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  1. If you like a good weekends racing, its the French Superbike meeting the last weekend of May 2011, subject to the weather will be getting the new tent out,
  2. Ooooops fell foul of overwintering the XL1000 and didnt start it for a month, it turns and fires up on choke but doesnt want any throttle, sounds like gel in carbs ,is there a product you can buy or is it time to get spanners out and start dismanteling !!
  3. orangefrance net plus internet tv telephone, we did a line test and it came up with the above for 35 Euros + Euros 3 live box rental and Euros 50 for satellite dish !!! sorry but not a info wizzard on web sites
  4. Getting fed up with local farmer knocking over the telephone poles and cables and FT not interested in repairing them, probably because we are last on the line, been looking on Orange site and they offer a Adsl and telephone service via satellite for around Euros 40 a month with free telephone calls,(if Im reading it right) anyone had any doings with this service ? good or bad ? Thanks
  5. Dont like your situ, I was gutted when my Whale had to be sold, 92 FM red n black toured everywhere 2 up, I had in France a Truimph Trophy 1200 for 7 years cos it struggled to make 120hp so getting it down to 100hp was not a problem when exporting it, I ponder this year as to get a CBR 1000 again but the 100 hp kept lurking so Ive purchased a Varadero 1000 which is minus 100hp, but Ive read somewhere on a bike forum site recently that after jan 2011 the french are giving in to this 100hp rule, so wait and see before selling or spending out on parts,
  6. Hope its going to be sunny, just looked at circuit calendar and theres a weekend of bike racing the 4th and 5th Sept, might go under canvas if feeling brave.
  7. Has anyone French registered a Varadero 1000 v2 from the UK, ive spoke to Honda France and they asked for a letter explaining what I require, a cheque for 120 Euros and they will send me a letter of conformity, cant be that easy ??? headlights, speedo ,
  8. Thanks Val. The lady from Chats du Quercy contacted me direct. Unfortunately, in my haste to offer Automne a home, I had not looked how far away she was! nearly 300 kms. Hopefully, a person nearer to her will be able to help.
  9. I was very sorry to hear of Autommes sad story. I may be able to help. I have just had to have my lovely tabby cat put to sleep after 15 happy years. I want to adopt another cat but I would like to take an adult because I think they sometimes get overlooked. I have four cat loving dogs (all rescues) and 3 cats. If you think that she would fit in with my gang please let me know. I am in Indre (36) near to Chaillac.
  10. Great idea, I would certainly be willing to knit some squares in aid of the animals. Let me know the details of the size required and the address to send them to.
  11. Chrissie, you could't of said a truer word about their uncertainty, just today I got the brush out to sweep the floor and the poor little mite just cowered in the corner. Alleycat, I hope you find your new little dog soon. I will post some photos of Ares as soon as I can get my digital camera to talk to my new computer, at the moment I just cannot get it to load!
  12. I offered a home to one of these lovely dogs and we now have Ares, the black and white one with us at home. Everyday, is a revelation as he becomes more and more trusting. We are still working hard to reabilitate him and try and let him know that he is now safe. I have to carry him outside for his last toilet run before he retires for the night as I believe he thinks I am going to leave him outside in the dark. Within 5 minutes he is back inside infront of the fire.
  13. Christine, I have sent you a PM but not sure if you received it. Yes, I can meet Ares at Poitiers on 4th October and he will be welcome to come and join our clan. It will be a pleasure to have him and to know that I have been able to help, even though I can only take one of them. Please let me know any details of when and where. I am really looking forward to meeting him.
  14. Hi Christine, Well done for rescueing those poor dogs from Spain. I already have three dogs but I am seriously considering offering one of your rescue dogs a home. Would it be possible for you to give me some more information on the black and white one that you had on the photo. I am particularly drawn to him for some reason. I live in area 36, perhaps this is too far away from you but I am willing to travel. Two of my dogs are rescue dogs and they arrived with a few issues but we all get along fine now. It was not my intention to have a fourth dog but I cannot bear the thought of your rescue dogs coming through all that they have been through and not finding a home.
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