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  1. Hi, thanks for your response. Our little girl is only 3 at the moment, so we have plenty of time to choose the big schools. However, the choice when she gets bigger however, is going to be more difficult. I would like to send her to a school with a good reputation but because there is no league tables, I think it will be a case of finding out that info when I get there. What are the pre-schools like in the limousin? Do you think it would be better to send her to a french school or an English school that teaches French for the first part? Any help you can give in this area would be great. Thanks
  2. I wonder if anyone can give us a rough idea of what the top ten schools are in France and if any show up in the Limousin area. We are in the very early stages of looking into moving over to France and one of the areas we are interested in is the Limousin. If anyone can give us any advice, this would help us enormously. We are going to be visiting the area in the summertime, so if anyone can give us any other ideas and tips on this area, we would be really grateful.   Thanks for your help.[:)] A  
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