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  1. Hi All, I have been hanging around for a while reading the many and varied posts on here, the trials and tribulations that people have endured or indeed are enduring and it occured to me that thus far my French property owning experience seems to have been "But for the grace of God" We have a house witoutbuildings in the Mayenne egion and intend over the next ten yars to extensively modify the buildings in order to create our retirement home. Cash is and I expect will be for the next while pretty tight so we can't afford to make too many mistakes. I am a plumber by trade my brother is an electrician we are fairly handy types we would like to find a reasonably priced competent roofer to re-tile our roofs fit dormers etc. If anyone reading this can think of good advice other than "Dont do it"! we would be vey grateful. All the best for 2007
  2. Hi Mayennaise, Noted that we are in the same region, can you recommend an installer and does Angopack extend to a TV package? We were thinking of getting Sky or similar once we have fixed up the money pit! Regards,   Trev Mac
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