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  1. Thanks Val

    I've checked their web site and found a branch in Angouleme.  Will check it out.  Have you been there yourself?

  2. We are having trouble finding suitable soft furnishings, curtain material etc.  Location Cognac.  Does anyone have any suggestion to try in this locality?

    Is there a store similar to Dunelm?

    Many thanks

  3. Hi, does anyone run, or able to recommend, a pleasant Chambre d'hotes or small hotel for a couple of nights in early september.  We would prefer to be close to town/village with restaurants.

    Many thanks


  4. Looking for a nice spot for two nights early september, preferably in a village or near to Lourdes/Pau.  Any suggestions gratefully received.

    Thanks Palfers

  5. Does anyone have suggestions regarding the cheapest way of using a British mobile while visiting?  I have seen ads for the 0044 roaming card, but is this better than buying a French sim for my phone?

    Any information on the cost of cards and calls gratefully received.



  6. I intend to do some touring this year and want to buy a motor home. Does anyone know how prices compare between buying in France and UK?  I have heard that they are considerably cheaper if bought in Germany.  Does anyone have any experience of this?

    Many thanks


  7. I want to stay on the island for a couple of nights in April, preferably St Martin but any of the towns would be ok. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced hotel or B&B.

    Does anyone have an e-mail address for the tourist information on the island.

    Many thanks


  8. Is there a market for second hand stoves in France? I have a house in Cognac, Charente, and would like to buy a stove there. Doea anyone know of an outlet in that area.


  9. Just had replies from Yellow Hire £560.00 per week all in though no mention of mileage.  Tollgate in Bristol quoyed £420.00 including 1750 mileage allowance.  Both quotes are inclusive of recovery.  Hope this helps.


  10. Many thanks to the rest of you for your help and ideas.
  11. Thanks to everyone for their help. I will contact all the companies mentioned and post the results.

    Many Thanks

  12. No problem. As soon as I get any information I will let you know.
  13. I did not realise this would cause such a stir! I am new to the Forum and had assumed that it would be used as a means of passing on usefull information to others who may be in a similar situation. It obviously goes much further than this for some people.

    Yes I did buy the dish here. The box and card were redundant from a previous installation at my home. Yes I did install the equipment myself and as I said, generally it works perfectly well. I am asking for information on someone who I can contact to check it over, and pay a fair price for their services.

    Obviously no one else has ever tried to do something themselves in an effort to save some money.

    Thank you

  14. I am trying to hire a van in Bristol/North Somerset area. So far no one will let me take it out of the country. Any suggestions. Thanks
  15. can anyone recommend a reasonably priced sat engineer in the Cognac area. I have taken kit over and installed myself. Usually works fine but occasionally loose all programes. Thanks
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