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  1. Thanks all The CSA didn't get involved at all, as there is a form to fill in regarding contact and the divorce court was satisfied that it was sorted amicably, which it was until recently!   At the age of 13, would my ex have to apply to the French courts for her to live in England as I am sure that is what he will do....regardless of what is best for my daughter! I will contact JAF and see what to do.
  2. Clair The divorce was obtained by him in England. The papers I have say there is no issue regarding my daughter as he wrote that we had agreed contact - he is now trying to change this. They never applied a sum to pay, he agreed to pay it (having taken advice, I presume) - he has now withdrawn the payment for this month saying I need to agree to a new conatct system. I have paid for her to go to the UK and accompanied her, I am now not doing this as she can be an unacccompanied minor as it was costing me a fortune both in flights and dog kennels - he, meanwhile, can afford holidays abroad etc. I agreed she would spend 2 weeks with him this summer, he is now demanding 3 weeks, plus all Christmas so she will not get to see my family at all over Christmas. Thank you :-)
  3. Sorry, little more info! He appplied for a divorce in England through the English system. On the divorce papers, he wrote that there was an agreement on contact which he is now trying to change. By being accommodating, I meant that I have paid for us both to go over so she can spend time with him and have always agreed to his requests as I think it's important she sees him.  He agreed to pay me a monthly sum (not much) which he has withheld this month til we agree the new contact requests, which, on an e-mail, he has written are non-negotiable.... Thank you!
  4. Hello My ex husband now lives in the UK, my daughter and I have remained in France. he is threatening to take me to court over contact, even though I have been more than accommodating. However, would he have to use the French courts or the English ones? Would an English court have jurisdiction over me? If in England, would I have to attend with my daughter? has anyone been through a similar situation? Many thanks
  5. Hello Clair Yes, it does include the dependences, the garden isn't mentioned but he told me to get the grass cut so presume it should be included! If the house comes with a cooker and fridge, can it be assumed that it is a furnished property?  I think they are playing games with me so want all my facts before I confront them! How can I find out what a reasonable rent for the property would be? Many thanks!
  6. Hello I have a query about my landlord and whether they should be able to access the property - garden and dependences if I am not there and have locked the garden gate and sheds?  Obviously they have a set of keys that I didn't know about... Should they inform me if they are coming round rather than just dropping in?  Should they be allowed to complain if the house itself is a bit messy, not being destroyed or anything like that but not 100% tidy??!! Many thanks.
  7. Hi, looking for a 2 or 3 bed house, with a garden, ideally with some storage space. Dept 17 near Mirambeau / St Genis. Many thanks!
  8. Just the cost of the lunch if they are staying all day and that shouldn't be more than 2 euros a day!
  9. My Sky+ has programmes recorded but it won't let me access them - only ones I recorded today and yesterday (ie 1 page), but it is saying only 36% free, so I know they are still there. I have tried turning it all off for a few minutes but that made no difference. Can anyone help?? Many thanks.
  10. When you apply to do work - say on a market, the KBIS needs to have been delivered within the last 3 months.  Just go to the tribunal and ask for a new one, it costs a few euros and is printed off while you wait.
  11. I have a very fruitful fig tree and am at a loss as to what to do with them... Can anyone give me any recipes, please? Thank you :-)
  12. SS2002


    Hi How do you go about getting an ALD diagnosed in France?  My husband suffers from ulcerative colitis and had a blue badge in the UK which is about to expire.  He also suffered a stroke last year and sometimes has trouble with remembering words but that isn't too noticeable to people who don't know him that well. Many thanks! Sandra
  13. Hi! Does anyone know of someone who can fit a power steering pump and rear shocks to a LR Disco?  We have the parts and just need them fitting! Based in 17, near Jonzac. Many thanks.
  14. Hi Christine Is he still available?  He looks gorgeous - what would you have to do to enable him to go to the UK? Sandra
  15. SS2002

    Blue Badges?

