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  1. My daughter and two female friends, all graduate students, are desperately looking for accomodation commutable to Geneva where they are to do work placements in international organisations for 3 weeks from 14th March. All the uni residences are "complet", it being still termtime, and gites are obviously mostly rural and not well placed for commuting. They will hire a car if they must but would very much prefer not for cost reasons. Can anyone help? many thanks Cathy
  2. First, apologies if these questions have already been covered: I am a new user and although I have searched I could not readily see the answer. We have fairly recently bought a "maison secondaire" and equipped same, amongst other things buying in France a TV, digibox and satellite dish. Dish we think is correctly installed -by handy husband with aid of a meter. But we seem to receive almost exclusively German channels. We would like to receive French channels (analogue reception very poor) and also ideally some British ones. I have read and am thoroughly confused by the correspondence re Sky boxes and FTV cards....do the latter work in a French digibox?...don't want a subscription to anything as not permanently resident. Can anyone please steer us in the right direction? many thanks Cathy
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