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  1. Well I am still following the replies, so thanks to those who have helped. You have given me a rough idea of rates which is helpful. Linda
  2. [quote user="zeb"]If he's registered in France and has done the course (which is obligatory) he'll know all this, and how to cost up (hourly rates, materials, TVA, cotisations etc) as it's covered, repeated several times, and this is what everyone who is there talks about in tea breaks![/quote] OK I think people think I am trying to hide something here!  I was just after some information from people who either worked in the building trade or for people who did, that was all [8-)] Yes, he is registered (I have already said he was), yes he's done the course ( he had to, as you say it's obligatory) and yes people may have talked in your coffee breaks, but that's all well and fine if your french is very good - his isn't!  And all but 2 people were french.  Yes, he's got the book of rates, but that doesn't necessarily mean that is what is charged or asked for by a subbie. There are going rates in the UK, but a variety of prices are charged.  I thought this forum was to help people, not make them feel stupid, obviously I was wrong and I shall not bother posting again. As I said before, thank you to those who replied helpfully[:)]
  3. [quote user="Heath"]So how does he provide an estimate to the customer if he doesn't know what he's going to have to pay subbies?[/quote] He has only just registered and having worked as a builder for over 20 years in the UK he is well used to estimating works thank you[:D] I was just querying what rates of pay were like compared to the UK. Thank you to those who have replied with helpful info.
  4. Sorry, should have been more specific [+o(] My husband is registered and wants to know what to expect to pay say a carpenter or a brickie etc when he needs them on a project. Also have a mate who is a carpenter and he wanted to know rates he should charge. Thanks[:)]
  5. Can anyone give me a rough idea what the going rates are for artisans ?  Say bricklayers, carpenters and the like .
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