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    May 28th?

    Hello I am under the impression that Monday May 28th is a Bank Holiday in France.  Is this correct?  If so, will the supermarkets be open as I am flying in that afternoon and there will be no food in the house!!  My neighbours have offered to get things in, but I said no as I rexpected the shops to be open, so if I am wrong I need to get in touch with them and beg them to go shopping for me!! Many thanks :-) Sandra
  2. Hi It's furnished though we are also taking all our stuff with us.  As we are both still in the UK, I wanted to get something signed before I next go out this month so i can sort out phone lines and bills etc - would an agreement in English suffice, I suppose not?  With the other couple being in the UK, it would be hard to get a French speaker to translate.. Sandar
  3. We are renting long term (1 year+) from an English couple and wondered if anyone had an agreement that we could copy?  I know we need something to register ourselves in various things once we are there and the couple don't speak French... Any help, greatly appreciated! Sandra
  4. Hello I am wanting to apply for a job teaching English and have been asked for a CV and letter but am unsure what to put in the letter and how to word it for the French market - can anyone help me, please?  I have a 'French' CV and if anyone would take a look at it, I'd be most grateful...please PM me if you can help! Thanks! Sandra
  5. Hello, hope someone can help!  When I move out with my daughter, my husband will be staying in the UK and coming over for the weekends.  I was under the impression that his UK earnings will be taxed in France as we are there full-time (by the way, he'll be self-employed) but his accountant says he will only pay tax on any monies he remits to France, which may be none as I am looking for a job in France.  Can anyone clarify this? Many thanks, Sandra
  6. Hello!  Are there any such organistaions in Dept 17?  We are moving over soon and have promised our 4 year old a little dog - either a Dachshund or a small poodle (or puddle as shre calls them :-) ) Thanks, Sandra
  7. Hello Some help needed, please!! How do you say 'e-mail address'?  And also, what is '@' and '_' Thank you!! Sandra 
  8. Hello Is there a website anywhere that lists job agencies throughout France, please? The hope is that I will get a job before we move permanently to France so that we have some money coming in.  I am willing to do anything and believe that temp work is probably the best bet to start with. Many thanks! Sandra
  9. Hello We are moving out to France and I desperately need to find a job as my husband is also looking for a new post as his team has been disbanded. So, could anyone help with the numbers of any agencies in dept 17, around Mirambeau though I am willing to travel! Also, can you get ASSEDIC job adverts through the internet does anyone know? Many thanks! Sandra
  10. We're moving to St Dizant (Charente Maritime) - there are 3 or 4 close villages with schools in 3 of them!  What do all the letters, ie CE1 stand for??  I'm so confused!  I know they don't have Infants and Juniors but that's how one (English) parent described it to me as - though I don't think the Mayor realised the nursery was split!! Sandra
  11. Hello! Could someone please explain the French system to me?  I recently tried to enrol my daughter in the ecole maternelle (for September) and went to the school advised by Mr le Maire.  However, when I got there, I was told I had the wring school as my daughter would be un Grande Section (born 02) and that was in another village.  As it was the last day of term I didn't get to go to the other school. I think this means she will have a year at this Maternelle and then move to the Primaire (Infants) in our village and then move back to the first village to join the Junior school - is this right?? Thanks! Sandra
  12. SS2002


    Hello We are moving to Charente Marititme soon and wondered what we have to do to take our budgie with us?  Will he need some sort of pet passport or certificate? Thanks! sandra
  13. Hello We are moving to France shortly and bringing our budgie - can anyone help me with what I will need to do to get him into France? Thanks! Sandra
  14. Hello My name is Sandra and I will shortly be moving to the Charente-Maritime area with my 4 year old daughter - my hubby will stay in the UK and come out at weekends.  We will be renting a house in St Dizant de Gua and I just wondered if there was anyone around there? Thanks [:)] Sandra
  15. Hello I will be moving to the area shortly with my 4 year old (5 in June) and just wondered how long it would take her to pick up the language?  Do any of you have any experience of this age?  She has done French at nursery so can tell people her name and that she is 4 and can count to 10 and knows the colours and she picked that up fairly easily.  I also speak French so can help her out. I also wanted to clarify that she would have the rest of this year and all next academic year at the ecole maternelle and move to the ecole primaire in 2008?  Many thanks!  [:D]
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