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  1. Just to add to the other respondents. I do add a "Hiverage" product into the water as I find it helps reduce the amount of Algae come Spring time. I leave the water level as it is and let the overflow do its job over the Winter. Come Spring I "Waste" about 25% of the water as I am "hoovering" the dirt away , after brushing the walls. I also turn off all the valves in the pump room ( blank off the returns in the skimmers and cleaner socket first ). I also drain the pump and filter of water and clean the filter pads ready for next season.
  2. Yes there is a pressure reduction valve positioned on the incoming mains. I thought it may be a de-calc problem. I wonder if the stuff you get to de-scale kettles would be strong enough?
  3. Can you turn them clockwise as well as anti-clockwise? I'm back in the UK at the moment and can't remember which way I was turning it. However when I turned it water came spurting out at a much faster rate. I tried this a few times but it did not stop the drip.
  4. Every year when we winter our holiday home I drain the Chauffage de Eau by turning the Group de Security and draining the water and leave it in the OFF position. When I filled up this year it started dripping straight away from the G de S.. I guess that by leaving it in the OFF position there as been a build up of calcaire which is now preventing it from sealing properly. My question is are they servicable? I have already purchased another , noting that you can get anti-calcaire versions, which I wasn't aware of when I installed it 3 years ago. Also do you have to drain the tank to replace it?
  5. When we had ours fitted the "Groupe de Security" (the safety valve I think OP are refering to ) kept blowing because of the fluctuating mains water pressure. We had to have a pressure reducing/stablising valve fitted on the incoming mains. I think the G de S are designed to blow at around 3.5 bar and our mains pressure would/does fluctuate between 1.5 and 6 bar.
  6. Thanks for that Papa. The Wife will be really impressed.
  7. Can anyone tell me if the European Champs League final between Barcelona and Man Utd is on French Terrestrial TV on Saturday evening.We are travelling down over the weekend with a scheduled overnight stay at an Etap Hotel. It makes a change from "Britains' got Talent".
  8. Quillan wrote "So all this and more in my book points to Euroland being in far better shape than Stirling and the UK" The last time I was in Stirling it looked in fine shape to me. The UK is still recovering from the last government in my opinion .Let's see what the position is in a couple of years when I believe Sterling and the UK will be in better shape.
  9. Thanks for that Alec . I've found one 5 miles away which I will try next time I'm at the house.
  10. I've posted this request before but did not get a response , so here goes again. Does anyone know of a scrap yard or reclaimation place that will take aluminum panels from an old caravan that I have broken up? Preferably near to Fumel (Lot et Garonne) Thanks in anticipation.
  11. Last time I checked at Point P , I think the price was around 38 Euro a tonne (cubic metre) and standard delivery of 70 Euro over 10 km radius. That would make it 146 Euro. Have you tried a Quarry , they are usually a bit cheaper .Not sure about a small load though. Found this forum although its a couple of years old. http://www.forumconstruire.com/construire/topic-85080.php  
  12. [quote user="Claude"]Last week a family of 5 stayed and all they used was two hand towels.[/quote]   I thought all towels were two-handed?
  13. Just a word of caution , if you are thinking of using soldered joints. You have to file off the chrome down to bare copper in order for the solder to adhere, making the finish somewhat messy. In the past I have found compression joints much better when using chrome.
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