, but no it was just me. The WPA button did not connect my Bbox to the TV, so I tried connecting manually, following all the online instructions, but things kept failing. Eventually I twigged that the internet security number is case sensitive, and when I keyed in the number using the caps lock, I was able to connect my box to the TV. So far so good, the Sony TV was purchased in 2012, not sure if newer TVs are different now. I am able to bring up the Sony package pre-loaded on the TV, which includes French Netflix, but not a lot else really of interest. When I try to connect to the internet I am unable to do so. After reading the manual, it states I must plug in a Sony dongle. I have watched several videos on YouTube showing how to connect my PC to the TV, but none mentioned the use of a dongle. So my questions are: do I need a dongle or am I doing something wrong? I have found a Sony dongle on Amazon for a mere £75, yeah right. I found a supposedly compatible no name dongle on ebay from Hong Kong for £10, more like it, but not sure if it will work. If I do not go down the dongle road, what about Miracast or something comparable? If I understand things correctly, I plug the Miracast dongle into my PC, play around a bit, and then plug the dongle into the TV and then I will be able to project my PC onto the large screen TV, well that is the theory. So you good people out their do you use a TV dongle, or Miracast dongle, or can you connect your PC to your TV without a dongle? I am thinking the Miracast option may be better, and less fiddly selecting the internet pages on the PC as normal rather than fiddling around with the TV remote. Or have I got everything completely wrong?
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