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  1. Thanks for the information Norman, I appreciate that it is in a tricky position and will have to be prepared for whatever the outcome is regarding a stoma, obviously prefer not to have one, but if it comes to it, then so be it at least then I will still be here to care for my wife, which is my number one priority at the moment. As I mentioned the doctor who checked my MRI said he is not a surgeon, he only thought that it would be easier for the restitching as it is so close to the base of the rectum. He also mentioned that not all hospitals have a robot, when I asked him if Angers has a robot  he replied yes, but it is a long way to come for your treatment, to which I replied not a problem, I want the best chance possible. Not sure how it would work if any chemo is required, would you know if say I had the operation at Angers, could any chemo be administered at Bressuire? On a lighter note it is pretty scary that you know so much about me Norman, yes you have sussed my user name of Grecian as being the nickname of my home town football club Exeter City, 'The Grecians' who if you are interested tonight could quite possibly be humiliated by Warrington Town in the first round of the FA cup, which is being shown live on BBC1. Regarding which hospital and area really spooky, I was raised in Newtown so the old Heavitree hospital was my closest hospital, but when I got married I moved to Heavitree, and the RD & E is the hospital I was referring to when I posted yesterday. Are you an Exeter lad? Can't say I have taken too much to French cider, find it has a strange taste, probably because they actually put apples in it[:)], do miss the Westcountry cider a little, and can remember the first time my then to be wife drank not an insignificant amount of 'rough', not a moment in her life that she would have been proud of, is all I am going to say.[Www]
  2. idun, Would it have been easier if I had lived in the UK? To some degree definately I was born in Exeter and the hospital was a 5 minute walk from our house, I actually said to my wife at one point, I really wish we still lived in Exeter at this moment in time, although we both passionately love our life here in France. Again at my lowest ebb we said we will have to reconsider our position of living in France when this is all sorted, but now having progressed to the position where we now find ourselves, and having a clear idea as to what will happen next, I think we will be staying in France. I would defy anybody who is put in the position I found myself in some three weeks ago to not freak out, imagine the situation you know you have a life threatening condition, and yet have no idea as to how the system works in order for things to be put right. So yes guilty as charged for seeming weak and pathetic, would you have been any different? mint/gardengirl/mogs, Thank you for your kind words, I think that I may have exceeded the the dose stated on the label of the medicine bottle last night, but we have had no 'normal' life for nearly a month, so last night we let go a little, well a lot actually! Théière/Norman, Thanks for the links provided regarding the robot, looks like the surgeon is playing on his X-Box, at least the anesthsetist was showing some interest. I do no know if this will be the procedure used, as the doctor who viewed my MRI said he is not a surgeon, but thought a robot could be used due to the position of the tumour. Norman my tumour is a lot lower than yours was I think, literally just inside my bum, only worry is there may not be enough left to restitch, will have to wait and see. Benjamin, Thanks for that, very reassuring. Pierre, Behave!
  3. More news today that is as good as can be expected as things stand. I was informed today that the tumour has not spread to any other parts around it, not dug into any other important bits at all, in fact the doctor today said that there is no problem with my lymph nodes either. This is only coming from the doctor who examined my MRI scan, but is the guy who deals with this every day, so I am taking some heart from what he told us, and what he has written in the report. I now need to chill and wait until I see the specialist that has been treating me to confirm that is how the situation is. Must say I am really relieved with the news I have received over the last two days. It has been a very stressful two days, probably the worst of my life, sat there waiting for the doctor to call you in and tell you your fate, not something I would want to repeat too often. The taxi driver we had today was absolutely brilliant, and came in with us and organized everything at the reception for us, helped with our French as he could not speak English. He explained about the local wine and stone used in the local buildings when we were driving up, as he could see I was somewhat stressed out, really nice man. Contrary to the nurse who prepped me for the MRI, totally horrible lady, and the guy who conducted the MRI turned his back on me when I offered to shake his hand on entering the MRI room, can only think neither one of them like the English. The doctor who gave me my results was a lovely man, and tried to tell us in English, although he struggled with some of the words, he came across as a caring person. He told us that the tumour is in an awkward position, and was saying something about a robot, I think Benjamin mentioned something about a robot regarding his operation, will do some research tonight to see what this entails. So tonight no more poxy white trash for me, going to have potatoes and lots and lots of them, and real meat. Followed tonight by beaucoup de red wine, just to help me sleep of course.[8-|]
  4. Thanks again for all your replies. Théière no I can't have a proper meal yet, it was OK to have a light breakfast for my CT scan today, but the 3 day regime of them starving me is for the MRI tomorrow, and is categorically says on the letter from the hospital not to eat anything for 6 HOURS before the scan, so only having a few poxy biscottes inside me for breakfast, I am going to be really, really hungry when they have finished with me.[:-))] Just got to hope now that it has not gone too deep, and you were right Norman after reading the report again is says small ganglions either side of the groin.
