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  1. [quote user="Kitty"]Does the book cover how to transfer a shot gun (licenced and looked after properly in a gun cabinet etc) from the UK to France?


    I brought another shotgun over from UK earlier this year, not a problem to add it to a French license unless it is a pump action.

    To get a French license you will still need to go down the target/clay shooting route, or the hunting route - depending on your intended use.



  2. I'm told it's very difficult to get a gun licence here in France and that they have strict rules about joining gun clubs. Can anyone enlighten me?

    Hi Wynton,

    It is not particularly difficult to get a target shooting license in France.

    You need to know what sort of disciplines you are interested in, then go along to your local club which you can find here with the club finder:


    You can also find out about the different disciplines on that site.

    I suggest you then look for the clubs website which can sometimes be hard to find - try googling "societe du tir (ville xxx)" or "stand du tir (ville xxx)". This will give you opening times, range facilities/disciplines etc.

    Pistol ownership is a more involved process than rifle ownership, and rifles in military calibres such as the popular .308win are even more hassle - but no worse than any other country.

    If you need more advice or info get back to me. I have an FFTIR license and a Permis de Chasse.

  3. [quote user="Théière"][quote user="Bob W."]

    Edit to add:

    In France the energy limit is 10 joules (7.5ft lbs) in UK the limit is 12ft lbs. I would question whether an air rifle at just over half power of the UK spec. is even humane except at very close range. This velocity comes from the target air rifle shooting olympic discipline which is shot only at 10mtrs.


    That's interesting to know Bob, my old air rifle will have to stay in the UK then (haven't used it for years, think I will Ebay it, if you are allowed to?)

    EDIT: no doesn't look like you can sell a working BSA Mercury on Ebay


    Ebay is a joke regarding somethings.

    In France I buy and sell shooting stuff (including guns) on www.naturabuy.fr and in Germany on www.egun.de I don't know if there is an equivalent in the UK, but would be surprised if there is not.

  4. [quote user="crossy67"]Luckily where they tend to roost is on pieces of wood leaving only their tails and their heads poking out either side so I will either hit their tail feathers or their head or neck.  When we were over in January they had been poisoning them, we had one fall of it's perch and die a slow lingering death right in front of our front door, it took all night to die.

    Thanks for the info Bob[:)]

    Have you tried purchasing a couple of black plastic crows? Worth a try I would think.

    I have a problem with sparrows at my place, balcony was a hygiene hazard. I put spikes up, but the little buggers are small enough to sit in between. I ended up spraying some chicken wire brown to match the rafter wood and using that - and hanging a couple of nesting boxs up on the other side of the house to compensate.

  5. [quote user="crossy67"]Well I never thought I would be posting in here lol.

    We have a problem with pigeons and despite our trying to scare them away they keep coming back and shitting everywhere.  Time has come for some drastic action.  Before people start trying to dissuade me from murdering some flying bags of crap please don't bother.  I am an animal lover, I love birds more than most so but having a tiny amount of outside space waking to find our small out doors area covered in pigeon poo from their roostings for one evening is getting a bit much.  We could put spikes up but because of the design of our house it would end up looking like hedge hog and it would cost us an absolute fortune.

    I have decided to take drastic action and buy an air gun of some sorts.  I used to be a very good shot with a pistol and would only be shooting up into my own eves so no danger of stray pellets and, as I want a 22 calibre, minimum risk of dying pigeons getting away.  Once hit they are certainly dead.

    I have asked the Maire who is very keen for me to start sorting them out, they used to employ someone to poison them until recently.  I think shooting is a far more humane way of dealing with them.

    I have been told by one person it's illegal to shoot ANYTHING with an air rifle.  Maybe he is an animal lover too but hasn't had his adoration tested by having parts of his hose entirely covered in guano and still loves all things feathered.

    Views please and if any one has any ideas where I could buy a gun in my are please share some info.




    Hi Ian,

    A .177 air rifle is the ideal tool for the job of <30mtrs bird shooting, and IMO is the most humane method. (.177 has a flatter trajectory than .22, .22 has higher residual energy at range - but that is not important for birds).

    However, you have been correctly informed, air weapons are not allowed for hunting in France. Also be aware that air rifles/pistols purchased in other EU countries (like UK) may even be illegal in muzzle energy terms.

    To shoot anything, even on your own land/property now requires a permis de chasse.

    I would contact a professional pest controller for advice in your situation, there may be legislation specific to that area of expertise I am not aware of.



