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  1. I will try and explain the situation as clearly as I can. We moved to France in the middle of September 2008, wife has a very long list of ailments I am afraid, which we knew could give us a problem in France, in more ways than one, but we are here. Having been here just over 4 months now, we still have not received our attestations, let alone our CV's. We have a new French doctor who is very nice, but because of no attestations we are unable to register with him, a real vicious circle. Amongst all her ailments, my wife is an insulin controlled diabetic, and recently got a prescription from our GP for various bits to keep her going. On the prescription he listed the various items into two categories: Prescriptions relatives au traitement de l'affection de longue durée reconnue (Affection exonéante) and Prescriptions sans rappot avec l'affection de longue durée (Maladies intercurrentes). If I understand it correctly, the first one is signifying that the drugs prescribed should qualify for an ALD exemption. Having taken the prescription to the local pharmacy we were somewhere taken aback, when the lady behind the counter asked for 309 euros, fair enough I thought we would be reimbursed 100% for most of the prescription, so not a problem. I am finally getting to my questions, on the feuille de soins the reimbursement is only showing 65% for the items dispensed from the first part of the prescription. So have I misunderstood the bit about the ALD on the prescription?  Has the lady in the pharmacy made a mistake when keying in the reimbursement percentage? Or is it down to the fact we do not have our CV's and are not registered with our doctor, we will only get reimbursed 65% when we finally receive our CV's and present the feuille de soins to CPAM? I really hope somebody can understand the above!
  2. Grecian

    Beef Insulin

    Thanks Helen for your reply. Alas, Wockhard was the company she was getting her beef insulin from in the UK, and are not licensed in France. She has seen our new doctor over here, who has prescribed the human insulin, but he didn't make too much about switching her onto human insulin, and there was no offer of a referal to see a diabetologue. If she encounters big problems with the new insulin, obviously we will have to go back and see him. I appreciate your comment about the 'old' insulin giving problems, so hopefully the newer versions have been improved. Mrs G has read about insulin pumps, but at this moment in time is not very keen on the idea. If it works for you then all well and good. Just as a general question, how do you find the diabetic care in France? When we lived in East Yorkshire for 5 years Mrs G's care was pretty good, but when we moved to West Yorkshire for 12 months, it was pretty poor, with only referrals to the diabetic nurse. Hopefully things are better in France.    
  3. Grecian

    Beef Insulin

    Thanks again Âme for the reply, and thank you for taking the trouble of looking out the information. We will bear in mind what you have posted, if things don't work out on the human insulin. It seems quite feasible that she would be allowed treatment, or in this instance a prescription through the E112 route. If things get that bad I guess we will have to take a flight back to the UK, and try and get maybe 6 or 12 months supply whilst we are there. Once again thanks for your trouble. I have no idea why my last reply came out in blue!  
  4. Grecian

    Beef Insulin

    Thanks Âme for the reply. I looked at the NHS site regarding the E112, it seems that it is for anybody living in the UK who wants to go abroad for a specific treatment, the UK will then pay of an element of the treatment depending on the cost of it, in the other Europen country. Not sure if it would work the other way round. We will just have to see how things go when Mrs G starts to inject herself with the human insulin.
  5. Grecian

    Beef Insulin

    Having visited our doctor this morning, it is not possible to be prescribed beef insulin in France, as no company in France is licensed to do so. So any diabetic who is on beef insulin, thinking of moving to France from the UK, just be aware of the situation. We have now got to hope that the human insulin prescribed for my wife this morning, will not react with her in the same way as it did some 6 or 7 years ago, when she was first put on human insulin. The only other option open to us if it does react with her badly, is to send her prescription back to the UK, and pay privately for all her insulin. Hopefully we will not have to do this.
  6. Thanks coops, that's pretty conclusive.
  7. Grecian