  5. Well after today's CT scan the news is as good as can be expected at this stage, no secondary spread in the liver or lungs, no other tumours showing further up the colon, the only things that showed up is a small lesion in the groin, the report does say small so I hope it can be dealt with. Must say I am mighty relieved about all this at the moment, as I know it would be doubly difficult to deal with if it had spread any further. Tomorrow is another big day as it will show the extent of the tumour, I know it is big but hoping that if they have to shut up shop so to speak to cut the damn thing out, then so be it. So as it stands the 'only' problems I have are the tumour itself and the lesion Still a long way to go, but I feel the first part of the battle has been won, and once any treatment starts then I know I am on the way to hopefully beating the situation I find myself in. Taking nothing for granted at the moment as tomorrow could be a set-back, but at least I know what I am up against now. Whereas 2 weeks ago I was all over the place, so many thanks to you all for getting me this far, and a special thank you to Norman. you have been brilliant. Well Thiere I am off to eat my weight in rice krispies for lunch, yum yum, oh not I am not it is another bowl of soup sans vegetables, what fun.
  6. Thank you all for your kind words and support. Feeling really stressed out at the moment, I want to know exactly where I stand, but at the same time not really wanting to know if anything has spread outside the primary tumour. Must admit I have some pains I am a little concerned about at the moment, just hoping it is wind from the offending tumour. Tough two days to come, CT tomorrow then MRI on Wednesday, worse part to date is I have had to follow a no fibre diet since yesterday for the MRI on Wednesday, and I am bloody starving at the moment. Another sleepless night I guess, at least the waiting will be over, just the news to contend with after that. Thanks again for all your support. Richard
  7. Thanks for that Kitty, I think you have summed up the situation perfectly there, had a wry smile about your husband putting on his wedding ring, I have put mine back on after 25 years of not wearing it, as you say it makes you both 'one'. After seeing our doctor this morning I think I have finally made it to base camp, he had the paperwork ready to instigate my ALD which he will post off to CPAM today, has given me 2  bon de transport forms, for both Angers and Thours, so the worry of having to drive myself taken away. He explained to me what will happen after all the scans have been completed, I will have to go back to see the specialist who has been treating me to date. We think he said there will then be a video conference between all the doctors from the places I will have had my scans. Treatment will then be decided upon, my own doctor was adamant that any treatment will be at Angers, that is where I want to go, so I am very relieved to know I will be going to Angers. As mentioned before they have the 2nd best survival rates in the whole of France. Not sure if my doctor was just putting on a brave face on the whole matter, but he seemed quite shocked to see both of us so low, he agreed that it has obviously come as a shock, but seemed surprised we were not taking this as just another illness. Not clutching at straws but he told me a young lady patient of his had the same operation, and is now fine, we can but hope. He said he would think any treatment would start towards the end of November, and reassured me, as Norman has, that it is slow growing.. Next big step the CT scan next Tuesday, if no other secondary sites show, I think then I will truly be on the road to fighting this ****** thing inside me and look forward to Christmas. On the other hand if anything else is found, I will just have to come to terms with it, and  take things as they come. Quite a bit happier than my post of yesterday. Once again thank you all for your support. Grecian
  8. Thanks again Norman and Idun, yes you are right very anxious at the moment, and really feeling isolated. Hopefully our GP will burst into action tomorrow and give us some answers, to date nobody has told us anything. CSF have sorted a few things for us today, but still a big logistical problem with the MRI at Angers having to perform an unpleasant task 3 hours and 1 hour before the MRI, I have been informed there is no special facility to carry this out, so will just have to try and cope the best I can. We went in to see the specialist's secretary this afternoon asking why we had not received any referral letters for the scans, she assured us the all the letters had been faxed to the relevant places. Had a blood test that was asked for, for both the CT and MRI, and had the prescriptions made up for everything I need to take for the scans. So have done my bit up to date, at least I am organized. Quite or should I say very concerning was when the lady from CSF telephoned to cancel my appointments for my original CT and MRI at Fontenay Le Compte, she was informed that no record of my appointments were in their system, I can't even start to contemplate what I would have done, had I gone there to be told there was no appointment for me. The CSF lady is going to pursue the case tomorrow, as obviously if the appointments do exist, they need to be cancelled and offered to somebody else as soon as possible. She has confirmed my appointment has been booked at Angers, but is unable to confirm Bressuire, as nobody was answering the phone today. You are right Norman, I think mechanical mode is called for now, but it is going to be a long wait until next Tuesday before something finally starts to happen. I am sure you would be very good at the touchy feely bit Norman, and when this whole nightmare is over I look forward to a giant hug.[geek] Grecian
