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  1. Has anyone any experience or information on the farming subsidies and grants available from the french government - we are looking to graze cattle approx 300 head on 120 hectare- if anyone has any information or contacts on who and where one must contact to receive this information please.  We have already contacted UK DEFRA who are unable to assist, and whilst we are experienced farmers we are unfamiliar with the French system of subsidies and grants.
  2. We have been invited to my daughters best friends confirmation/ first communion and then afterwards back to the house for lunch - we are wondering what do we take as a suitable gift for the little girl (11) and / or for the family?[:D]
  3. Hi many thanks this site looks really useful, only I cannot access the documents - do you need to be a member to logon? I can only access extracts of the documents and the links are blocked - kind regards
  4. The person we employed worked for approx 20 hrs per week, the code de travail does not appear to provde detail to the correct process for dismissing someone when they are employed by the cheque emploi CESU system. We have a written contract and complied with the correct engagement process to employ, however we need to provide some official paperwork a certificate of salary and an ASSEDIC certificate - niether of which we know where to obtain or indeed from whom. From what I gather the notice period we have given is in excess of minimum requirements, and we do not believe we will have to pay redundancy, however we must comply with the process - which is where we are having problems as we do not know what that process is and who we need to engage with to complete the paperwork - if you can shed any light ????
  5. I have employed someone since Late August 2005 using the Cheque Emploi system, doing general gardening and maintenance round our property, for approx 20 hours per week. Unfortunately our funds are running dry and we now have to terminate his contract - we are obviously very sad to see him go, but needs must. I have spoken to URSSAF and the people that administer the cheque emploi and drawn a blank. Everyone knows how to help you get a cheque book, and set up the cheque emploi system but no one I have spoken to knows exactly how you are supposed to terminate properly. I have been on several websites and tried to piece together how and what I should do, but I am still not clear. I have sent a letter by registered post to him giving him two months notice, but I have no idea who I need to speak to or what I need to do to terminate the contract. I just need a list of what to do then I can go and do it ! I speak french but each dept doesnt seem to know how it works - URSSAF are very sympathetic and apologised for having no idea, they just said it is not their job!!! HELP PLEASE.
  6. We are setting up a business importing goods from Asia. These goods are CE standard marked, which for the rest of Europe would be satisfactory however, we are told they need to be FR certified. Does anyone know how to get the goods FR registered?
  7. We are looking to purchase a tractor and after a long search have found one in our budget and suitable for what we require. Though old, it is in good condition and working order. We have been told by someone that an EU regulation has been introduced controlling the sale of second hand tractors. We have been told, that if someone sells someone else a second hand tractor, then subsequently the purcahser has an accident on it, then it is actually the sellers responsibility and they are liable, and consequently some sort of insurance is required prior to sale. We are not in posession of all the facts, if in fact this tale is even true.We appreciate the requirement for us to insure and register it (to obtain a carte grise). Does anyone know of any such insurance or other requirements surrounding the sale/purchase of such agricultural equipment?      
  8. Hi Chris, We are in the north Dordogne, near Thiviers.
  9.  We have over 43 acres - of which half is woodland - the rest is largely agricultural arable and livestock farming land. For the deer we would need to errect 6ft high fencing. When I asked the mayor what we could do with it, he said anything we wanted - it was our land. After reading your first response I reviewed our original contract and deeds and there was no right of ways or right of use, which presumably would have mentioned any rights the hunt may or maynot have on our land? so Im not sure that there is an official right to hunt here.
  10. Thanks for the information Chris. One thought I did have, if we were to purchase some deer with the intention of breeding them and fence off the area either side of the rural chemin I wouldnt have thought they can stop you using your own land for grazing deer and if you've fenced them in, then surely by default they wouldnt be able to hunt where you have breading livestock? an idea possibly - your thoughts would be appreciated ? Caroline  
  11. Does anyone know of any rules/law surrounding the rights of the chasse on your land? I ask as only the other week, on a lovely Sunday afternoon, I caught a hunter cocking his rifle 2m away from my two horses and daughter who had wondered over to check on them. When I confronted him - he was apologetic, however the fumes of alcohol on his breath almost knocked me out ! I know this is a french past time, but we'd like to be informed when the chasse decides to hunt, then at least we can protect ourselves...... (We have a number of acres of woodland and a rural chemin running along the edge of it, so I doubt we'd ever be able to stop them completely.)    
  12. HI What is the Cheque Emploi system? Is it in effect yet?   C
  13. Where do I find a registered 'handyman' - not even sure if this is classed as a profession? I'm not trying to bypass the system, or even get things cheaper, just we've tried all other avenues and failed miserably!
  14. Where do I find a registered 'handyman' - not even sure if this is classed as a profession? I'm not trying to bypass the system, or even get things cheaper, just we've tried all other avenues and failed miserably!
  15. Many thanks.   DO you know when a car needs a CT - Is it three years as in UK?
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