    Beef Insulin

    Can any insulin controlled diabetics living in France, please advise if it is possible to get beef insulin prescribed in France. Mrs Grecian brought with her a stockpile of beef insulin from the UK, but alas she has almost now run out. After e-mailing the company that supplied her beef insulin in the UK, she has been advised that the company is not licensed in France. When she was put on human insulin when it first came out in the UK, it proved disastrous, with her losing all signals of any impending hypos, her then GP put her back on beef insulin, and after a while she got her warning signals back again. Any help in this matter will be most gratefully received.    
  8. Thank you for all your replies. Just to clarify the situation, do you need to include with your tax form, a list of all the exchange rates used to calculate your worth in euros, when all income etc was received? Benjamin thanks for the info regarding the collection of our first tax form, something to look forward to in April!  
  9. Oh no! I fear another run-in here with French bureaucracy. Having been here nearly 4 months now, we have finally managed to register our car, after a hard slog, but are still waiting to hear from CPAM regarding our attestions and CVs, now people start to talk about exchange rates for tax purposes. Help! Can anybody please explain to me how we will stand at the moment. If I understand the situation correctly, we will have to pay French tax from when we 'officially landed' in France, 17th September until the end of December 2008, for the current French tax year. At this moment in time we have not converted any sterling into euros, apart from the house purchase, and still have all our income paid into The Nationwide, and then draw any money we need to live on, out of the Credit Agricole ATMs, so does this mean I will have to trace back the exchange rate for every euro I have drawn out this way? Please say no. [blink] Also what happens when we come to fill in the dreaded first tax form, what rate will we use for any interest etc accrued in the UK? I assume this must be a standard rate for all concerned.  
  10. Many thanks, everything is crystal clear now. [:D]
  11. Thanks for the reply parsnips, sorry to appear a bit dense here, but if the current bills that people have been receiving recently are for 2008, how would the previous owner have already paid the bill? Or are the bills sent out earlier in 2008, and are now only due now by 15th December? Well I know what I mean, I hope the above makes some sort of sense.[blink]  
  12. I'm am a bit confused here regarding the payment of Tax Fonciere and d'Habitation, could somebody please put me straight. We moved into our property on 19th September 2008, and like minnie's experience we were advised the tax d'Habitation had been paid by the previous owner, and we also paid an adjustment to the notaire for the remaining Fonciere. Are the bills that are due for payment by 15th December for 2008 or 2009? We have not to date received a bill for either tax, but obviously if the bills are paid retrospectively, then I guess we would not expect to receive our first bills until the end of 2009. At the signing, the notaire advised us whilst smiling, that the relevant authorities would be informed of our existence in France, so is it a case of sitting back and waiting for the tax man to catch up with us?  
  13. Thanks Clair for the very rapid reply, I did do a search honest, but did not look at the thread you guided me towards. Also thanks for the info regarding not firing the boiler for 3-4 hours after delivery, I was not aware of this, but thinking about it, it makes perfect sense. Now all I will have to do is guide the lost Leclerc lorry driver to us, in French on the phone. [8-)]
  14. Having been very brave and managed to order some heating oil from Leclerc, I see on the delivery note I was handed from the lady in the kiosk, that it states there are two different standards of fuel: Qualité Standard ou Qualité Supérieure. As I have no idea which one I currently have in my tank at the moment, would anybody know if it is OK to mix Standard with Supérieure. The boiler is nearly 30 years old, so I do not know if this will make a difference, as to what grade is required. Any help gratefully appreciated.  
  15. Grecian