  9. Thanks again Norman, sorry to seem like a complete coward here, but really finding it difficult trying to fathom out how things work in France, let alone getting to the stage of actually having any treatment, just want to get it clear in my mind how we progress.. Agreed it has not yet been officially confirmed, I would think the biopsy results will appear this week. Regarding the ALD situation the specialist said last week he will inform my own doctor to set it up, and as I have already said we have an appointment to see him tomorrow, so hopefully something will be sorted out. I have looked at my mutuelle and I have 100% cover for transport, not sure if 100% will be the full reimbursement, but I really need to have transport organized for the appointment at Angers next week, as I do not want the stress of driving on top of everything else. Would you know if I can use the VSL and pay if necessary without any paperwork from the doctor. Grecian
  10. Thank you both for your replies. Still a little woolly here Norman, if I stay with the specialist I have been seeing, who may well be a very good specialist are you saying he would also be the surgeon that would carry out any surgery necessary, or are you saying I will be passed on to a surgeon at a hospital? I was under the impression like the UK once all test results etc have been collated a team at which ever hospital I decide to use will discuss my situation, and offer me my options. Sorry to seem a little dense. I can see that if I used Angers things would all be taken in house so to speak, and would probably run a little smoother.
  11. A belated thanks for the info supplied Norman, and Kitty your post has helped a great deal. Got to admit feeling very low at the moment, I am thinking this to be the lowest point, unless given some really bad news after all the scans, as you said Kitty the waiting and not knowing. Both myself and my wife feel very isolated, we are not great mixers and have no English friends, our French neighbours are all very nice, and I am trying to find the right time to tell them, I am sure that they will rally round. For us at the moment having to organize everything ourselves, which in the UK would be done for you is very daunting, trying to make sure we have all the prescriptions made up, and blood test done, but at the moment we have not received the paperwork for all this from the specialist I am seeing, if it does not arrive tomorrow will have to go into his office and try and sort things out. I am in contact with CSF who have been very helpful to date, and are making 3 telephone calls for me tomorrow. Having thrown a bit of a wobbly with the specialist regarding the length of time I was expected to wait for my CT and MRI, we have had them all brought forward to 4th, 5th and 12 November now, but all three scans in different places, the CT at our local hospital at Bressuire, which is only about 9 miles away, the MRI at Angers which is about 70 miles away and a echo sigmoidoscopy at Thours, which is about 26 miles away. Whilst it is beneficial to have earlier dates the logistics of the MRI at Angers is a problem, without putting too fine a point on it, I have operations to carry out 3 hours and 1 hour before the MRI which are causing a problem. Hopefully I will have my ALD and transport paperwork sorted out in time, and if I am able to use a taxi to take us to Angers it would be a big help. I think the biggest problem we have after all the scans have been completed, is not knowing what happens afterwards. I have re-read all this thread again. If I have this correct after reading what Norman has kindly posted, after all my scans and sigmoidoscopy have been completed, take everything back to the specialist who has been treating me to date. Is that correct?  He will decided as to how to proceed, I also have the option of seeing another specialist, which my choice would be somebody from the centre at Angers, so if this is the case, I must make an appointment to see that specialist myself? After the consultations with either one or both specialists, what happens then? Does the specialist then make the referral to see an oncologist? Will the specialist send all my scans, sigmoidoscopy results and biopsy result to said oncologist, or do I have to organize this? (I sincerely hope not) Does the specialist decide as to which hospital I am sent to or do I get a say in the matter? If I am seeing the specialist at Angers then I guess all the process will be integrated. I know that my local hospital at Bressuire can carry out the operation that I may require, and would be more convenient for my wife, but as the centre at Angers is a specialized unit, and has the 2nd highest survival rate in France, although a lost more hassle regarding the distance to travel, this would be my preferred option. Sorry for such another post, but if I can get the process sorted out in my head, I think it will help to calm me down a little. Grecian