    My husband was entitled to a Blue Badge in the UK and I wondered how to go about getting it renewed now we are in France? Can anyone help who has done this? Thanks, Sandra
  16. Can someone please help me with a template for a letter that I can send to Mairies asking for a stall in their market?  We have registered as commercant ambulants and are awaiting papers but we have a temporary attestation in the meanwhile.  We will be selling clocks, towel racks, thermometers and place mats all hand made in France. Many thanks! Sandra
  17. Hi, what is the law regarding what months you cannot evict a tenant? Thanks!
  18. ..so 1 has a new home to go too, only 4 more to place!!! But...I have a few questions - when do their teeth start to grow?  How long will mum feed them for?  And, when do they need to be vaccinated??  Do I also have to register them and if so, how?? Many thanks!!  PM or e-mail if you are interested in having a pup - all male, very cute!  We are near Mirambeau to one side and Jonzac the other! Sandra
  19. SS2002

    Puppies :-)

    Hi, we took a chance as my husband had just suffered a stroke and wanted a dog to walk so he HAD to get out and about and we wnated a poodle as they don't moult as we have asthma!!  However, we are now 'saddled' with 5 pups we don't want and limited income.... We will try and give them to loving homes rather than land them back at the SPA - so if anyone wants one please come forward!!! Finally, does anyone know of a place that does free or low cost vet care/spaying etc as the PDSA in England or the RSPCA? Many thanks and the puppies are adorable, hint hint :-) Sandra
  20. SS2002

    Puppies :-)

    Thanks for your advice - we have picked the puppies up and mum just looks at you as if to say OK, you can for a bit!!!  She is eating for England (or should that be France!) and drinking a great deal. I will post some pics later - there are 2 black and white ones, 2 black ones and a small brown one.  Mum is a black Poodle cross. Sandra
  21. SS2002

    Puppies :-)

    Hello We got our dog from the SPA and they said there was a possibility she could be pregnant as she was in season when brought in.  Fair enough, we thought and took the chance!  Decided she wasn't as it would have been a record long pregnancy but then realised that what they actually meant - but didn't say - was that she got pregnant at the refuge!!!  Anyway, long story short -  we now have 5 puppies!  The birth seemed easy and she is feeding well, but do I need to do anything??  She has cleaned them etc and seems a good mum.  When can I pick them up and cuddle them?  When do we start feeding them?  I know nothing about what to do ;-) Any help/advice gratefully received. Sandra
  22. .I am sorry my thread got confusing - it confused me too! I am still looking for a job, please!  Jon had some ideas but nothing concrete yet and I have looked into Russet's suggestion but no joy. So...does anybody have or know of any jobs going now?  Doing anything - teaching, cleaning, PA/admin - ANYTHING!!! Many thanks. Sandra
  23. How would I go about taking our dog back to the UK?  It is unfortunately on the cards that we will have to return to the UK and we have a dog that we got from the SPA - she is a lovely dog and it would be hard to give her back, so what would I need to do for her to be allowed into the UK?  Also, what do I need to do about the guinea pig to get him into the UK? Many thanks, Sandra
  24. ..I am working part-time, but ti's very hit and miss and not bringing in too much money, so I am looking for something else!  My husbadn recently had a stroke and is now not working so it is dependent on me otherwise we will have to move back to the UK and I don't want to do that, nor does my young daughter! So, does anybody know of anything - I have previous UK experience in Sales and Marketing and Buying (for large companies) and was also a Civil Servant for 6.5 years.  I have a teaching certificate and can speak French; I am able to type, use computers and am generally very PC literate. Despite the experience of above, I am ready and willing to do ANY work - chambermaid type jobs, cleaning, anything! I would be eternally grateful if anybody could help! Many thanks, Sandra
  25. Hello I would be eternally grateful if any French forum members could help me with a letter of motivation - I went to the ANPE atelier and didn't learn too much - it would be a letter to send to those who deal with English assistants/English helpers - ecoles primaires, colleges and lycees so I guess I would need 3 different letters - I know I need to put things like introducing the language to the younger ones for their entry into sixieme and developing basic language for the older ones through games etc but I don't know the correct French! Help!! Many thanks Sandra
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