    Thank you for your replies. The drug in question is not a controlled drug, and was freely put on repeat prescription in the UK. At the moment we are not registered with the doctor, as we are still awating our attestations from CPAM, then hopefully our CV's. Would anybody know if it is still possible to have 'traitment pour 6 mois' written on the prescription from a doctor, without being registered with him? We will be going back to the doctor, and try and get at least 1 month's supply of the pills sorted out in the interim.  
  16. Thanks Maricopa, we will bear that in mind if the Doc doen't come upto scratch.  
  17. Apologies in advance is this appears to be a silly question. This morning we visited our new doctor for the first time, and although we were told he could speak English, my wife conveyed her ailments to him, primarily in French, with not too much of a problem. He issued my wife with a prescription for the pills she requires to keep her going. On taking the prescription to the pharmacy, she noticed he had only given her a week's supply of one of her pills, as opposed to the month's supply he discussed in his surgery. At the pharmacy she was handed back her prescription after the pills had been dispensed, so is it permissible to present the same prescription again, and obtain another week's supply of tablets as laid out on the prescription, or once the prescription has been presented and dispensed, is that prescription then rendered invalid? Any help gratefully received.  
  18. Thanks Les, we were handed two of the forms you mention when we visited the CPAM office the first time around. What would happen if we register with a doctor, and then we find we do not like, or he or she is not very good, can we then move on and register with another doctor? Or are we stuck with the first one?  
  19. Thanks Ron for your very swift and informative reply. The cover we have applied for is via E121's.  
  20. Could somebody explain how registering with CPAM works please. We took all our bits to our local office on Thursday, and the gentleman accepted them all without a problem, although we were not given a receipt, or any official documentation to say we had handed over our documents. Should we at that point have been handed an attestation, or will it be sent on at some point in the future? Once we receive the attestation, how do we then get a carte vitale after that? Must admit I am a bit confused at the moment as to how things are supposed to work.    
  21. Thanks for the replies regarding my thirsty boilier, and my introduction to French plumbing. Ernie I tweaked the pressure relief valve, and it did release some air, and the amount of water coming out of the overflow pipe, is very minimal indeed now. Whilst we are on the subject of boilers, does anybody know what the price of oil per litre is at the moment, and totally showing my ignorance are there different grades of oil? I have seen it on Leclerc price board at 69.5 cents per litre, that seems a lot cheaper than some of the older posts I have read on here. Bugbear, thanks for pointing me in the direction of Photobucket, I have had a look at the site, and will get around to registering.  
  22. Well, we went along to our local CPAM office, armed with our long birth certificates this afternoon, and saw a different gentleman than we did 2 weeks ago. He made me splutter through the whole procedure in French, even though he was slipping in the odd few words in English. The bottom line this time around, he never asked to see our passports or utility bill, he just took our 121's, copied our birth and marriage certificates, and rib code, and said that's it. The whole procedure could not have taken more than 2 minutes. It makes me wonder if we had seen him the first time, if our short birth certificates would have 'slipped' through. The only thing which I am now confused about, is that I offered our passport photos for our CV's which he refused, and just said later. Can somebody please explains what happens next, from what I could make out we will received something in the post, does this mean that when the 'something in the post' shows up, we will have to go back with our photos and get our CV's from the office? Or has our man in our local office got things wrong?  
  23. You are quite right RH, I think I got duped beleiving I was looking at the official site where I was born in Exeter, which as I mentioned was charging more than the GRO, for the certificates. But I guess that will have to go down to experience, having never order a birth certificate before, although I suspect that I am not the first to fall for it. My wife's certificate showed up this morning, but I am still waiting for mine to appear.  
  24. I would like to join in this thread and post my holiday snaps of my boiler, but I have to admit I have no idea how to post a picture within the message box of the forum. Nevertheless, I will try and explain my problem, and hopefully somebody will have some idea of what I am talking about! When we moved into our property some 7 weeks ago, the owner advised me to leave the hot-water plugged in 24 hours a day, which was very nice giving us a constant supply of hot water, but then when I watched the dial on the oil tank almost moving downwards as I gazed on, it didn't seem such a good idea. So I put a timer into the system and set it up to have the hot water come on in the morning and evening, which seemed to work fairly well until recently. I now have water dripping out of the overflow pipe on the boiler, not vast amount, but the pot I have put under it needs emptying daily. Can anybody please explain why this may be happening. Is it in need of attention from a plumber (I hope not, I don't fancy that phone call in French)? Or if it is 'normal' should I be turning the tap on next to it, to top the system up? I know all the above sounds a bit gibberish, but if I could have posted a photo I am sure it would come over a lot clearer. Any comments gratefully received.  
  25. Thanks for all the helpful information provided. I tried RH's suggestion of 'googling' the Registrars office where I was born, but found their price a lot more expensive than using the Home Office website and paying for a priority delivery. It has still cost us £26 each for duplicate long birth certificates, which up until today have not yet arrived. This may seem a silly question, but are we allowed to visit a doctor in France, without being allied to CPAM? We both have our E-forms, but as explained already cannot register with CPAM until receipt of long birth certificates, and if I understand the situation correctly, cannot use our UK EHIC cards as we are French residents.  
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