  12. Could anybody point me in the right direction as to where I might find any comparison league tables for the treatment of cancer in France please. I like the look of the centre at Angers, but would like to know what my options would be a ittle closer to home. Many thanks Grecian
  13. Thanks again Norman. I have been investigating the centre at Angers, where I am now going to have my scans, and I am very impressed with the whole set-up. You mentioned in a reply that I could switch specialists if I wanted to, if I stay with the specialist I am seeing at the moment, until all scans have been done, and all information collated, would I then be at liberty to demand that I wish my treatment, if necessary, to be performed at the centre at Angers, or would I have to switch to Angers now? Also if I have all my treatment at Angers does anybody know if I would be able to use the ambulance taxis, for transport to and from Angers which is about 70 miles from us if I were to be having chemo? As I assume I would not be able to drive after a chemo session, unfortunately my wife would not be able to drive me. Do all hospitals have the option for my wife to stay at the hospital overnight or several nights, whilst I am in hospital? Grecian
  14. Again thank you all for your support, I really do appreciate it. I never thought I would be 'spilling my guts' on a public website whilst dealing with a very personal battle I have to take on, but I am finding the experience very uplifting, so thank you all very much indeed. Norman, a big thanks to you, you have been absolutely brilliant in the way you have laid out what lies before me. We have moved on a stage this morning after receiving the paperwork for my CT and MRI scans, and this has knocked us back a little, trying to plough through what is required from us to organize ourselves. I received a phone this morning from the secretary of the specialist and they have arranged to bring forward the MRI scan to 5th Nov at Angers, at the place you have flagged up Norman. Whilst Angers is about 70 miles from us instead of the 25 miles it would have been for the original scans, we are going to take the appointment at Angers, she is ringing tomorrow with the CT scan appointment, again at Angers. It looks like the place to have treatment, if or when it comes to it, although it will be difficult for my wife, although she can drive, she surrendered her driving licence some 15 years ago, as she is unable to drive safely with her disabilities. If I understand the situation correctly, hospitals in France offer the facility of a room for her to stay overnight whilst I am in hospital, could anybody confirm that for me please. Regarding all the things we need to organize ourselves, Norman you mentioned the need for a chest x-ray, ECG and arrange an appointment to see the anaesthetist, it will be no problem with the x-ray, as we have a unit close to us that we have used every since we lived in France, but how would I go about arranging an appointment for an ECG please, would that be at my local hospital, and would we need a letter from either our own doctor or the specialist? I presume we leave the anaesthetist until last obviously, as that will depend where I decide where to have my treatment if required. Another thing we our confused about regarding the paperwork we received this morning, it is asking us to bring a letter from the specialist indicating what the scan is for, we have not been given any such letter from him, and as I do not have another appointment with him, should I contact him asking for the letter. As I said we are seeing our own doctor next Tuesday so we will ask him if he gives us the letter or go back and see the specialist. As I have stated it is our choice to live in France, and are happy to abide by their rules, but I can't say the system they operate under is a patch on the system used in the UK. Having to organize everything for ourselves whilst under considerable stress is not really what we want to be going through. Even down to having to have a prescription made-up and remember to take it with us, for the dye they will inject into me. Obviously in the UK once you are referred, everything is done for you. So we are finding it we hard battling both the illness and system at the same time. I will contact the cancer support group again if we really become stuck and can't cope. Benjamin and Theire, thank you both for commenting on your own experiences, I guess Benjamin is going through what I am the moment, and Theire has come out the other side, so thank you both for your comments. And to everybody else just thank you for your kind words and support. We took Mint's advice last night and had a bit of a blast on the red wine, it brought out the tears in both of us for the first time, so I think it helped to move us on a little bit.
