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  1. thanks Sue How is an E109 different to a 106?  Does it still only last for a couple of years? Thanks! Sandra
  2. Hello I have an E106, courtesy of my former UK employment.  I am now in france with our daughter while my hubby works in the UK and comes out at weekends. My question is, could I get an annual E form through my husband when mine runs out? thanks! Sandra
  3. Hello Not sure if this is the right forum to post on but.. How would you go about converting from CofE to Catholicism?  Thinking not just me, but my 5 year old daughter? Many thanks! S
  4. Does lemon curd count as a liquid, does anyone know?? Thanks! Sandra
  5. ..I desperately need to buy a swimming cap, plus black leggings and leather-soled ballet pumps for my 5 year old. Does anyone know where the nearest place would be?  We are in 17, between Mirambeau and Jonzac. The nearest Decathlon is a bit too far, any local ish solutions? Thanks! Sandra
  6. ..I desperately need to buy a swimming cap, plus black leggings and leather-soled ballet pumps for my 5 year old. Does anyone know where the nearest place would be?  We are in 17, between Mirambeau and Jonzac. Thanks! Sandra
  7. ..i have enrolled my daughter in classes and would like to know what I am supposed to buy... Chaussons noirs (semelles en cuir et non en caoutchouc) Pantalon trompette noir ou collant lycra noir sans pied Justaucorps en lycra de couleur unie And also, I need to get a Certificat medical de non contre-indication a la gymnastique volontaire - what is this? Thanks! Sandra
  8. How do I go about paying in cash into my Credit Agricole account?  The banks are so different from those in the UK! Many thanks. Sandra
  9. The entire Manage Add ons is greyed out and I am using IE7.  When I try to go to my home page it just says add ons disabled, click the home icon to continue.... Help :-)
  10. I am connected by a USB modem, I wasn't offered wireless though I would have preferred that!
  11. A nice computer man in England also disabled all my add ons, so when I go to my home page it comes up with add ons disabled and I then have to press the Home icon to get through.  When I go to tools etc, the Manage Add ons is blanked out - what can i do to enable them again?? many thanks   Sandra
  12. Well, I have to click on Gestionnaire Internet, then open and then connecter - it takes a long time!!
  13. Hello I have internet through Orange and wondered if it was possible to set it so that it conects automatically to the internet as soon as I switch the PC on? Thanks! Sandra
  14. Hello I am tyring to start up as a pet sitter and/or house sitter and to also run a type of home from home for dogs, where people could leave their pets with us and we would care for them as if they were ours, with all the creature comforts they would want! Does anyone have a need for this type of service?  If so, PM me!  I am based in 17, between Mirambeau and Jonzac. Thank you.   Sandra
  15. Hi Steve Have sent you a PM. Sandra
  16. ..my car has stickers on its headlights that direct the beam the French way - would this do for the CT test? Thanks. Sandra
  17. ..Ok, I'm now resident!  But I don't know how to register my car..do I just take it to a garage for the CT and then go to the officials or vice versa?? Any advice appreciated :-0 Sandra
  18. ..I have a fridge freezer that I would like to bring across and wondered if anyone had any space they could offer? Many thanks! Sandra
  19. Hello! Does anyone know of an English speaking person who can set up PCs and get the internet up and running etc in Dept 17, near Jonzac/Saintes? Thanks! Sandra
  20. Hello My 5 year old will be starting at the ecole maternelle in September in Dept 17 (near Mirambeau) and I am bit perpelxed as to where to go to get insurance for her?  I will also need contents insurance so can I do it all together, or do they need to be separate? On the subject of buses, I have been given a form to apply for a place on the bus, but how does the routine work?  Obvioulsy, at the beginning of term I will drop off and pick up as she doesn't speak Frenc but how does the teacher know who is on the bus and who to put on at the end of the day??  This is making me mad with worry!!! Thanks! Sandra
  21. Hello! When renting, does the landlord have to get the chimney swept as a legal obligation or not? Our house has an open fire and apparently the chimney needs a good sweep and hasn't been done for years, so should I press the landlord to pay for it? Also, does the landlord have to give me proof of buildings insurance? Many thanks! Sandra
  22. :-( Please!!  I just need a simple sentence saying now you have my forms, what happens next, please? Any suggestions welcome! Sandra
  23. Hello I need a rental agreement for a house we are going to rent in France.  The owners are back in the UK, but don't speak French so we raellly just want something simple that covers our needs - there is no time limit on the rent and we are not paying a deposit.  There is some furniture in the house butit's just stuff they don't want any more so are not bothered about it. Can anyone help, please? Thanks, Sandra
  24. Hello I have applied for a job via the internet and wondered how to send a polite e-mail asking what happens next.. Can anyone please help? Many thanks, Sandra
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