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  1. Many thanks for your quick response Theiere. The pool has a full 'low' Abrisud abri over it. Shame you do not have access to your catalogues until next week as I know that if i get new cell plates from Magiline, they are likely to be expensive. Perhaps, when you have your catalogues to hand, you could see if there is an alternative available instead of me going back to Magiline. Reliable pool personage has been an issue for many years and we have been let down by more than a few people. Perhaps I need to 'bite the bullett' and get a company to look after the pool on a contract basis rather than relying on people who think they know what they are doing and let us down ! Switching to direct dosing would be an option but to be honest we have had very few problems with the pool and it's current means of disinfecting apart from people not taking the right course of action in the first place to avoid such problems. The pool has a vinyl liner and your comment about an ioniser supplementing the system is interesting. What sort of costs are involved ?
  2. Visited our house in Dept 47 back in April and much to my annoyance the person entrusted to 'close' our Magiline salt water pool the previous winter had not put anything in the water to stop it from going green as soon as the temperature increased earlier this year. Spent 10 days trying to clear the green water/ sludge from the pool after shocking it 4 - 5 times and cleaning the cartridge filter every 4 hours !!! By the time we left I never wanted to see another pool !! Anyway, got it back to somewhere near normal before we left & set up the auto ph doser & the salt water chlorinator thinking everything would be fine for our next trip in June. Just had an email from the guy who keeps an eye on it to say it is now green again. He has had a company out to see what the problem is and apparently the salt 'cell' is either not working or working intermittently The pool is a 10 x 5 Magiline @ 68,000 litres & has their Ph auto dosing system and also their 'Sel' salt water electrolysis system. Does any one know where I can get hold of a new 'Cell' for the system at a decent price or perhaps suggest an alternative way of keeping the pool crystal clear without using the system at all !! Mind you the current 'cell' has lasted 6 years and has never been cleaned ( not a hard water area, so no calcium build up) so not a 'bad run' I suppose. I have had one devi for 939.52 euros for a compatible replacement to include fitting and TVA but think this is expensive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Due to being let down, we still have a vacancy for a gardener at our property near Villeneuve Sur Lot (47). Must have own equipment ie ride on mower and strimming equipment. Plot is about 2000sqm. We now need someone really urgently before the grass get's to a height where a combine will be needed !! Good rate of pay for the right person. Email me back. This post was edited by the moderators. Please do not post your personal details on the forum.
  4. I need a gardener to look after the garden of our house in Ste Livrade Sur Lot (47). Main area of work would be mowing the grass (2000 sqm) & strimming etc so they will need the necessary equipment. Good rate of pay to the right person. Any one interested can contact me directly. Contact details removed by the moderators. Please use the PM or Email buttons below.
  5. We got our kitchen, planned and fitted by a company in Villeneuve Sur Lot called Mobalpa (www.mobalpa.com/fr) Excellent product, well fitted, great price, well happy. Would thoroughly recommend.
  6. [quote user="Tony F Dordogne"] I've got it as a .pdf file and if you email me privately, I'll send you a copy as I've done to several other people on here. [/quote] Hi Tony, could you email the pdf file to [email protected]
  7. Yes I'm beginning to think that.
  8. I recently received a quotation from a company to supply, deliver and install a swimming pool cover. The quote I received included TVA @ 19.6% on all of the above. Having looked at the swimming pool cover suppliers website, the cost of the actual cover to include TVA @ 19.6% =  -----.-- euros. However it appears from the quotation  I have received from the seperate company supplying, delivering and installing the cover that they are also charging me TVA @ 19.6% on the actual cover aswell. Is this right or should I be concerned !!!
  9. Sounds like you are going to the world touring car street race on that weekend. We are too and we found a couple of reasonably priced hotels that were not fully booked by doing an internet search. If you are really stuck I will get the deatils of the hotel we are staying at from my brother who has made our arrangements.
  10. Need a low style abri over my 10 x 5 metre pool anyone got any suggestions or recommendations of companies who could help.
  11. [quote user="pogo"]I hope that I never get put on a list of sharks because of a 1 1/2 line description of work that I have quoted for.[blink].I hope the compiler of this list is qualified to check this type of work,does so,and also understands the costs of working as an artisan in france.When I went on the course to register,75% of us were considering returning to the uk as we couldn't see how we could make money with the taxes,insurances and social charges that were to be paid.I can't say whether this price is high or low,just to repeat what has already been said.Get some more quotes.Good luck in your hunt for good work at a good price[:)] [/quote] Ah thought it would be easier in France did you !! You need to have 'made it' in the UK and then retired to France if you want the 'good life' !!
  12. [quote user="Iceni"][quote user="Tomacher"]Way too much - who's given you that price ? PM me off group as I'm compiling a long, long list of  'sharks' who try to 'rip off' Brit's - bet it's a fellow Brit though !!! [/quote] No-one is trying to "rip off"anyone. If you don't like the price don't have the work done - or is that theory too far advanced for you ? John not [/quote] How do you know that !! As for your 'slur' 'or is the theory too far advanced for you' you need to 'retard you ignition a bit' !!
  13. Way too much - who's given you that price ? PM me off group as I'm compiling a long, long list of  'sharks' who try to 'rip off' Brit's - bet it's a fellow Brit though !!!
  14. I recently purchased a Stoves Sterling 1000 DF SS Range Cooker in the UK & transported it over to my house in the 47 where it has been plumbed/wired in by my kitchen fitters (Mobalpa) last week. I would thoroughly recomend the cooker, great looks, great range of cooking options, great price (£1038.00 delivered to my UK address from Appliance City UK) included LPG kit. Not sure about the guarantee but not worried as I'm told there is a Stoves supplier in Bordeaux who do repairs. Anyway if it ever goes completely 'Kaput' (unlikely) then at the price it's a  'throw away item' anyway, so true of many household appliances these days.
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