  15. Thank you all again folks for your kind words. I know I am probably being hysterical about the waiting time, but until you are placed in this situation I don't think anybody else would act any differently, unless you are very very strong willed. And yes until I have the results of the biopsy the tumour could still turn out to be benign, if that turns out to be the case, then I would not be sober for at least a week! I think the specialist saw I was very distressed today, and he did write urgent on the biopsy report, after I had thrown a wobbly, and his secretary is going to try and get me earlier scans at Angers, they will let me know tomorrow. Another part of this whole situation is not knowing how things work in France. I don't really like the specialist I have seen, and as he was running half an hour late today, he just seemed to want to get rid of me as quickly as possible. I am going to see my own doctor next week, as I need to know what happens next when I am given the scans and reports, do I take them back to the specialist I have seen to date, am I expected to make an appointment at a hospital myself and stuff like that, which would all be done for you in the UK. Our choice to live in France, but this is a very big downside to being here at the moment. But I must practice what I preach, so I guess it is One Step at a Time, as that is what I have stated I was going to do. Thank you all again. Grecian
  16. Well after seeing the specialist for my sigmoidoscopy this morning can't say I have been giving overly encouraging news. He found a large tumour 5 cms up my bum, and a polyp which he removed, the rest of the bowel and colon he could see were clear. I guess the only consolation is that it is confined to the very bottom (excuse the pun) of my bum, so if they can get it and cut it out maybe there is a chance. But until the CT scan is done, I will not know if there are any secondary sites. He was very pleased with my blood test results and said the readings were excellent, so something to cling to. Now comes the wait, 14th Nov for the CT scan and 21st Nov for the MRI, and then who knows how long after that for any surgery. Does anybody know if you can go privately in France for CT and MRI scans? Maybe I am overreacting and should just wait for things to unfold, I guess this is perfectly normal at this stage to want any surgery or chemo done yesterday. Like to think something will be done before Christmas but not even sure that will happen at this stage. What a bummer (sorry another pun).
  17. Thank you for that Norman, it has slightly put my mind at ease a little, but not taking anything for granted at this stage. I have thought all along the problem to be very low down, as the pain really does feel like very sore haemorrhoids, so we will just have to wait and see what transpires tomorrow. I have my two enemas lined up for tomorrow morning's blast [+o(]. Would you know if I can have any breakfast after I have 'let-rip' as I never asked the specialist that. Many thanks Grecian
  18. So sorry to hear of your own situation Benjamin, until you are put into the situation you have absolutely no idea as to how hard it can hit you, it literally turns your world upside down in a split second. I hope your CT scan has not shown up any secondary sites, and you receive your appointment very soon, I think all the waiting is as hard as being told of your situation. As mine has not yet been diagnosed, I am trying to get myself together as since last Wednesday I have fallen apart quite badly, that is no good and must stop, I have a wife with very bad health herself to look after, so 'clocking out' is not an option. I have decided to adopt as my theme tune a Francis Rossi song off his solo album--One Step At A Time, perfect I would say. You can find the song on YouTube so maybe give it a go. As regards as to how my doctor was alerted to mine, no I didn't do the poo test, I now know how stupid I was not to send off the test, as I must have had 3 or 4 letters sent to me in our 6 year stay in France. I did a Google search as to why I may have been lightheaded after an attack I had about 2 months ago which left me very lightheaded for 3 or 4 days. It stated ear problems to be a likely cause with balance, but a piece at the bottom said bowel cancer could be a possibility. As I suffer from haemorrhoids I assumed the problem with pains in my bum to be linked to them, when I saw my doctor I told him of being lightheaded and I told him that my haemorrhoids were very sore. He only looked up my bum, no greased finger and said they were inflammed. I think he should have linked to two symptoms together, he gave my some tablets for both ailments, so I came away feeling relieved. Only after I started passing mucus I went back to see him 3 weeks later, he then sent me to a specialist, but only to have my haemorrhoids checked out, the rest is now history. Not happy with my doctor, but for the time being I am stuck with him. Like yourself I had blood tests for pretty much everything last week, and whilst there was no PSA test included, after thoroughly reading the blood test results we notice an ACE test (which is a CEA test in the UK), and researched this test on the internet. Basically is it a colon cancer test, and any reading under 5 for a non-smoker is considered healthy, when we noticed mine was showing 1.2 we were both upbeat on Saturday thinking there to be no problem. On Sunday I did further research any discovered that this test is used as a marker when treatment is started, and sometimes it gives false positives, so back on the floor again. Although having now joined the forum on the Beating Bowel Cancer  website some people's CEA readings start well over 300, so even though it may be giving me a false positive reading, I think I would rather start with a reading of 1.2 than say 350. Once again so sorry to hear of your own situation Benjamin, if we can both help each other in the pursuing battle let's keep in contact. Good luck to yourself also.
