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  1. Fantastic link - thank you.

    Just convinces me more that I need professional help - great advice thanks.


  2. Thanks - this clarifies a lot - it is what I thought in terms of social and tax - the problem we have is

    a)  I am an early retiree and my E106 has run out - I run the apartments and chambre d'hote in France

    b) My wife works for a UK company, partly in UK and partly via company Intranet in France

    At the moment neither of us have French health cover and dont know what to do - we could pay 100% private but if we have to register the business and then pay social health charges that would be daft.

    Going to get advice asap - thanks again.


  3. Thanks.  I am happy to do that I am just getting confused regarding which system to use.

    People tell me that if we just had apartments that we rented it would be different to having a chambre d'hote as well.

    Plus with one no health care, with another some say some health care???


  4. Thanks so much for getting back to me quickly.  It is a nightmare and as you say I do need good advice.  In the meantime I am still paying into NI because they haven't stopped me and the French SS haven't replied to me!!

    Lets just hope I dont get ill..........will keep trying.


  5. Hi

    We have two apartments that we rent out for holiday rentals all year round, they are furnished.  Started this in June 06

    In addition from Jan this year we have a chambre d'hote with 5 bedrooms that we have registered at our marie.

    We do not understand which tax system we will be under for all of this or whether we will be entitled to health cover.

    Can anyone advise us on what we would probably have to pay based on 10,000 Euros income from above in %/value terms.


    social charges

    health charges

    We have no idea what anything is going to cost us at all and are swamped reading websites etc.  WE want to do everything right but are getting really anxious.


  6. Hi

    I have been living in France for a year and working for a UK company.  Half my time is in London and the other half is in France working via the company intranet.

    I applied to Newcastle for a working E106 to be told I cannot have one an also I need to get my employer to write to them so they can back pay my employer and my personal National Insurance charges for the last year as I cannot remain paying NI.

    They also say that I have to join the French Social Security system - I phoned them and then emailed them to ask for advice and have heard nothing.

    The problem I have is that my employer told me initially that they would not pay French Social Security charges and for me to continue to work I must stay paying UK tax and national insurance.  Tax is fine but the NI seems to be a problem.

    Has anyone else had a similar problem and been able to overcome it - I need to continue to work, the arrangement I have suits work and me but it looks like I have hit a massive problem that could blow it all apart.

    Thanks for anyone's help who replies.[8-)]

  7. This is all really interesting.  We had our chimney swept two years ago when we moved in then had a Jotal wood burning fire installed.  Does anyone know whether we still need to have our chimney swept.......there is just so much to learn...Thanks

  8. Hi

    My husband has lived near St Gaudens for 18 months now.  Never had a tax form sent to us or completed one.  I am moving out half time in France and half time in England in two weeks.

    We are also going to register as a private chambre d'hote/winter catered chalet and have an apartment nearby in Bagneres de Luchon we want to rent out for skiers and visitors to the local thermes so desperately need an English speaking accountant to help us ideally close by.

    Can anyone advise or help us? 

    Appreciate any support. 

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