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  1. If you renew your passport when you visit the U.K, Won't it cost the same as doing it over there? To do a childs renewal passport at the passport office for the same day they charge £94, fast track.... one week service it is £81, check and send...2 weeks is £46 I suppose if you are visiting for a 2 week holiday it would be worth it...as long as there was no postal strike to delay the delivery! Sandy
  2. Panda... i am not totally stupid..... we do not intend to come over and start taking money from the state, we are quite capable of suporting ourselves until we get our buisness up and running. I have already checked about the local schools in the area which we are renting in, there are hospitals in the area and they do have english speakers. I am an registered nurse so my daughter-in-law will have all the support she needs at home. I was only asking for advice which is what i thort this site was for. Most of the questions i here asked on here...like clothing and electrical goods where light hearted questions which wouldn't matter what the answers where. This question seemed quiet  reasonable, it was  straight forward and as far as i knew would not get the response you gave! I'm sure as a "newbie" yourself you can remember what it felt like to be about to move to a different country,maybe you where lucky and didnt worry about the move but i am and comments like yours don't help. sandy 
  3. hi all I am totally confused by all this [blink]  We are mving over to france in nov, i have got 2 young childeren ( 11 and 12 ) and my daughter-in-law who is pregnant! What sort of cover will we need? how much is it going to cost? does it cover all medical issues? Is it going to be like america where you only get treated if your medical insurance covers the cost? Sandy 
  4. Hi all At long last we are ready to move over to France.  We are hoping to rent a house in Aveyron ( 12 ) in November, i have emailed the owner who has been very helpful with imformation about local hospitals, my daughter-in-law is pregnant and baby due in march. The poor girl is scared stiff about having first baby in France but from what i'v heard so far there won't be a roblem for her as long as we get medical insurance. I'm now panicing over other things, well not exactly panicing, but wondering, about what i should bring over with me. I know that the voltage is different from here so is it wort bringing electrical things over with us ie: washing mashine,kitchen equipment,T.V. What sort of clothes can i get over there ( silly question i know ). Do i need to bring complete wardrobes for all of us, i'v got 2 young childeren. Do any of you live near there so if i get stuck i can shout for help [;-)] Sandy x
  5. sandy


    Many thanks to all of you who have sent me emails. I have found the links very helpful and am spending most of my time going through them. Can't wait to move over there now Sandy xxxxxxxxxxxx
  6. sandy

    heart worm

    Thanks for that Christine, i will ask my vet to give me sme tablets befor we move and then reg with a vet there. Sandy x
  7. sandy

    heart worm

    Hi all We have just had our 2 dogs jabbed chipped and passported ready to move over to france, the vet mentioned that they needed to be treated for heart worm befor we brought them over. Does anyone know about this, or is it just another money making scheme from the vet? Many thanks Sandy 
  8. Hi all We are moving out to France hopfully mid Oct. I am looking for a place to rent while we look to buy. If anyone can help i would be most greatful, i am looking for a 4 bedroomed house with storage space.  There will be 4 adults and 2 childeren oh and 2 dogs. We are looking to move to the midi pyrenees.   many thanks Sandy
  9. sandy


    Thanks for the help tetley and keep me updated on your progress, i hope it all goes well for you and the baby. Have you been in France long? How old are your 2 childeren? I will be bringing my 2 youngest childeren with me they are 11 and 12 so will have to sort out schooling as well..... don't do things by half me lol !   Sandy
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    hi all We are hoping to move to the south of france later this year. My son's girlfriend, who is hoping to come with us has just found out she is pregnant.  Can anyone tell me what sort of problems, if any, she will encounter? We would like to know things like  how easy is it to find an english speaking doctor or midwife?   dose it cost alot to have a baby in france?  do we have to register the baby in france?  will it be classed as french or english? can we get a passport for it? I'm sure there are more questions that i need to ask but basically i need to know if it is best for her to come to france with us or wait till she has had the baby or if she comes with us should she return to england to have the baby? I hope this post makes sense and someone can help me Sandy x
  11. here again i have a problem.............................. i don't know[:$] We have 2 young childeren ( 10 and 11) so we need to be near schools. As for area well...... we dont know france but we like the look of midi pyrenesse, but not the ski resort part. The main reason for wanting to rent first is so we can travell around and see where we like the best
  12. right, now i have a problem........ i dont speak french ( i am having lessons but still only basic level)  and we wont have an income when we move, untill we buy a property. Also we are typical english looking to rent while lookin for a property to buy Thanks for the web sites... but i didnt understand them I think i might have a problem here!!!!
  13. Hi all   How easy or hard is it to find long term rentals in s/w france? We have decided the best way to find somewhere we like over in france is to just move and look for a property when we get there. We need a 3/4 bedroomed place.   Any suggestions welcome   Sandy
  14. Hi again Hoody, thanks for the advice, i have looked at the education and employment threads and found them interesting. I think its like anywhere, you can get good and bad schools, but in general they appear to be good. As for employment, we are hoping to be able to keep ourselves going with renovation work or a fishing lake.   lil, The property we are interested in in the midi-pyreneese is in Lacaune. We have alo seen property inAquitaine ( villebois ) and Poitou-Charentes ( melle ), there is also a carp lake in that area. We are hoping to come over in Feb to have another look, but have had a little hic up, hubby has broken his arm and hand yesterday, stupid thing to do when we are trying to get the extention on our house finished so we can sell it [;-)] Sandy
  15. Thanks for all the advice guy's i agree that we would never relocate on just the say so on forums. We have looked at other places as well as France. My friend lives in north cyprus and we went to look there last year and even tho she offered me a job there we decided against it, mainly because garry, my other half, who is a builder wouldnt get work there and also the schooling wasnt that good. We have looked at Italy but didnt think we could settle there. France seems to be the best mainly because it is close enough to England to return if there are problems with the childeren we are leaving behind and parents. We will be coming over again to view places, we want to get away from here and enjoy life not just survive like we are doing now. The main problem is we don't know where to look. We loved Limosin but we need to be able to make a living and didnt think we could there. I suppose we are like a lot of Brits...looking for the good life... the nice weather.....getting away from it all!!!!  but we are also realistic, we know it will be hard work, but we are looking forward to that. As long as the kids have good schools to go to and are happy then thats the main thing. Any advice or suggestons are more than welcome Thanks Sandy  
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