  19. Thank you all very much for your kind support, I've always felt like we are a community on this forum, although most of us have never met, and when 'one of ours' goes down we all pull together. As Norman has pointed out to me I have not yet been officially diagnosed with cancer, so must stay strong until I have been informed one way or another how the situation is. Must say the specialist didn't tell me outright just started saying I will be sent for a CT scan and MRI, but did say an operation is required, I guess they have to be a little careful in what information they disclose. All my blood test results came back with 'normal' readings, but I have since found out this is no way to find out the staging, only the CT and MRI can show that. Still I guess it is better to have readings within range at this stage. I still think nearly a 5 week wait is too long for the MRI, I must say I was expecting it much quicker, that is a long time to be kept speculating what is going on inside my body. It's nice to hear other peoples experiences in France when being treated for cancer have been good. Whilst I am going to see my own doctor next week, unfortunately he is on holiday this week, I will ask him how the process unfolds after the scans have been completed. Norman can you remember what happened to you after your scans were done? I presume I would receive an appointment to see the surgeon who will carry out the operation initially, and then received another appointment for the operation. Well tomorrow is a massive day for me, although I am only having a sigmoidoscopy, and as Theiere has pointed out I will probably have to have an endoscopy as well, it will reveal what is happening with my bowel and lower colon, (what a nice subject!) Well thank you all again for your support. Grecian
  20. Thank you very much for your swift reply Norman, it is very reassuring to know you have come through the experience, and are still going strong after 5 years. In answer to your question, no I have not been officially diagnosed yet, I am having a sigmoidoscopy on Wednesday, I saw the same specialist last week and the only test he has done to date was to stick a greased finger up my bum[+o(] he then told me i will need an operation. Not sure how he could know if what he felt was malignant or benign, but I assume he knows what he is looking for. Thanks for the offer of answering more questions, I have some more, but is late now. Once again thanks for your reply.
  21. Well it looks like I have bowel cancer, still trying to come to terms with the whole horrible scenario and must say the whole things is like living a nightmare. Must try and stay positive although hard, I guess things will sink-in, in due course. What I really would like is feedback and information as to how the whole process of cancer treatment works here in France. To date I have an appointment for a sigmoidoscopy on Wednesday, which has only been a wait of a week, but today received my appointments for a CT scan and MRI on the 14th and 21st November respectively, which considering we are meant to have the best healthcare system in the world seems a long wait. No point really comparing waiting times in other parts of France, but maybe Deux Sevres is a bit slow in this situation. Could anybody tell me what happens after the test results are received, and how long I can expect to wait for an operation? Being seriously ill in a foreign language is not the ideal situation, although I have contacted the English cancer support group in Deux Sevres and they said if I require a person to come with us to see the specialist for translation purposes, they will be happy to help, that's something I guess. Would really appreciate any feedback from anybody who has been through the same situation.
  22. Thanks for the info Pickles, have been into my account and changed my password.
  23. OK, as the official 2014 tax form season is underway, looks like I am going to be the first one to post a query. Following on from the link I posted within this thread on the 5th February, I am now totally confused by the new information supplied french-property.com via an e-mail newsletter I received from them. Within this newsletter they are now stating that capital gains realized from share sales are tapered on a sliding scale, starting at 20% not 50% for shares held for 2 years, 30% between 2 and 4 years, and 40% from 6 years, totally different information given back in February. http://www.french-property.com/news/tax_france/dividends_interest_income/ Also after reading the link kindly supplied by knee gel from The Connection, they are stating that it is 50% taper on shares held for 2 years, and the same treatment for any losses that are declared. I have 'Googled' the tax changes from the budget and all the websites that were flagged up except suez-environment.com are stating 50% taper, but suez are also saying it is only 20%. Does anybody know if it is 20% or 50% taper after 2 years, as obviously it will made a big difference to the final tax bill.
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