    Edit to add:

    In France the energy limit is 10 joules (7.5ft lbs) in UK the limit is 12ft lbs. I would question whether an air rifle at just over half power of the UK spec. is even humane except at very close range. This velocity comes from the target air rifle shooting olympic discipline which is shot only at 10mtrs.

  6. I am English and in 88.

    First time back on these forums for about 2 years....

  7. Near Gerardmer - that would put you near to me then
  8. I am still there Ian, 8kms south of St Die - good to hear some others are around.



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  9. Hi,

    Has anyone any experience of taking a French registered shotgun (or any other firearm for that matter) back to UK on a French issued European Firearms pass?

    Does the FFTIR license and EFP cover all requirements to take a shotgun to England/Scotland and to buy/be in possession of cartridges?

    Thanks in advance,


  10. [quote user="Quillan"]

    [quote user="Renaud"]Not often that I disagree with Quillan but... "Wilkinson should be replaced..." has to be a joke. If you look at the England games since that last world cup England have done 30% better with him in the team. The point is with him in the team the opposition are scared to foul in their own half which makes defending against England that much tougher. Is it coincidence he has played in the last four games which England has won, or that the last match he missed was against South Africa. Also his defence is great, his (probably try-saving) tackle on Pelous sent the man off the fiels and meant that Chabal who replaced him came on in the second row rather than the back row where he is more dangerous. Sure Wilkinson (unusually) missed some kicks, but the drop goal 7 minutes from time meant that France had to score a converted try to win which never seemed likely. Finally who is the record points scorer in all World cups?[/quote]

    Sadly JW is now at or past his sell by date. Of course he tackles and some of them are good, much better than his kicking. Yes he got the important drop kick at the end but the fact is he still missed 8 points (conversion and two penalties) in the game. He did much the same against Australia as well missing 11 points (1 conversion, 1 penalty and 2 drop goals) then blamed the ball. Bad craftsman and all that come to mind. Believe me if we had lost to France by two points everyone would be singing a different tune and many would point their finger at him.

    You also have to remembr he will be opposite Monty (Percy Montgomery) who has missed very few penalties (none against Argentina, 2 conversions and 5 penalties all spot on) and is the highest scorer with 93 points when JW can only just manage 3rd with 61 points.

    Still anyway pity the anonymous New Zealand chap (origin yet to be confirmed) who bet 4.2M $ (yes 4.2 Million US Dollars) on the All Blacks winning the world cup this year. He stood to make 2.3M US if they won (plus his stake money of course), I suspect the bookie is now retired somewhere very hot by a pool. and has become a passionate rugby fan [;-)] .


    He may well be past his peak (at which point he was by far the best in the world in his position), but I do not for a minute think he is ready for the knackers yard for quite some time.

    There is also the myth/reality that key players generate (eg Jonah Lomo) that influences the way the opposition prepare for a match, the players they select and the tactics they chose.

    J W is a match winner who performs well under top level pressure. It is great to not be dependant on him completely and have options - but to me he earns his place in the team for many reasons.


  11. [quote user="yello"]I think I actually need a track day. I'm having a bit of a crisis of confidence at the moment and an hour on a track would be just the thing for me to re-discover the bike. There's a track near me at La Châtre (in 36) - anybody know how track days work in France? Are they arranged by the track or by different companies (as in the UK)?

    Normally by different companies, but some exceptions.


    Here is good:


  12. Hi Phil,

    Thankyou very much for all the information and advice, that has certainly made the picture a bit clearer and in English!

    I have joined the local Club de Tir, paid my fees to the club and the FFTIR, and supplied a doctors certificate that states I am in sound physical and mental health. I will probably buy a .22rf target rifle when I get my (I presume) category 5 Tir Sportif license in a couple of months. From what you say this may also be the new "heavier" cat7 - I will have to check.

    Regarding shotguns I am more interested in antiques of interest than actually shooting them. If I understand you correctly I could now buy shotguns pre-1890 with an age declaration, and others buy showing my cat5 tir license?

    I recently bought an interesting and fully functional 1919 single barrel shotgun in 9mm Flobert from a retiring antique dealer without any permit (he said nothing was needed) - this is why I started to get very confused......

    I had a UK FAC for 9 years until 1996 when I gave it up along with a nice collection of pistols....things are certainly easier in France, but very confusing!

    I found the lehussard site - potentially very dangerous for an antique firearms enthusiast......

    Thanks again,


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