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  1. The nosey neighbour was quite funny in a way (although irritating as well!) He was constantly walking round the (empty) fields around our land, peering intently to see what we were doing (renovating the house he'd sold us!), but one notable time he dressed up like the chasseur in Jean de Florette and walked across our land carrying a gun. We had a Doberman at that time and it's amazing how fast elderly French men can run, and how quickly they can get over a bank and hedge!
  2. We've lived in a house where there were no visible neighbours, but the fields all around were owned by a very nosey man! We now live in town and much prefer being able to walk to the shops, the beach, the restaurants etc etc
  3. We made a claim on the decennial insurance at our last house and it was very quickly sorted.
  4. A village we used to live in in Normandy has a small Ecomarche, but the three bakers still kept going as they supplied the supermarket with bread, each supplying on two days a week. It seemed a sensible solution.
  5. Department71, My Dad was in the same sort of areas as yours. He went to North Africa, then Sicily, then to Anzio in Italy and up through Italy I think to Rome. My uncle was a fire watcher in Birmingham and was killed in 1942 whilst fire watching.
  6. I've signed various petitions asking that EU citizens be given the right to stay in the UK, because to me that's a separate issue to what happens to me after brexit (if it actually happens). I am NOT a bargaining chip and any decent government would have sorted this issue out soon after the ill-advised referendum.
  7. You could ask at the Tresor Public, as we did some years ago when we were interested in a house. The agent told us the TdH was about 400 euros, the TP told us it was over a thousand!
  8. I felt sick when I read about it - and it appears that the young man (who they said was quite severely injured) wasn't doing anything wrong as it was just a stop and search. It will do nothing for tensions in the area, and I'm not surprised that there have been protests.
  9. I thought this was rather a funny Trump video https://www.facebook.com/871621739550983/videos/1287601987952954/
  10. If Trump was being gentlemanly then he ought to have put his hand to her elbow. Holding hands is for closer relationships.
  11. This is a really useful site https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/R11193
  12. I found this - but that relates to animals living wild http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-south-scotland-12551422 Also this which relates to zoo animals (so I don't think anyone 'forgot' about zoos!) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/06/06/popular-zoo-animals-could-be-banned-under-eu-rules-amid-fears-ab/
  13. Trading under WTO rules may not be plain sailing http://www.ictsd.org/opinion/nothing-simple-about-uk-regaining-wto-status-post-brexit
  14. For an insight into why people voted 'out', take a look at the Get Britain Out Facebook page.
  15. Another version of the John Lewis advert https://www.facebook.com/stopfundinghate/videos/356313188039351/
  16. We got Titre de Sejours when we arrived in France 15 years ago, but when they were due for renewal we were told it wasn't necessary, so in our experience you don't (or didn't at that time) need 5 years residency.
  17. The difficulty with Brexit is that it means something different to everyone who voted for it, and so pretty much everyone is going to be horribly disappointed at what it doesn't achieve.
  18. Pommier


    I can't comment about the UK as we haven't lived there for 15 years, but over that time in France the number of hugely obese people has increased at a tremendous rate. It's especially noticeable here in summer as there are lots of very fat, French tourists, compared to local people who are perhaps more keen on an active life
  19. The cadastral plan should show who is responsible for the boundary (with little triangles as far as I remember)
  20. My daughter sent me that link earlier today. It seems that ALL angora is cruelly produced, so I won't buy any ever in future.
  21. Pommier


    I thought it was a posting about waterfowl!
  22. It sounds very expensive! It needs to have the diagnostics except for the energy efficiency if it hasn't got heating. Have you looked on Leboncoin to find out the price of similar houses in the area?
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