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  1. Hi. Bricodepot have an electric one for €119,not a lot more than the cheapest (non electric)one,but accounting for the ability to put it on timer,adjust temperature accurately,and have the fan assistance 'belt' out a good heat,I think it is well worth the extra.Watch out for power cuts,though.It won't work! Pogo  
  2. Thanks for the link Callie,but it is not for a holiday rental,it is 3 year plus, unfurnished.The house is in france,and the couple are french that would like to rent it. Paul
  3. Hi.I have been approached by a couple who want to rent my property,3year plus,unfurnished. I have an appartment already rented out,but that is through an agent.How do I go about getting references from the couple,and is there anything in particular that should sound alarm bells,and cause me to ask for a guarantor,or not rent to them? Thanks.Pogo
  4. We had a similar problem a few days after installing a new woodburner.We went back to m.Bricolage,and they wanted  over €220 for replacement 3mm glass,bearing in mind the cutout is arch shaped at the top,so the glass has to be cut to shape (not rectangular).Our insurance guy suggested a mirror shop in Gueret (Creuse),and they cut 4mm glass for us for €55  .So if you can find a mirror shop,ask there.It may save you a packet.Pogo
  5. Hi.Sorry to go slightly off topic,but can Bugbear let me know HOW to advertise on this site.I have trawled through,and can't find any ads,or how to place them(except pre paid adverts).I have a van I want to advertise.Many thanks.Pogo
  6. Regarding the FISC people,are they only interested in a cash sale because the vehicle was registered to the 'company',and all expenses,including repairs and running costs were paid by the company? Surely if it is a privately run van,with just a mileage charge paid by the company,this would not be the same situation,and you could sell it without cotisation increases? (the same system as the uk).I hope this is the case,as I am about to sell my french registered van,and buy another in the UK
  7. I  saw a frenchman loading his canoe onto his car on the Creuse at Crozant.He told me that there are no charges,and there is an access ramp there,and you can paddle up to the dam at Eguzon(or you can launch it there).Both a bit further north than the Gartempe,but I hope this helped.May see you on there one day. Grumpy,What and where is Lebancon? That sounds tempting!!.Pogo
  8. Having spent a few years commuting on a bike to London,and never riding for pleasure,I bought a bike,SV 650,last year and started to enjoy it on these lovely French roads.I have now realised that I have lost my nerve completely because of....DEER! I have had loads jump out in front of me in my car,including a  day when SIX did this to me,and my wife put her car in a ditch a little while ago because of a deer.I was driving my van the other day,and my mind was milling over this problem when,you guessed it,a deer ran out and made me slam the brakes on."That's it,the bikes going",I said to myself out loud.If this happened on a bike..........[:'(].I have even had cats make me slam the brakes on,and before anyone says 'run them over' ,I wouldn't WANT to,and mainly that instinct takes over.So I found myself riding along,looking in the fields for deer,and generally not enjoying myself.Am I just unlucky????.The bike is going to be sold,and a 2 seater convertable will probably take its place,although I think I may have to have a deer strength roll cage put in.Good luck to the rest of you.Hope your luck is better than mine.Pogo
  9. Thanks all for the depressing replies.Couldn't you all have just lied,and told me what I wanted to hear?[;-)][:D]].Now, where is that sledge hammer?Pogo
  10. No Replies? Does no one know if this bitumen idea is good or bad? Oh well,I will try it and be a pioneer[:D].Pogo
  11. I have a concrete barn floor which allow damp to rise through it.I was thinking of putting down a plastic DPC,as normal,but wont want a thick screed over it as I don't want to lose valuable height. It has been suggested that I could use bitumen pate,painting it on carefully to cover EVERY pin hole,and then a thin screed,or self levelling compound over it.What do you think,any alternatives,or stick with the plastic dpc?
  12. You could try P & S Removals, they go from UK through France and Spain.   [email protected]    tel; 0033 254471408. Very friendly,helpful,and very competitive.Good luck with your move
  13. When you need any item translated,why not try ebay.fr,and work through until you find the item you are looking for,and there is also plenty of other relevent words with it.Pogo
  14. Well, I am about to become (more?) unpopular.It seems that most on this thread prefer the Rouen route to Paris.Although I find it a more pleasent drive(and motorbike ride),I have found that you can't beat Paris for speed most times of the day,and especially night.There is the Periferique(?spelling),then the outer ring road from Airport C de G to Orly,(just follow the signs south to Bordeaux or north to Lille),and if it is rush hour,there is the outer,outer ring road from C de G again ,passing Disneyland Paris, to Evry and the A20.I have been stuck in traffic around Paris for an hour,but I have also been stuck in Rouen for an hour,and crawled up to,and through Dreux.I have done the Rouen route in 6 hours on the motorbike only,but regularly do the Paris route in under 6 in a car,and  have done it in (ahem!) 5 hours at night[:$](from Creuse). Ok You Paris haters.Your turn[:P] pogo P.S. This may be a more difficult answer to find than 'What is the best car' 'what is the best football team' and 'should the toilet seat be left up or down' (easy, UP!)
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